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What is a .0 file?

A 0 file is a link file used by Linux operating systems. It contains a reference to a particular version of the library, which may have an extension such as ".0.0.0" or ".0.0.1," depending on the library version. 0 files allow multiple versions of library files to exist while only one of them is referenced and used by the operating system's dynamic library loader.

More .0 File Extension Information

The library linking convention helps users and the operating system avoid situations where many implementations of the same library interface are loaded at the same time. NOTE: The ".0" extension may also refer to an actual shared library and not a link file. Both shared libraries and shared library link files may also use extensions such as ".1," ".2," and ".3." For example, the following are valid extensions: .SO.0, ".so.1," ".so.2," and ".so.3."

How to open .0 files?

.0 can be using by 1 Flatform (Linux).
And can be open by bellow programs list:
Linux dynamic link loader


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