File ExtensionFile Type
.MDJStarUML Model File
.TOPGromacs Topology File
.PIPi Calculation Data File
.CSLCineStyle Color Lookup File
.MACBINMacbinary Encoded File
.ALGAlgoBox Algorithm File
.TAX16TurboTax 2016 Tax Return File
.XYZVCelestia Sampled Trajectory File
.VBWVisual Basic Workspace File
.CFBCompound Binary File
.F04Nastran Execution Summary File
.ROXIORoxio Project
.ULPEAGLE User Language Program
.PRZFreelance Graphics Presentation File
.SPECCYSpeccy Snapshot
.QBJQuickBooks General Journal Entry File
.OTLNOpal Outline File
.SXSimplexNumerica Data File
.SNAPSHOTVMware ThinApp Snapshot File
.BEDUCSC BED Annotation Track File
.LUTXRadioRA 2 Essentials Project Database
.STYKStykz Stick Figure
.RETBusinessObjects Template
.T06TaxCut 2006 Tax Return
.SAH[email protected] Data File
.KPRKPresenter Presentation
.Q07QuickTax 2007 Tax Return
.GISCFS Console Game Installer Settings File
.GWKGraphiCode PCB Job File
.LMXLandmark Exchange File
.CTTMessenger Contact List
.EC4EPSON Print CD File
.ANIMEAnime Studio Document
.BDICChrome Dictionary File
.TLPTulip Software Graph Format File
.AGDAgileGraph Data File
.VSXVisio Stencil XML File
.CAWREspresso workreport Document
.TAX2009TurboTax 2009 Tax Return
.SPVSPSS Output Document
.GUIDr.Explain Project File
.PABPersonal Address Book
.DSXDiet Studio XML File
.YKAYenka Model File
.CAPTCapito Data File
.NVMPlayStation 2 BIOS Configuration File
.EDFXEstimator.NET Estimate File
.RMUFAlpha Five Runtime License File
.ID3TAGMP3 Skype Recorder Temporary File
.BDCBabylon Dictionary File
.FMTWinRAR Format File
.ADICHTLabChart Data File
.TT2014STATETurboTax 2014 State Tax Form
.SP4SuperCard 4 Player Project
.SDLRPXSDL Trados Studio Return Package
.EBUILDPortage eBuild Script
.DICTDictionary File
.TKFLTKLinks Saver Favorite Links File
.LLBLabVIEW Library File
.EDGEdge Diagrammer File
.CBXMLCodeBox Library
.XFOXSL-FO Formatted Form
.CURSORFXCursorFX Theme File
.KELGFILEBest Free Keylogger Log File
.IPLBiPhoto Library Archive Document
.XCSLCineStyle Color Correction File
.PVLInstalit Library
.8XSTI-83/84 Plus String File
.EPFEdgecam Educational Part File
.MDQTransformation Extender Database Definition File
.BULI4 Bullseye Data File
.RUELRevo Uninstaller Pro Log
.ENLEndNote Library
.SSVSeavus Secure Project File
.ITEiTunes Extras File
.QDFXQuicken Financial Exchange File
.GRINDJuice Grinder Recipe File
.OLK14GROUPOutlook Group File
.FG3FX Graph 3 File
.FETCHSHORTCUTSFetch Shortcut List FIle
.RPRESR Presentation File
.CZICarl Zeiss Image Data File
.FROdBASE IV Compiled Report
.P7XPacked Digital Signature File
.APHAbility Album File
.PKBOracle Package Body File
.QXFQuicken Essentials for Mac Exchange File
.ALDFAldfaer Genealogy File
.IMTMy Time Data File
.OFCOpen Financial Connectivity File
.SUIStarSplatter User Interface File
.DMMiMindQ Mind Map File
.BLUEBUTTONVA Blue Button Data File
.AWAnswer Wizard File
.ADCPAdobe Device Central Project File
.TAX2013TurboTax 2013 Tax Return
.CL2HY-TEK Meet Results File
.FOLXFolx Download File
.TAX15TurboTax 2015 Tax Return File
.MYOAccountEdge Company File
.Q3DQuest3D Project File
.TYSETTypinator Set File
.JPHJProbe Memory Snapshot
.DCPFDisc Copier Project File
.HELPINDEXHelp Index Document
.EMDChessBase Tablebase
.BRAINPersonalBrain Mind Map File
.TMXTranslation Memory Exchange File
.PRSXPresentations Slide Show
.GDTgretl Datafile
.HDAHotDocs Auto-Assemble File
.LUTRadioRA Essentials Project Database
.HKDBApple iTunes Library File
.BHOBehold Organize File
.EXPORTEDFAVORITESTransmit Exported Favorites File
.PDFIGPDF Index Generator Project File
.KVTMLKWordQuiz File
.HMTHighMAT File
.PORSPSS Portable File
.HIFQuicken Online File
.MMSTransformation Extender Map Source File
.MCUSWNokia Firmware File
.GXLGraph Exchange Language File
.FRDFrequency Response Data File
.T07TaxCut 2007 Tax Return
.BAFLBurnAware File List
.IRPInternet Researcher Project File
.NVLUniChem Results File
.PSPDPhotoSuite 5 Project File
.DDELingvo Dictionary Error Log File
.JDATJ&ASoft Data File
.HCXChartXL Chart
.OMCSOffice Manager Access File
.TETTextease CT Template
.RSPRSLogix PLC Program File
.MPPZMagicPlot Project File
.XMCTMathcad XML Worksheet Template
.ROADTRIPRoad Trip Planner File
.GENBANKGenBank Data File
.GALLERYSMART Notebook Gallery File
.LXKLexicon Link-up File
.TAX2010TurboTax 2010 Tax Return
.RVTRevit Project File
.SPUBDisc Cover File
.INCPInCopy CS3 Package File
.PPTMPowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation
.OLK14CONTACTOutlook Contact File
.QVFQlik Sense Desktop App File
.QDPQuick and Dandy Plotter File
.TTDTinytag Explorer Data File
.PRVXPresentations Template
.SDLPPXSDL Trados Studio Project Package
.MCXEMedicinesComplete Data File
.1PHTurboTax File
.NDBClamAV Extended Signature File
.FSIFMyLabel Designer Deluxe Data File
.ADIDATADInstruments Simple Data File
.IFMInformed Form Data Document
.QB2006QuickBooks 2006 File
.PDPDProduct Details Page DataObject File
.EVXSeeVogh Player Remote Recording
.QTPXCOMPOSITIONQuickTime Composition File
.TYIMPORTTypinator Set Import File
.TVDOWNLOADTeamViewer Download File
.NMINDNovaMind Mind Map File
.TFATreeSoft CashFlow Analysis Data File
.CSAPNA Code Calset File
.ABCDAudioVisual Book Data File
.GRKGradekeeper Class Gradebook File
.CELTXCeltx Project File
.XSLTXSL Transformation File
.CNACatena Project File
.AMSORMOnLine Ringman Auction Client File
.IX2WordPerfect Address Book File
.RSVRSView32 Project File
.NWONWChem Output File
.OWXOutWit Hub Automator File
.VSVVirtual Machine Saved State File
.AIFBAIF Builder Project File
.P3Primavera P3 Project File
.GMBLLogger Lite Document
.IBCDInstantBingoCard Document
.SCEScilab Script
.TOTALSBACKUPTotals Database Backup File
.BIMBytessence InstallMaker Document
.KEBKaspersky Virus Bases File
.STATSFreeSurfer Statistics File
.MFEMobileFrame Enterprise Data File
.PBIXPower BI Desktop File
.AZZXUncompressed AZZ Cardfile Data File
.MMUmyPM Merge Data File
.EXMBoson Exam File
.MBSAMicrosoft Baseline Security Analyzer File
.ECTYozo Office Chart Template File
.EMRGE-Merge 1.x Data File
.OVOLOGooVoo Log File
.ECCdvdisaster Error Correction File
.TT2013STATETurboTax 2013 State Tax Form
.ORGLotus Organizer File
.GFORMGoogle Drive Form
.NETSPDNetSpot Survey Project File
.GRAPHMLZZip Compressed GraphML File
.GP3Guitar Pro 3 File
.CCRASTM Continuity of Care Record
.PISPS2DIS Project File
.NRCNero Disc Compilation File
.OGGUOrigin Unicode Graph File
.LS3Band-in-a-Box Third-Party Styles File
.TT11TurboTax Canada 2011 Tax Return
.FMCFormConnect Form File
.U10UFile 2010 Tax Return
.BVPVodaHost BlueVoda Project File
.XRFFExtensible Attribute-Relation File Format
.NITFNational Imagery Transmission Format File
.FLLFoxPro Dynamic-Link Library
.ID2Windows Live Messenger Emoticon File
.T11At Home 2011 Tax Return
.CWWCrossword Weaver Puzzle File
.IROCKintelliRock Sensor Data File
.XBRLXBRL Document
.MENCWindows Mobile Encrypted File
.CAVComodo Virus Definitions File
.BCLIllumina Base Call File
.DFPROJDVD Flick Project
.XERPrimavera P6 Project File
.T05TaxCut 2005 Tax Return
.FESFileless Occurrence Placeholder
.QELQuicken Electronic Library
.XTGExtensible TreeGraph File
.LP7LP7 Digitally Signed File
