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What is a .ASD file?

An ASD file is a temporary backup created by Microsoft Word, a word processing program used to author documents. It contains a snapshot copy of the currently opened Word document. It is used for automatic backup and recovery of documents in Word in case of an unplanned disruption or program crash.

More .ASD File Extension Information

The more recent versions of Word save ASD files to the following default directories: Windows Vista/7: [user]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\Windows XP: [user]\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\The following versions of Microsoft Word use ASD files:
  • Word 2007
  • Word 2003
  • Word 2002 Standard Edition
  • Word 2000 Standard Edition
  • Word 97 Standard Edition
  • Word 95 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Word 95a
  • Word 7.x
NOTE: To open an ASD file manually in Word, choose File → Open, select "All Files (*.*)" in the File type list, and then choose your ASD file.

How to open .ASD files?

.ASD can be using by 1 Flatform (Windows).
And can be open by bellow programs list:
Microsoft Word 2016
Updated at: 2018-11-13

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