.MJKQuestion File
.VRDVisio Report Definition File
.H10At Home Canada 2010 Tax Return
.PD5Windows Live Photo Gallery Information File
.OABOffline Address Book
.MLMMolMeccano File
.PVWPronto for Windows Data View File
.OP4Nastran Output File
.SWKStudyWorks Save File
.CXDSimplePCI Data Document
.VUDVirtual Machine Undo Drive File
.TOTALSSYNCDBTotals Synchronized Database File
.NDSNero DiscSpan Compilation File
.KDZKaspersky Virus Bases File
.SBQSuperbase QuickReports File
.OGMUOrigin Unicode Matrix File
.OVFOpen Virtualization File
.XFDFAdobe Acrobat XFDF File
.QB2009QuickBooks 2009 File
.GA3Graphical Analysis 3 Document
.KDBXKeePass Password Database
.CURXPTHEMECursorXP Theme File
.MFVMobileFrame Device Pack File
.XGMLGraph Modeling Language XML File
.ATSAdvanced ETL Transformation Script
.DVBAutoCAD VBA Project File
.MTTMetadataTouch Template
.MEGAMegacubo XML Metafile
.NSQNScheduler Data File
.GRRGradekeeper Class Roster File
.ANSYMAdobe Edge Animate Library File
.EC3EPSON Print CD File
.ST4SuperCard Trial Project File
.CHGQuicken Online Data File
.EPWEnergyPlus Weather Data File
.ITLPiTunes LP Album File
.OLK14EVENTOutlook Calendar Event File
.SXIStarOffice Impress Presentation
.AAESidecar Image Edit File
.AS2ActivStudio Resource Pack
.EMBLEMBL Sequence Data File
.CSUTILColorSync Utility Folder
.HSTHistory File
.T13H&R Block 2013 Tax Return
.PPPocket Physics Sketch File
.EFDiploma Exam File
.TT2015STATETurboTax 2015 State Tax Form
.WCFWebEx Saved Chat Session
.~HMHostMonitor TestList Backup File
.SELLinkOne Selection List File
.PHMPro Home Manager Data File
.TWMtheWord Module
.DDCDivX Descriptor File
.PRELotus Freelance Graphics File
.PGPFPassword Generator Password File
.ZMAImpedance File
.SUBLIME-SESSIONSublime Text Session File
.S85Sabre Airline Solutions Chart
.AVHDXAutomatic Virtual Hard Drive File
.TWHTask Wheel Project File
.GEDATAQlucore Data File
.C4PCrossOver Software Installer File
.DCMFDiskCatalogMaker Catalog
.PAGES Note Page File
.ERGCompuTrainer Workout File
.FLTFlight Simulator Saved Flight
.FCPBUNDLEFinal Cut Pro Library
.CLASSLISTSMART Notebook Class List File
.JNTWindows Journal File
.MXADMandelbrot Explorer All Data File
.QB2015QuickBooks 2015 for Mac Data File
.SQRSQL Program File
.HTGHackTheGame Mission Pack
.MRYTomboy Industrees Memory File
.WCP_SETTINGSAlpha Five Settings File
.PROJECTPROPERTIESAlpha Five Project Properties File
.OTXtheWord Encrypted Old Testament Text Module
.LVMLabVIEW Measurement File
.PFCAOL Personal File Cabinet
.IESIES Photometric Data File
.LSDLingvo Dictionary File
.QUICKENDATAQuicken Essentials for Mac Data File
.BSDLBoundary Scan Description Language File
.JSDAJazer Data File
.DPNDepiction Data File
.ODCOpenDocument Chart File
.SGRSGR Genome Data File
.PHOTOLIBRARYiPhoto Photo Library
.TT10TurboTax Canada 2010 Tax Return
.WTMLWorldWide Telescope Data File
.T2Textease 2000 File
.GTSGerber Top Solder Mask Data File
.JGCSCSEditPad Custom Syntax Coloring Scheme File
.SCLSibelius Chord Diagram Library
.XMIXML Metadata Interchange File
.MXDICMaxthon Dictionary File
.SORStandard OTDR Record File
.KRCMouse and Key Recorder Macro File
.ODFOpen Document File
.MWSMaple Classic Worksheet
.MS8Multisim 8 Circuit Design File
.HDPMXHotDocs Publisher Mapping XML File
.POTMPowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation Template
.QSDQuicken Data File
.H15H&R Block Canada 2015 Tax Return
.NBENessus Report File
.HLHeuristicLab Storage File
.CFXFlow-Cal Data File
.OLMMac Outlook Database File
.SUBLIME-KEYMAPSublime Text Keymap File
.SPANISHERSpanisher Word File
.GRDSurfer Grid File
.RTARoboHelp RTA Data File
.ECLManagement-Ware Mass Mailing News E-Campaign List
.TDTFirstBreak Concrete Test File
.TDTTHOR Data Tree File
.TDMSTechnical Data Management Streaming File
.PSWXPassword Depot Portable File
.CM5Clone Manager File
.MTWMinitab Worksheet File
.HCCHydroCAD Prefab Chamber Data File
.MPSMathematical Programming System File
.TL5Timeliner 5 File
.IRXBrewer Irradiation File
.H6XSoft6502 Trainer/Simulator Hex File
.RRTRhapzode Resource Template
.XUMExcel Unit Operation Model File
.T03TaxCut 2003 File
.RPARIB Project Archive File
.MITMineEdit Inventory Template File
.TAX12TurboTax 2012 Tax Return File
.ST45SuperCard Trial Project File
.AFEAvid File Exchange File
.PRXPrimavera P3 Compressed Project File
.MIGRATEDAPLIBRARYMigrated Aperture Library
.T09At Home 2009 Tax Return
.AWGActiveworlds Object Group File
.NOTNotation File
.NOTFinale Note File
.XAFAffirm Deposition Transcript
.TARConsolidated Unix File Archive
.DPSKingsoft Presentation File
.ONEOneNote Document
.REBReimbursement Tracker Data File
.QB2005QuickBooks 2005 File
.WEBPUBLISHHISTORYAlpha Five Web Publish History File
.APXLKeynote Presentation Data File
.TDMLabVIEW Binary Measurement File
.XPGAutoplay Media Studio Exported Page
.ACZAppCraft Project
.PCAPNGPcap-NG Packet Capture File
.COLLECTIONAdobe Bridge Collection File
.BM2Boardmaker Interactive Board File
.VCSvCalendar Event File
.T2KTeach2000 Document
.CONTACTWindows Contact File
.LSFLogos Library System File
.PBITPower BI Desktop Template
.KALKratos Vision Data File
.PSTOutlook Personal Information Store File
.DDBDigidesign Database
.{PBCorel WordPerfect Document Index File
.LHRQuicken Financial Life for Mac File
.BCCCalendar Creator File
.A5LAuthorware 5 Library
.ATTRiPhoto Attributes File
.MTSMEGA Tree Session File
.OCCOceanic DataPool File
.CEFClass Action Gradebook Elementary File
.HCEHydroCAD Hydrograph Data File
.TRDTrID Definitions Package
.EASRSLogix Symbol File
.BPDBusiness Plan Pro Document
.BPDBinary Printer Description File
.LW4Lightwright File
.ATOMSVCAtom Service Document
.PKSOracle Package Spec File
.TT2017STATETurboTax 2017 State Tax Form
.DDCXDivX Descriptor 2 File
.OLK14SIGNATUREOutlook Signature File
.LVWLivewire Document
.STUPinnacle Studio Project File
.DPBDVD Profiler Backup File
.XDPXML Data Package
.MTMMacrofocus TreeMap File
.XMAPXMind 2007/2008 Workbook
.STDLSwift To-Do List Database
.VOIVOI Group File
.VSSMVisio Macro-Enabled Stencil File
.GALLERYCOLLECTIONSMART Notebook Gallery Collection File
.CAMMespresso Mind Map Document
.TT2016STATETurboTax 2016 State Tax Form
.MKSMatroska Elementary Stream File
.COLCapture One Session File
.AESooVoo Log File
.SC45SuperCard Project File
.FXGFX Graph File
.VZMVerizon Message File
.CLBICQ Contact List
.TRMFTR Media File
.GMAPGoogle Drive My Map
.XDNADNA Strider Sequence File
.SENSenTest Data File
.PTFScrapbook Flair Template
.HALHotDocs Answer Library
.CTDCherrytree XML Document
.UBOXUniverse Sandbox Data File
.PTDPipeTech Data File
.PCRPCMark Vantage Benchmark File
.PKTPacket Tracer Network Simulation Model
.FSTABFile Systems Table File
.ONTtheWord Bible Text Module
.QDF-BACKUPQuicken Data Backup File
.FFWPFormsForWeb Packet
.TMWTranslation Memory Data File
.SPVCHAINMultiCoin Wallet File
.BRIDGECACHEAdobe Bridge Cache Export File
.4FSPuppy Linux Save State File
.STRMStream File
.CVCodeView Data File
.WEAEcotect Weather File
.ODMascopt Graph Request File
.XFRiProcess Process Definition File
.Q08QuickTax 2008 Tax Return
.MPQEBlizzard Encrypted Mo'PaQ File
.POPSHAPEPopChar Character Shape File
.TTMDTrail Tracker Trail Map
.IGQIndigo Queue File
.DB.JOUPatran Journal File
.ASHPRJAshampoo Burning Studio Project
.WFMTektronix Waveform Data File
.ABYAOL Address Book File
.XLTExcel Template
.IMAGEOpenQwaq Image
.COSESSIONDBCapture One Session File
.CSVComma Separated Values File
.PPSXPowerPoint Open XML Slide Show
.PKAPacket Tracer Activity File
.HCLHotDocs Clause Archive
.MGOURMET3MacGourmet Deluxe 3 Document
.NCORXAdobe Encore Project
.H4Hierarchical Data Format File
.DMMXiMindQ XML Map Bundle
.VSSXVisio Stencil File
.TXNMySpaceIM Conversation Log File
.NETANetica Binary File
.XPLLPull-Planner Data File
.CKTCircuitMaker File
.DMRBrainVoyager Diffusion Weighted Project File
.DITADITA Document
.OLK14CATEGORYOutlook Category File
.GPSCANGrandPerspective Scan File
.BPLXBore Plan XML File
.GALLERYITEMSMART Notebook Gallery Item File
.SLPSisulizer Project File
.LDIFLDAP Data Interchange Format File
.XBTSMART Notebook Template File
.T10At Home 2010 Tax Return
.GCXGrapher Graph File
.PRO5ProPresenter 5 Document
.MSCMuseScore Composition File
.DTPdotTrace Profile File
.RSOARIS Report Script Object File
.WIDSAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence File
.SDLScene Description Language File
.GPIGarmin Point of Interest File
.GPIGerber Photoplotter Information File
.DRZPyDrizzle Data File
.PMMMikuMikuDance PolygonMovieMaker File
.PMMPegasus Mail Mailbox File
.LPDBLibrarian Pro Database File
.GRADEGradeStat Document
.TCLOGSTestComplete Log Configuration File
.WHFWing Helper File
.EDIElectronic Data Interchange File
.ENLXArchived EndNote Library
.TAX2008TurboTax 2008 Tax Return
.CIRCLogisim Circuit File
.HUHHydroCAD Unit Hydrograph Definitions File
.GMPGlobal Mapper Package File
.RGEEntourage File Archive
.ACQAcqKnowledge Data Graph File
.DLTDELTA Binary Dataset File
.MMMMoney Manager File
.MMMMultiple Master Metric Data File
.PKHOracle Package File
.DAFDigital Anchor File
.Q09QuickTax 2009 Tax Return
.LIVEREGSymantec Antivirus Session File
.SLESisulizer Package File
.IS1M3 Sakura Real-Time Save 1 File
.IS1Synergy/DE Data Index File
.LAVDNA Sequence Alignment File
.BPHYSBlender Cache File
.IASIntermodulation Analysis System File
.TT13TurboTax Canada 2013 Tax Return
.CL4Easy CD Creator 4 Project File
.XLFXLIFF Document
.OTtheWord Old Testament Text Module
.PSFLIBPlaystation Sound Format Library
.TERTerragen Terrain File
.CN1CNR Modem Initialization Data File
.PATRAN.HRDPatran Hardcopy File
.ABKPRJAshampoo Backup Project
.LSRLANsurveyor Report
.5VW5View Packet Capture File
.MFUMobileFrame Update File
.PLANNERGnome Planner File
.AZW3FAmazon eBook Metadata File
.UDOmniPage User Dictionary
.UVFUncertain Value Format
.MOHOMoho Animation Project
.QPBQuickBooks Point of Sale Data File
.PPSMPowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Slide Show
.PRO5TEMPLATEBUNDLEProPresenter 5 Template Bundle
.MC1MedCalc Data File
.JBIMotoman Robot Job File
.LSULANsurveyor Map
.NPRNuendo Project File
.PRO5XProPresenter 5 Bundle File
.RDXReflex Data File
.PPSPowerPoint Slide Show
.BLGWindows Binary Performance Log File
.BLGBibTeX Log File
.MISSIONMissionMaker Project File
.XLIFFXLIFF Localization File
.XPJRoboHelp HTML Project File
.XPJMicro Planner X-Pert Project File
.BOOKTEMPLATEiBooks Author Document Template
.XEFeManager Form Data
.OPFFlipViewer FlipBook File
.MDSXMEGA Saved Session
.CLIXCLIX Command File
.OTLNoteTab Outline File
.VPXAvast! Virus Update File
.MSBOracle Binary Message File
.JTBACKUPJust Type Backup File
.NTtheWord New Testament Text Module
.LUDLingvo User Dictionary File
.TGCTerragen Node Clip File
.POSTALTomTom Postal Code File
.PXAXpressAccounts Data File
.QBXMLQuickBooks XML Format File
.AVJAntiVir Job File
.FSSSplitty Data Split File
.UDEBDebian Package File
.BCIBelarc Advisor Report File
.BFXBitware Fax Document
.SSIIProReveal Data File
.EGLIBAdobe Edge Animate Library File
.DCMDDiskCatalogMaker Thumbnail-Enabled Catalog
.SBDOffice Accounting Company Data File
.SBDSuperbase Data Definition File
.SBDDNASTAR SeqBuilder File
.VCTVISE Installer Project
.PLWPicoLog Data File
.SMZSMath Studio Compressed Document
.GLDGround Loop Design Work File
.TAXTurboTax Tax Return
.3METurboTax Form File
.TT12TurboTax Canada 2012 Tax Return
.LSADomino Designer Agent File
.SLKSymbolic Link File
.HCIHydroCAD IDF Data File
.RDGRDCman Config File
.OLK14MAILACCOUNTOutlook Mail Account File
.T01TaxCut 2001 File
.3DT3D Topicscape File
.TT15TurboTax Canada 2015 Tax Return
.LRMEncarta Class Server Learning Resource File
.TXDGame Texture Dictionary
.VMSNVMware Snapshot State File
.BRLMicroBraille File
.MNKMy Notes Keeper Notebook
.ENQEndNote Search Options File
.ANSHotDocs Binary Answer File
.GRVOffice Groove File
.FCPXMLFinal Cut Pro XML File
.NETnetViz Project File
.TIECrossTie Installer File
.BINARYCOOKIESSafari Cookies File
.RODZAncestry Genealogical Database File
.CYOClustify Output File
.XBCSMART Notebook File
.FAMILYFILEReunion Family File
.WACInkling Sketch XML File
.VLGVentaFax Logbook File
.OTPOpenDocument Presentation Template
.OLK14TASKOutlook Task File
.TTKCatalyst Translation Toolkit
.XLGCExpressK Database File
.BRFBraille Ready Format File
.TWBTableau Workbook File
.DHTGAUSS Data Set Header File
.PXJRecordNow Project
.LQMLG QuickMemo Note
.PRO5PLProPresenter Playlist File
.TAX2015TurboTax 2015 Tax Return
.QRMXQuick Risk Matrix File
.MMAPMindManager Map File
.3PETurboTax 2008 Form File
.ALDDynamics AX Application Label Data File
.A5WCMPAlpha Five Web Components File
.MPPMicrosoft Project File
.MPPMobileFrame Project Publisher File
.MMAMaster Album Maker Photo Album File
.ONTXtheWord Encrypted Bible Text Module
.FOPInfoZoom Protected Data File
.PSFLIB2Playstation Sound Format Library
.GNOGenoPro Genealogy Tree File
.OVXObject-based Visual Application Language File
.I5ZIUCLID 5 Import/Export File
.LOCALSTORAGEWebKit Local Storage Data File
.ABTAnnotated Braille Text File
.T15H&R Block 2015 Tax Return
.AB2Print Shop Address Book File
.AMCAnt Movie Catalog File
.DBDDemoShield Project
.DSLLingvo Dictionary File
.T12At Home 2012 Tax Return
.NMANMEA Data File
.POTXPowerPoint Open XML Presentation Template
.ASNDAdobe Sound Document
.LRLIBAdobe Lightroom CC Library File
.BASERPROJDNA Baser Project File
.ONDLotus Notes Encapsulated Memo File
.T08TaxCut 2008 Tax Return
.BTFNationsBank Check Images
.RSCSymbian Application Compiled Resource File
.HCUHydrograph Units Definitons File
.OLK14MSGSOURCEOutlook Email Message Data File
.T02TaxCut 2002 File
.4DV4D View Ultrasound File
.VMSSVMware Suspended State File
.BPLBore Plan Log
.XVCTVISE XML Project File
.LGCWordPerfect DTD Compiler Logic File
.KMYKMyMoney Data File
.PPTPowerPoint Presentation
.DITAVALDITA Conditions File
.H5Hierarchical Data Format 5 File
.PEBProEST+ Buildings File
.REFMicrosoft Train Simulator Reference File
.HDUMXHotDocs User Mapping XML File
.EXXIBM Linkway MsgPut File
.NSRNessus Security Report File
.RTTTLRing Tone Transfer Language File
.ITNTomTom Navigator Itinerary File
.TPDTreePad 7 Database File
.LACCDBMicrosoft Access Lock File
.ISPCImage Surfer Pro Collection File
.WK1Lotus Worksheet
.DEOSDriver Easy Offline Scan File
.A3LAuthorware 3 Library
.SVWSpecView File
.NRDNero DVD-Video Compilation File
.OLKOutlook Address Book File
.ARAArchivaldo Resource Archive
.APLIBRARYAperture Library
.ANMEAnime Studio Document
.TRFTorrentRover File
.TRFSmaart Transfer Function File
.SESPatran Session File
.DCLDumpSec Report File
.ROIReport Object Instance
.ROIShark Sales System Data File
.QMBLLabQuest Document
.VOXBVoxler Network File
.SDDStarOffice Presentation
.SAMSamurize Package
.SMPKGSmartMusic Package File
.CXAFMAT Listmode File
.A5RPTAlpha Five Project Report File
.IPALIASiPhoto Alias File
.SKXXLANG Schedule File
.SRDSage Report Data File
.DB-Norton Nprotect Database File
.XGPXfire Game Patcher File
.SGMLStandard Generalized Markup Language File
.WCATWinCatalog Collection File
.ELSEasyLanguage Storage File
.T04TaxCut 2004 File
.DBGSYMDebug Symbols File
.JMPJMP Data File
.PD4Windows Live Photo Gallery Information File
.PD4Clone Manager Primer File
.LEVLevelogger Software Data File
.TOPCTopicCrunch Project File
.CRAMCompressed Alignment File
.IPMETAApple iPhoto Metadata File
.M77TMGD77T Data File
.MBPMediaShow Burning Project File
.TAX09TurboTax 2009 Tax Return File
.IWXDATAiWorx Data File
.OR4IBM Lotus Organizer 97 GS File
.ETEasiteach Lesson File
.ETKingsoft Spreadsheets File
.ALFAlf Interactive Test
.CVNCineVision Encoding Session
.RPPREAPER Project File
.17T2017 StudioTax Return File
.FODPOpenDocument Flat XML Presentation
.CTMCrazyTalk Model File
.IMASage ACT! Email Message
.EVEchoview File
.QDTQuicken 3 & 4 Data File
.ZIMOpenZIM Wiki Archive
.NNIANNI Neural Network Investing File
.ABDATAAdobe Bridge Data File
.TDAJava Application Thread Dump
.TDAPalm To-Do File
.GBPGerber Bottom Solder Paste Data File
.T2KSTeach2000 Exam Results File
.GTPGerber Top Solder Paste Data File
.GTPGuitar Pro File
.WPOHOLUX Waypoint File
.WPOTechnopress Waypoint 2D File
.ANXHotDocs Answer File
.AWDBAccess Walker Database File
.MEGMEGA Data File
.APALBUMAperture Album File
.MGD77MGD77 Data File
.MDEXMIRCaM Data EXchange File
.SBCSpace Engineers Data File
.OR6Lotus Organizer 6 File
.PRPRational Model Properties File
.QVWQlikView Document
.DASDeltaMaster Analysis Session
.CTV3Citavi 3 Project File
.RPYBRen'Py Bytecode File
.CPTXAdobe Captivate Project File
.NRBNero CD-ROM Boot Compilation
.DEVICEINFODevice Record
.MPXMicrosoft Project Exchange File
.JOBOPTIONSAdobe Joboptions File
.RMDR Markdown File
.RMDReference Manager Data File
.TSLTracker Status Log
.XBDDocuWorks Binder File
.KBSKeyboard Script File
.CHVChView Interactive Star Map File
.DGS3D Screen Creator Scene File
.3DP3DMark2011 SE Project File
.T16H&R Block 2016 Tax Return
.KMACorrelate Archive File
.BRDEAGLE Circuit Board File
.SKCSideKick Card File
.PJTDidger Project File
.PXLPocket Excel File
.WK3Lotus 3 Worksheet
.CM10CaseMap 10 Case File
.DLDynamic Library
.SEOSEO Note File
.TA4TaxAct 2014 Tax Return File
.XFTAdobe Form Designer 5.0 File
.HMLHostMonitor TestList File
.MPJMinitab Project File
.MPJRoboHelp HTML Project
.HVCHotDocs Variable Collection File
.FOBDynamics NAV Object Container File
.TFDTape Format Requirements Document
.H11At Home Canada 2011 Tax Return
.DCPRAdobe DNG Camera Profile Recipe File
.TEXTEXPANDERTextExpander Settings File
.CXRFMAT Plate Results File
.CERTSIGNINGREQUESTApple Developer Signing Certificate Request File
.A4LAuthorware 4 Library
.GFSGlarysoft Split File
.POSBPoseidon Dive Log
.CBGChessBase Game Moves File
.CBGCyberGauge Data File
.SLXMathWorks Simulink Model File
.RDATAR Workspace File
.CLGCollage Maker Project File
.LIFELight Notebook File
.TVCTeamViewer Configuration File
.MPTMicrosoft Project Template
.BLDEnvisioneer Building Project File
.OR5Lotus Organizer 5 File
.TAX08TurboTax 2008 Tax Return File
.SP45SuperCard Player File
.IPHOTOiPhoto Library File
.PHDPhotoDirector Project File
.PHDPortable Heap Dump File
.WGTIMPS Data File
.WGTXNBC Synaptic Weights File
.PAWPawaa File
.PAWPersonal Ancestry Writer II File
.ESXXactimate Insurance Claims Estimate
.A65Authorware 6.5 File
.GTMGreekToMe Translation File
.SMXSmartMusic XML File
.JRPRINTJasperReports Print File
.KGTEMPKuGou Temporary Cache File
.T2KTTeach2000 Exam File
.QDBQuicken 5 & 6 Data File
.NNPANNI Neural Network Portfolio File
.EMEncore Menu Template
.DFMMidas ViewPoint Display Form
.BMSBIOWRAP Multi-Layer Security File
.DRLGerber Drill Rack File
.LIBGeneric Data Library
.LIBFinale Library
.8XGTI-83/84 Plus Group File
.FNRECIPESFood Network Recipe File
.SUMScilab Unit Operation Model File
.PDOPepakura Designer File
.STFExchange 2000 Server Temporary File
.LINX-Plane Painted Line File
.QPHQt Phrase Books File
.QPHQuicken Price History File
.OGSOrigin LabTalk Script File
.OGSOrigons Movie Data File
.DIPDipTrace Printed Circuit Board File
.SPARSEFSBlueStacks Data Folder
.QBRQuickBooks Report Template
.DNCDance Database File
.GCGraphClick File
.ICALTODOiCal To Do File
.LALibtool Archive
.MDDMDict Resource File
.MAIMicrosoft Mail File
.ENEXEvernote Archive
.CFAComProbe Analyzer Capture File
.NLOGO3DNetLogo 3D Model File
.IVSInitialization Vector File
.OR2Lotus Organizer 2 File
.CAT4DCinema 4D Catalog
.LOCGPS Location File
.RWDNRG Raw Wind Data File
.CDRCrash Data Retrieval Data File
.IFSInfoSlips Package
.TAX10TurboTax 2010 Tax Return File
.WALLETMultiBit Wallet File
.SCFDNA Sequence Chromatogram File
.AVLAntiVir Status Report File
.UWLUser Word List File
.CDXMLChemDraw XML File
.CDIINTEX Output File
.OUTOutput File
.SNOStarry Night Pro Data File
.OLK14MESSAGEOutlook Message File
.EPPTalaPhoto Project
.EPPElmedia Player Playlist
.EPPEfficient PPC Project File
.PLSPL/SQL Stored Procedure
.PLSMYOB Accounting Data File
.BLOGTHISWindows Live Writer Data File
.SGNSlax Boot File
.NWCPNisus Clipboard Document
.LUCIDCOLORSETLucid Color Set File
.PSWPassword Depot 3-5 File
.ER1ERWin Entity Relationship Diagram
.EKBZMC Visual Tablet Data
.SCGCmyPM SCG Classic Data File
.IXBUlead Disc Image
.AB3PhotoImpact 3 Album File
.TT14TurboTax Canada 2014 Tax Return
.BTIFNationsBank Check Image File
.ARNAutoruns Data File
.GMLGerber Mill Layer File
.GMLGraph Modeling Language File
.PJ2xPlan Document
.MPRFileMaker Dictionary File
.MPRDirect Mail Project File
.RELNorton Internet Security Log File
.TA7TaxAct 2017 Tax Return File
.MTHDerive Math File
.MDZAccess Wizard Template
.MXC2MAGIX Cache File
.SAVEDSTATEVirtual Router Saved State File
.DOCKZIPObjectDock File
.IGNRoboHelp Ignore List File
.JDBSymantec Endpoint Protection Update File
.PRBxyAlgebra Probabilities File
.MOXExtendSim Simulation Software Model
.OBDOffice Binder Document
.FIGMATLAB Figure File
.XPRSyncRO Soft oXygen XML Editor Project
.WB1Corel Quattro Pro File
.FRAMESETFrame Painter for LGS Frame Set File
.MGOURMETMacGourmet Deluxe Document
.POTPowerPoint Template
.TA6TaxAct 2016 Tax Return File
.SDFStandard Data File
.SDFStructure Data File
.DWPDarkWave Studio Project File
.GBRGerber File
.ITMiThink Model File
.VILabVIEW Virtual Instrument File
.ITXITX Form Template
.OLTOrbit Downloads List
.NESSUSNessus Network Security Scanner File
.ES2E-Studio 2.0 Experiment File
.GUIDESxScope Guides File
.FSCPractical Scriptwriter File
.GPPGuitar Practiced Perfectly 2 Data File
.NSTOutlook Connector for Notes File
.BRNBrainStorm Data File
.TSVTab Separated Values File
.OEMOEMEdit Save File
.VAULTFontcase Vault File
.RGMCRootsMagic Genealogy Project File
.SVDScanning Vibrometer Data File
.MMLMicrosoft Clip Organizer File
.MMLMyMailList & AddressBook File
.QUIZQuobject Quiz Package
.SHXShapefile Index File
.CAPXCapella CapXML File
.RVLAdobe Revel Library File
.UBJUniversal Binary JSON File
.IFICTIONiFiction Metadata File
.CTPROJECTCrazyTalk Animator Project File
.RPPRJAxure RP Shared Project File
.ROZaSc TimeTables Schedule File
.PDASPDAStore Data Store File
.QBYQuickBooks Accountant's Copy Import File
.ABCDPAddress Book CoreData Person File
.TEFTablEdit Tablature
.OR3IBM Lotus Organizer 97 File
.ASRAdobe Photoshop Scratch File
.SSDStarry Night Pro Data File
.73CTI-73 Constant File
.HM3Help & Manual 3 Project
.FFOAdobe Photoshop File Information File
.XRBXMind Resource Bundle
.WS1-2-3 Word Search Maker Puzzle File
.RWGRandom Word Generator Project File
.3DMDEF3DMark Definition File
.RPAxure RP Project File
.MOHOPROJMoho Document Data File
.SDLPROJSDL Trados Studio Project
.MNGYamaha PSR Disk Manager File
.TT17TurboTax Canada 2016 Tax Return
.VSCHWindows Vault Schema File
.CVDBitdefender Virus Definition File
.CVDClamAV Virus Definitions File
.TGFTrivial Graph Format File
.ASAppleSingle File
.KAPBSB Chart Image File
.JCLICJClic Project File
.H2WH2testw File
.DHCDDHCD Computing Application Data File
.VMSDVMware Snapshot Metadata File
.BTINSTALLuTorrent Installer File
.OPOpenPAT Report
.QFILTERColorSync Utility Quartz Filter
.ADVSAdobe Device Central Device Set
.TDLTab Delineated Format File
.TDLToDoList Tasklist File
.RWSRetina Wireless Scanner File
.ADIAmateur Data Interchange Format
.HYVTeam Manager Meet Event File
.EAPEnterprise Architect Project
.UPOIiGO Points of Interest File
.WINDOWSLIVECONTACTWindows Live Contacts File
.SCGSmyPM SCG Starter Data File
.SQSysquake Program
.T14H&R Block 2014 Tax Return
.FRLElectronic Form Loader File
.LRTOOLKITAdobe Lightroom Toolkit
.CPTLAdobe Captivate Project Template File
.SIMThe Sims 3 Sim File
.SIMSAP Tutor File
.TXFTransit XV Pack Translation File
.TXFTax Exchange Format
.AMMAll My Movies Database File
.GSGemStone Document
.TGDTerragen Project File
.XMZXExamSoft Exam File
.FLIPCHARTActivInspire Flipchart File
.C3DCoordinate 3D File
.XMCDMathcad Worksheet File
.BRWCalyx Point Borrower File
.ESE-Studio 1.x Experiment File
.MLBMyLabel Designer Deluxe Project File
.FFDFlat File Descriptor
.MMCMicrosoft Media Catalog
.PRO5PLXProPresenter 5 Playlist Bundle
.DSYDirectory Synchronizer Project File
.FLOWExpression SketchFlow Data File
.PESPhysicsEditor Sheet File
.CHCHCFR Colormeter Data File
.FFDSharePoint FFDDumper Log
.GBSGerber Bottom Solder Mask Data File
.PCPersonal Composer File
.LGame of Life File
.MPZIPMultisim Pack File
.PVDPolygen3D Vector Descriptor
.SERGeneMapper Project File
.NUPKGNetUpdate Package
.HSDTThinkfree Office NEO Show Template
.KISMACKisMAC Webservice File
.PHRRoboHelp Phrase List
.DTDrum Station Machine State File
.IS2Thermal Image Data File
.AVROAvro Data File
.DESQuickBooks Forms Template
.TACActiCalc Data File
.UDCAdobe InDesign User Dictionary
.WABWindows Address Book
.GWPGreetings Workshop Project File
.GRFDPlot Graph File
.GRFGrapher Graph File
.GRFCloverETL Data Transformation Graph
.GRFGeneric Graph File
.LDFSQL Server Transaction Log File
.LDFLingoes Dictionary Source File
.ZPLZoom Player Play List
.3DR3D Rad Project File
.3DR3DMark Results File
.BIONIXBioniX Wallpaper Playlist File
.RPTRCrystal Reports Read-Only File
.OFTOutlook File Template
.CLPCrazyTalk Clip File
.CLPWindows Clipboard File
.CLPFinale Clip File
.GGBGeoGebra Document
.MSFBlue Card Manager Merit Badge Mastersheet File
.MWXMicroWorlds EX File
.DSDDiet Studio Data File
.PPPCyberLink PowerProducer Project
.QDATQuickTime Install Cache File
.GMSGesture and Motion Signal File
.TSTTestPoint Test File
.MS10Multisim 10 Circuit Design File
.PWREPPassword Repository File
.DA2DeepAnalysis Save File
.SBTSuperbase Data Notes File
.KEYCHAINMac OS X Keychain File
.RGORepliGo File
.LAYOUTDESIGNERQuickBooks Layout Designer File
.HSKHuskey Truss & Building Supply Import File
.SDOCSamsung Memo
.NFSNetflix Subtitle File
.VOKPocketVok Vocabulary File
.OLLTrialDirector Object Load List
.XMLPERLeCroy Binary Waveform File
.TMRApimac Timer Document
.FDTLucene Field Data File
.FDTImpromptu Function Description Table File
.QVPViewletBuilder Project File
.PMATRIXPriority Matrix Project File
.MCIFMacroMolecular Crystallographic Information File
.PFLFamily Lawyer Document
.QMQt Compiled Translation Source File
.VVFVoc Vocabulary File
.AECACHEAfter Effects Cache File
.SE1Swiss Ephemeris Data File
.FFINDEXFFmpegSource2 Media Index
.H17H&R Block Canada 2017 Tax Return
.MF4ASAM Measurement Data Format File
.QBAQuickBooks Accountant's Copy Work File
.LWDLightworks Data File
.SQUASHFSSquashfs File System File
.73LTI-73 Data List File
.VDFAntiVir Virus Definitions File
.DATAAnalysis Studio Offline Data File
.HOLOutlook Holidays File
.XCPLUGINDATAXcode Plug-in Data File
.QB2013QuickBooks 2013 File
.USRSmartMusic Custom File
.OPDDurango Document
.PRO4ProPresenter 4 Document
.FAFASTA Formatted Sequence File
.AMBAll My Books Database File
.AMBAIMMS Model File
.XFDFormFlow 99 Form Data File
.LRCATAdobe Lightroom Catalog File
.OVAOpen Virtual Appliance
.OVAOctava Musical Score
.BCTAdobe Bridge Thumbnail Cache File
.ASTClarisWorks Assistant File
.KPFKomodo Project File
.EGPEasy Grade Pro Gradebook File
.SCGPmyPM SCG Pro Data File
.PCDPure Component Data File
.DAPDiet Analysis Profile
.CLKSClicker Sentences File
.IRRBrewer Lamp File
.DSZOrchida (OES) Embroidery File
.WB2Corel Quattro Pro File
.PCBPrinted Circuit Board Design File
.COMPOSITIONMODELInvantive Composition Data Model File
.H14H&R Block Canada 2014 Tax Return
.EVYEnvoy File
.CMACoach Activity File
.YCHATYahoo! Messenger Chat Log
.LBLNiceLabel Template File
.GBGenBank Data File
.ENWEndNote Import File
.H16H&R Block Canada 2016 Tax Return
.SMVSmokeview Simulation Data
.CCAcc:Mail Archive File
.CCAMultimedia Fusion File
.GRIBGridded Binary File
.LASLIDAR Data Exchange File
.PBWPebble Watchface File
.MAGMagic Circuit Layout File
.UNITYPACKAGEUnity Package File
.ITLiTunes Library File
.TCXTraining Center XML File
.VYMVYM Mind Map File
.QPFQuartus II Project File
.QPFQuest3D Project
.TPBGROMACS Binary Input File
.KTHKeynote Theme
.CFSCFS Console File
.KBITSBits'N'Picas Bitmap Font File Family Tree Database
.8XKTI-83 Plus Application Upgrade File
.CLXStandard Dictionary File
.QSQt Install Script
.PRNXXtraReports PrintingSystem Document
.FLORFFlow Flowchart File
.FLOiGrafx FlowCharter File
.ULZUSBlyzer Data Capture File
.CUBEGaussian Cube File
.TPSMulti Channel Measurement File
.HTBAudacity Help File
.VALValodas Dictionary File
.VALValues List
.DALDVD-lab Project File
.WPOSTWindows Live Writer Post File
.MEMGreekToMe Memories File
.MEMMnemosyne Card Collection
.SCANorton AntiVirus Scan File
.NDXdBASE Index File
.NDXNeat 5 Archive File
.PACKCustoPack Tools Theme Pack
.MBTBlue Card Manager Merit Badge Template File
.TAX2016TurboTax 2016 Tax Return
.MD8Mediator Project File
.MD8GarageCUBE Modul8 Project
.DWZDVD MovieFactory Project File
.XRPRationalPlan Project File
.HMXZHelp & Manual Compressed Project
.IGCAnime List Builder Input File
.IWChain Engineering Database File
.REFERENCEBudget In Brief Reference File
.ISH1Animation-ish Wiggledoodle-ish Document
.MGOURMET4MacGourmet Deluxe 4 Document
.CXTDirector Protected Cast File
.DAMDeltaMaster Analysis Model
.QDFMQuicken Data File (Macintosh)
.SIDXStuffIt Archive Index File
.DSCDebian Source Control File
.DSCCelestia Deep Space Catalog File
.FCPPROJECTFinal Cut Pro Project File
.WTBWin-Test Binary Log File
.H77TMGD77T Header File
.WSIWise Package Studio Installer Package
.FLKFolder Lock File
.MCTWindows Live Messenger Data File
.MBDMultimedia Builder Project File
.THUMBDATA3-1763508120Thumbnail Index File
.XMPZMiradi XML Project File
.LPKGAppspace Language Pack
.SUPPiOS Application Archive File
.IDXNavigation POI File
.IDXHMI Historical Log Index File
.PRVSoftMaker Presentations Template
.MMathematica Input File
.STLFireworks Style Library
.ABIDNA Chromatogram File
.SDZNCI Compressed Database
.DTDDesign Tools Draw File
.ISFInspiration Flowchart Document
.XSFInfoPath Form Definition File
.MPDFile List Creator Playlist
.TAX2012TurboTax 2012 Tax Return
.RTWSHRadiotracker Wishlist File
.IBATEMPLATEiBooks Author Document Template
.UMFMediaHolder Universal Media Format File
.QUICKEN2016Quicken 2016 Data File
.DEPROJDisketch Project File
.CADCCorpatla Data Container File
.QUICKEN2015Quicken 2015 Data File
.XPMMicro Planner Manager File
.SPOSPSS Statistical Data Output File
.SQDSQ Data File
.SP3Windows XP SP3 CD File
.WDFWorkshare Compare DeltaFile
.WDFWinGenea Genealogy File
.CTLStepMania SMZIP Package Description File
.PPFEdgecam Pathtrace Part File
.PPFTransit NXT Pack Project File
.PPFPublisher Project File
.PRSHarvard Graphics Presentation
.PRSCalyx Point Prospect File
.REZFirstClass Resource File
.SZSWii Game Data File
.ALIDynamics AX Label Index File
.ALIRoboHelp Alias File
.NRTNeat Contact File
.LYTAdminsoft Document Layout File
.BOXE-mail Mailbox
.CELAffymetrix Probe Results File
.CELBattery 3 Drum Cell File
.RAYSynopsys Light Ray Data File
.NTXtheWord Encrypted New Testament Text Module
.NTXClipper Index File
.GPFGrant Agreement Preparation Form
.PECBrother Embroidery File
.WEBAPPFirefox Web App Manifest File
.RF1Retirement Forecast File
.TBKToolBook File
.IPROJECTiClone Project File
.JEFJanome Embroidery Format
.PDPLXPlaintext Data Processing Language Extensible File
.STYNewsMaker Story File
.VIPStitch Pattern File
.IGGSuiteProfiler Color Map File
.SHCAdobe Photoshop Contours File
.QIFQuicken Interchange Format File
.TAX2014TurboTax 2014 Tax Return
.TPFTransit NXT Pack Translation File
.LPKTecplot Layout Package
.MFAMobileFrame App File
.PRJProject File
.PRJAIMMS Project File
.SPSSPSS Program File
.ETTKingsoft Spreadsheets Template
.AANPro Tools Elastic Audio Analysis File
.PEPTurboProject Project File
.MFTKaspersky File Table
.FXFBigFix Action File
.CUBAnalysis Services Cube File
.CUBGaussian Cube File
.KPXKid Pix Picture
.ESEMillions Email Generator Email List File
.DOTGraphviz Graph File
.PRDXPresentations Document
.MDBAvid Media Database
.CLKMClicker Matching Set File
.OBJRelocatable Object Code
.SDPSession Description Protocol File
.SDPStarOffice Presentation File
.TAX2011TurboTax 2011 Tax Return
.ROXRoxio Project File
.XLELevelogger Software XML Data File
.QBDiploma Question Bank File
.BINARYPC Building Simulator Save File
.NWSWindows Live Mail Newsgroup File
.ROCARIB office Compressed Archive
.STMExchange Streaming Media File
.STMThe Powder Toy Stamp File
.SYSimplexety Data File
.FCSFlow Cytometry Standard File
.CTPCrazyTalk Project File
.TRSWinTrack Railroad Track Text File
.TRSRosetta Stone Language Data File
.CXFChemical Exchange Format File
.CXFCuttlefish Extended Format File
.MBXOutlook Express Mailbox
.WB3Corel Quattro Pro 7 and 8 File
.DVDPROJiDVD Project File
.RDFReDIF Template
.MNOMacromedia Design Note
.PJMxPlan Model
.PRO4XProPresenter 4 Bundle File
.MPZMiradi Project File
.SBFSmartBroker Data
.TDBAndroid Thumbnail Cache
.GTLGerber Top Layer Data File
.DATData File
.DATPiriform Key File
.DATPorteus Save Container File
.DATNonimmigrant Visa Application Data File
.ACGAudio Comparer Group File
.ACGAgent Preview File
.PEZPrezi Desktop Presentation
.INPAbaqus Input File
.INPgretl Script File
.WPCWordPad Converter File
.WPCPazzles Cutting File
.CPMZMiradi/ConPro Project File
.HMXPHelp & Manual XML Project
.PSAPhotoshop Album Catalog File
.ACFX-Plane Aircraft File
.ACFAgent Character Data File
.PXFTransit XV Pack Project File
.RDBN64 ROM Database
.MCMACMasterCook Mac Document
.MXMathematica Serialized Package File
.CYSCytoscape Session File
.CYSClustify Summary File
.SMMSamsung Memo File
.ISH2Animation-ish FlipBook-ish Document
.PMLProcess Monitor Log File
.CCTDirector Protected Cast Resource
.PASSWORDWALLET4PasswordWallet 4 Data File
.PRCCorel Presentation
.MEXMacro Express File
.VMTValve Material File
.IMOVIEEVENTiMovie Event File
.VTXVisio Template XML File
.CLKVClicker Communicator Vocabulary Set File
.TWBXTableau Packaged Workbook
.MAFMutation Annotation Format File
.OFXOpen Financial Exchange File
.STAAdobe Photoshop Match Color Image Statistics File
.STAABAQUS Status File
.FNMFannie Mae 1003 Data File
.SNAPFIRESHOWCorel SnapfireShow File
.PCTPure Compound Text File
.VCEVisual CertExam Exam File
.EFPExchange Forms Designer Template
.SAM07SAM 2007 Package
.MAPSDATAiOS Maps Data File
.KPPKid Pix Presentation
.SCEXCLUDBSpring Cleaning Exclusions File
.JSDJazer Data File
.NPTPortfolio NetPublish Template
.MWMaple Worksheet
.LGHHMI Historical Log File
.SEQDNA Sequence Text File
.PODOpenProj Project File
.HDIHotDocs Auto-Install File
.ESPACD/Labs Dataset
.LNGLanguage Application Support File
.LNGMAME Language File
.LNGAVG Language File
.BARBrew MP Binary Application Resource File
.ZIXQuicken Online File
.XTMCmapTools Exported Topic Map
.XTMXtremsplit Data File
.HDLHotDocs Library File
.FNBKFood Network Recipe Manager Data File
.MUPMusic Publisher Score
.FCPXDESTFinal Cut Pro Share Destination File
.WSMWise Package Studio Merge Module
.MCDMathcad Document
.OFMOmniForm Form
.OFMMelco Embroidery File
.LGIMultimedia Logic File
.GADGEPRJGadge It Project
.NRFNeat Document Folder File
.OP2Nastran Output File
.PART00000WinOptimizer Split Archive Part 1
.ADVNortek Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter File
.SPJPhotoStage Slideshow Project
.SKVXLANG Schedule Drawing File
.SKVSemicolon Separated Values File
.DCMDiskCatalogMaker Catalog File
.FDXFood Data Exchange File
.INSLaTeX Installer Script
.INSInspiration File
.FPPFlow Chart Visual Programming Language Project File
.DMSKDivX Temporary Video Data File
.LCMLipikar Custom Map File
.MPHPhotostory Deluxe Project
.BPJBoxsim Simulation Project
.OSZOpenLP Service File
.KSMPfaff Embroidery Design File
.LEFLEN Exchange Format File
.NTFLotus Note Template
.KNODigIN Serialized Break Model
.FLPFlash Project
.FLPActivPrimary Flipchart File
.EXLExport Lister File
.QBWQuickBooks Data File
.RTSTNAudials Station File
.SC4SuperCard 4 Project File
.XYZMolecule Specification File
.XYZCelestia Sampled Trajectory Data File
.GEDGEDCOM Genealogy Data File
.NBPMathematica Player Notebook File
.DCTAutoCAD Dictionary File
.PFWindows Prefetcher File
.SRFSurfer Project File
.SRFSmaart Spectrum File
.KEYKeynote Presentation
.SHWCorel Presentation
.SHWMagicQ Show File
.TT2012STATETurboTax 2012 State Tax Form
.DEVELVEDevelve Data File
.ENCElectronic Navigation Chart File
.RCDArcade File
.CPKDTM Test Log File
.PRNLotus 1-2-3 Formatted Text File
.XDSLcdStudio Design File
.RLR.viewer List File
.CCHCorel Chart File
.IBAiBooks Author Document
.TSKTop Silkscreen File
.FARFARO Zone File
.STKStickfigure Animator File
.STKPower Vision Stock File
.POSTrimble Position File
.LBXFoxPro Label File
.CDXCompound Index File
.CDXChemDraw Exchange File
.HCXSCanadian Product Incident Report Form
.MTQMustaq Data File
.TBDVisual Studio Toolbox Data File
.SNAGSnagIt Capture File
.RSFRecovery State File
.RSFRiky's Soft Document
.RHISTORYR History File
.STYKZStykz Animation
.TE3WinTrack Object File
.IIIconWorkshop Extended Information File
.ERDEntity Relation Diagram
.ERDEngineering Research Division Data File
.WVPMagicHTML Web Video Player Project
.ABPAVS Barcode Profile
.RFORoboForm Option File
.RNQRenque Model File
.GALGenePix Array List File
.MMWMicrosoft Clip Organizer Media Catalog File
.MMWAceMoney Money File
.SCGmyPM SCG Definition File
.GDTBgretl Binary Datafile
.XMDExamSoft Answer File
.GLASothink SWF Easy Project File
.VCDValve Choreography Data File
.VCDValue Change Dump File
.ACRAudio Comparer Results File
.PDDMedtronic Programmer Data File
.LSPLANsurveyor Poll List
.RCXREDCINE-X Project File
.GBLGerber Bottom Layer Data File
.FLAMEFractal Flames File
.WTREncarta File
.GRTGrapher Template
.INInput File
.CAPPacket Capture File
.CARCar Explorer Data File
.NWPNavisworks Presenter Material Palette File
.A5WAuthorware 5 Windows File
.IVTBeyond 20/20 Table File
.PMOBroderbund Print Meta Object File
.SKIMSkim Notes File
.LSTLightScribe Label Template
.MMFMeal-Master Recipe File
.MMFMicrosoft Message File
.IIFIntuit Interchange Format File
.CX5Clone Manager XML File
.OGMOrigin Matrix File
.WNKWink Presentation
.FHCFHC Data File
.SY3Harvard Graphics Symbol File
.VSGreekToMe Verse List File
.GDFGUESS Graph Data Format File
.MXGMiinoto Exchangeable Group File
.OTFOpenTuft Tufting Design File
.XLWExcel Workbook
.QRCQuarkXPress Required Component File
.FPRAudit Workbench Project
.PPRCognos PowerPlay Report File
.PPRProject Planner Reader File
.PPRORF Report File
.EBMEmbla Recording
.NCNetCDF File
.UPRFractal Parameters File
.UPRFileMaker User Dictionary
.YUMTXYUM Transaction File
.IQ4IQ4E Controller Strategy File
.TAX13TurboTax 2013 Tax Return File
.AZZAZZ Cardfile Database File
.ROUGerber Route File
.TXTRPTCommScope Teletilt Control System Report
.CBZChessBase Encrypted Database Archive
.VCFvCard File
.TSQt Translation Source File
.PIDSSnap-on Scan Data File
.KMSCorrelate Solutions File
.MRFMouse Recorder File
.A3WAuthorware 3 Windows File
.GCGGCG DNA Sequence File
.PNPROJProgrammer's Notepad Project File
.AN1Street Atlas USA Draw File
.OPALMicrosoft Office User Settings File
.OPAXMicrosoft Office User Settings File
.KIDKidspiration Document
.CMBLLogger Pro Data File
.SOUNDPACKSoundPackager Sound Package
.AVENIRPROJStoryMill Project
.GTARGNU Tar Archive
.YRCDATYRC Software Data Script
.XCCRASHPOINTXcode Crash Point File
.GCPROJGenome Compiler Project
.VSCONTENTVisual Studio Content File
.TMZIPTheme Manager Zip File
.TERRNRigs of Rods Terrain File
.NRUNero UDF CD-ROM Compilation
.UVWUVW Coordinates File
.QMTFQuicken Mac Transfer File
.AGGRAdobe Captivate Aggregate File
.YGFY Graph Format File
.WJRReGet Deluxe Data File
.U12UFile 2012 Tax Return
.BJOTabRite Tablature File
.BLBBlob Data File
.FILFiles List Object File
.PSSRoboHelp HTML Project Data File
.MHPMaths Helper Plus File
.WK5Lotus 5 Worksheet
.COVERAGEVisual Studio Code Coverage Report
.AIVAIVault Data File
.ACCGraphics Accounts Data File
.RDLXPower View Project File
.MPIInstallJammer Project File
.STIXStructured Threat Information eXpression File
.GRAMicrosoft Graph File
.PLANCalligra Plan Document
.NPPortfolio NetPublish File
.METeMule Resource File
.MUMMATLAB Unit Operation Model File
.NLNote Ledge File
.SCXSuperCard Help Project
.EWSEasyWorship Schedule File
.NAPMcAfee ePO Network Associates Package
.LPPLabelPrint Project File
.ANIMEPROJAnime Studio Document Data File
.FTWFamily Tree Maker File
._PLAYMUSICIDGoogle Play Music ID File
.TWZIPtheWord Compressed Archive Module
.CPFCognos Project File
.ARCNintendo Archive File
.NMMSamsung Memo File
.OEACCOUNTWindows Mail Account File
.H12At Home Canada 2012 Tax Return
.VDBSymantec Virus Database File
.VDBOpenVDB Volume Database File
.STIStarOffice Presentation Template
.RALWinRail Track Design File
.ESTConstruction Cost Estimate File
.PBKDial-Up Phone Book File
.LMFQuartus II Library Mapping File
.PSFGPS Prediction Support File
.PSFSPI Proxy Output File
.PSFPID Script File
.AAMAuthorware Map File
.LISTAPT List File
.RSDRosetta Stone Data File
.UOPUniform Office Presentation
.WLXWinList Analysis Protocol File
.MGCMGCSoft Equation Illustrator File
.BGTGraphics Accounts Data File
.STTPLSamsung Theme Showcase File
.OBBAndroid Opaque Binary Blob File
.NDKLotus Notes Design Elements File
.NMPNewsMaker Project File
.LPMDLPMD Molecular Data File
.LMSLenMus Score File
.E2PPonyProg Device File
.FBQTrine 2 Data File
.D3MDDART Metadata File
.MVMPhotostory Deluxe Slideshow
.PHBMotorola Phone Book File
.H2OH2OMAP Master Project
.MM6Money Manager 6 File
.TCCTimeCalc Classic Data File
.CWKClarisWorks Document
.NFLNokia Flash Lite Package
.MCDXMathcad Prime Document
.UCCAPILOGMicrosoft UCC API Log File
.TIMELINETimeline Data File
.AB1DNA Electropherogram File
.IVCInteliSea Vessel Configuration File
.DSETKratos Dataset File
.LIXLogos Library System File
.LIXExtendSim Simulation Software Library
.IGMAINTUS Graph Mask Archive
.SPKArtspeak Source File
.SPKBright Spark Document
.XSCVisual Studio Dataset Internal Info File
.TOLAOL Tool File
.JASPERJasperReports Data File
.TABLECONTENTSMART Table Activity Pack File
.EDAT2E-DataAid 2.0 File
.MBBManaBook Book File
.XXDBrixx Planner Calendar
.USEQUSeq Genome Data File
.HS2HyperRESEARCH 2 Study File
.IUPFritz Update File
.PNPTProgrammer's Notepad Project Template
.CREVAdobe Captivate Commentable SWF File
.CWZCircuit Wizard File
.PUKPavuk Universal Kommand File
.CHKInterCheck Checksum Database
.WK4Lotus 4 Worksheet
.PXMLPandora XML File
.ESQEmbroidery Sequence File
.GEDCOMGEDCOM Genealogy File
.MDMHLM Multivariate Data Matrix File
.AVCKaspersky Virus Database
.LCDABBYY Language File
.PCHNastran Punch Output File
.ULFUniversal List File
.CTVCitavi Project
.CBMAPContainment Breach Map File
.FDBPortfolio Catalog
.KEY-TEFKeynote iCloud Presentation
.KEYTABKerberos Keytab File
.JOINEDHJ-Split Data File
.A3MAuthorware 3 Macintosh File
.EMBEverest Embedded Bank File
.U11UFile 2011 Tax Return
.NRMNero Mixed Mode CD Compilation
.QUICKEN2017Quicken 2017 Data File
.YRCBKMYRC Bookmarks Archive
.GNUTARGNU Tar Archive
.LEXAdobe Linguistic Library Data File
.UWRFUniversal Web Radio File
.XLCExcel Chart
.TAX11TurboTax 2011 Tax Return File
.TA5TaxAct 2015 Tax Return File
.RMXReference Manager Index File
.EMBWilcom Embroidery Design File
.EMBPfaff Embroidery Design File
.ZAPZoneAlarm Pro Data File
.FDBArt Explosion Catalog
.MYDEverfine Photomoetric Results File
.SQFSothink SWF Quicker File
.PDBProtein Data Bank File
.PDBTanida Demo Builder File
.OGGOrigin Graph File
.ADXApproach Index File
.NBKSMART Notebook File
.8XVTI-83/84 Plus Variable File
.LIVEUPDATESymantec LiveUpdate File
.ETEExam Testing Engine File
.MONEYMoney Data File
.FSAFragment Analysis Data File
.TXAMidas ViewPoint Text Array List
.DVOCook'n Cookbook File
.M12Schiller medilog ECG Raw Data File
.SINFiOS Application Archive File
.TRAYCorel CONNECT Tray File
.XFLOWFlowExchange Data File
.WKELotus 1-2-3 Educational Version Worksheet
.HAASEverfine LED Lamp Test Results File
.WPKGuinXell Package File
.PP2PingPlotter Data File
.SDQSAS Data File
.JRXMLJasperReports Layout File
.SBGFGrapher Settings File
.EDATE-DataAid 1.x File
.DIADo It Again Task File
.MK4Schiller medilog ECG Raw Data File
.NWELICENSENisus License
.DTRDATroniC Data Recording
.GRINDXJuice Grinder Recipe File
.SMMSTORELocal Mind Map Store File
.SARSibelius Arrange Style
.CDPZConceptDraw PROJECT Document
.WPFWordPerfect Form
.WCDWorks Calendar File
.SBWUS Treasury Savings Bonds Wizard File
.A4MAuthorware 4 Macintosh File
.RSWR&R SQL Report Writer Report File
.CZPClozePro Archive
.SCZSmartDraw Collection Package File
.MOSAICMacOSaiX Mosaic File
.MMCOLLECTIONMail Manager Collection File
.STPROJSamsung Theme Document
.MUFAlpha Five License File
.TERRN2Rigs of Rods Terrain 2 File
.CDPCD/Spectrum Pro File
.CDPConceptDraw PROJECT File
.DIISummation Batch Load File
.W02Split Archive File
.DM2Toad Data Modeler 2 File
.MTFFMadgeTech Data Logger Report
.ICALEVENTiCal Event File
.SSCCelestia Solar System Catalog File
.MBGMicrosoft Mailbag
.MBGMailbag Assistant Mailbox File
.NLOGONetLogo Model File
.USTARUniform Standard Tape Archive Format File
.DMPRDirect Mail Project File
.DLCDIALux Light Control File
.MMPMaster Album Maker Project
.MMPMindManager Mind Map
.ZDBZimbra Database File
.ZDBEPSQ Database
.ZDBQuicken Online File
.LIFLEGO Digital Designer Assets File
.LIFTurboTax Information Archive
.ETNGEasiteach Next Generation Document
.SYLKMicrosoft Symbolic Link File
.SSMSamsung S Memo File
.EXIFExchangeable Image Information File
.AFFSpellcheck Dictionary Description File
.FDFOrigin Fitting Function Definition File
.WDQOffline Explorer Queue File
.DRFDynojet Run File
.SVFSerial Vector Format File
.MBLLogger Pro Data File
.GCWMicrosoft Mathematics Worksheet
.T17H&R Block 2017 Tax Return
.SAVSPSS Data File
.GPJGrapher Project File
.NAMAqua3D Network File
.TWZtheWord Compressed Archive Module
.MOLMDL Molfile
.OO3OmniOutliner 3 File
.XDBSymantec Virus Database File
.ENVAdobe Dictionary Data File
.FTLFamily Tree Legends File
.ACAAgent Character Animation File
.XASPro/ENGINEER Assembly Instance Accelerator File
.XAIMLXAIML Chatterbot Database File
.XSVFXilinx Serial Vector Format File
.A4WAuthorware 4 Windows File
.GLORoboHelp Glossary File
.HDFHierarchical Data Format File
.MFLMozilla FastLoad File
.MFLModFit LT Analysis Report File
.QUOXQuestion Object File Format
.VFSVentaFax Schedule File
.PPTXPowerPoint Open XML Presentation
.EC0MetroCount Traffic Data File
.GENArcView ARC/INFO UnGenerate file
.EMLXPARTMail Message Attachment
.XMPXMind Markers Package
.ODPOpenDocument Presentation
.OLK14NOTEOutlook Note File
.MGSPOTMacGourmet Spotlight MetaData File
.EV3Team Manager Meet Event File
.MCATAdobe Lightroom CC Catalog File
.LD2Lingoes Dictionary File
.ZDCCD Catalog Expert Database File
.DMODerive Demo
.DMOMovienizer Database File
.NASNastran Input File
.QB2017QuickBooks 2017 for Mac Data File
.ICGImage Comparer Gallery File
.PRO4PLProPresenter Playlist File
.ANNLingvo Dictionary Annotation File
.QB2014QuickBooks 2014 File
.PDXProduct Data eXchange File
.PDXAdobe Acrobat Index File
.SDINSTALLSpeckie Dictionary Installation File
.GRPSmarterMail Group File
.NCTNow Contact File
.WK2Lotus 2 Worksheet
.QB2011QuickBooks 2011 File
.AGLIBAdobe Lightroom Library
.CAFClass Action Gradebook File
.TARDISTTAR Distribution Archive
.AVPAntiVir Profile
.3DWStudio Store Visualizer 3D Environment File
.FASTAFASTA Sequence File
.MXLIFFMemsource XLIFF Localization File
.ARC.LHNintendo Archive File
.CCLDConstruction Clouds Data File
.POIMagellan Maestro Point of Interest File
.KPZKomodo Template File
.LRDATAAdobe Lightroom Data File
.CPAACaptivate Shared Action File
.LXFLEN Exchange Format File
.LAYTecplot Layout File
.NRLAutonomy Interwoven Link File
.IVDBitdefender Incremental Virus Definitions File
.TCTellico Collection File
.TRXFirmware Image File
.TRXWebAuthorize Batch File
.ICHATiChat Saved Chat Log
.QFXQuicken Financial Exchange File
.VPOLWindows Vault Policy File
.PDASoftMax Pro Microplate Data Analysis File
.CLKTKClicker Talk Set File
.A1WISHAudials Wishlist File
.LSLLightScribe Label
.NWCABNeat Cabinet File
.FQCFAQ Creator File
.BOOKiBooks Author Document
.BOOKBudget In Brief Book File
.STPRoboHelp Stop List File
.STPAnalysis Studio Project Information File
.DPTKingsoft Presentation Template
.MONEYWELLMoneyWell Account File
.FTMFamily Tree Maker for DOS File
.SCDTurboTax Tax Schedule List
.SCDData Rescue Saved Scan File
.SSPSlideShow Creator Project File
.SSPScreensaver Producer Project File
.AAOAgenda At Once File
.MNYMicrosoft Money File
.THUMBDATA3-1967290299Thumbnail Index File
.TT16TurboTax Canada 2016 Tax Return
.GANGanttProject Project File
.GNPGNPeak Output File
.PCAPPacket Capture Data
.DJMDynojet Map File
.QB2010QuickBooks 2010 File
.DMSPPhotoSuite Project File
.CLKCorel R.A.V.E Project File
.ODXBizTalk Server Orchestration File
.BNKSpotify Playlist File
.BNKExamView Question Bank File
.PRDPresentations Document
.ADIFAmateur Data Interchange Format
.MXIAdobe Extension Information File
.ABDNA Sequence File
.MLSMilestones Simplicity File
.OPXOrgPlus Org Chart
.OPXFlipAlbum Photo Album File
.BCAdobe Bridge Cache File
.DTAChain Engineering Database
.FINGNETOverlook Fing Saved Network File
.LYLilyPond File
.NRXNeat Receipt Folder File
.TLXStandard Dictionary File
.SDLXLIFFSDL Trados XLIFF Localization File
.SFFStandard Flowgram Format File
.MNCMy Notes Center Notebook
.FLGHP System Recovery Flags File
.BRSRoboHelp Browse Sequence File
.PTBPower Tab File
.PDPLPlaintext Data Processing Language File
.MFPMobileFrame Package
.MFPMacromedia FlashPaper Document
.MSPClarisWorks Dictionary File
.HDSMicrosoft PlayReady Data File
.DNGVirtual Dongle Image
.RPTCrystal Reports File
.RPTAccountEdge Report
.LOGAntiVir Report Log File
.F06Nastran Output File
.PCKOracle Package Specification and Body File
.TAX2017TurboTax 2017 Tax Return
.BCMBusiness Contact Manager File
.BCMAdobe Bridge Cache File
.OPJUOrigin Unicode Project
.QDFQuicken Data File
.QDFSnapform File
.ADUAddict User Dictionary File
.TCNETTestComplete Configuration Reference File
.L3DWStudio Store Visualizer External Library File
.CMSConnection Manager Service Profile
.CMLChemical Markup Language File
.OMPOffice Manager Document Archive
.FLMAdobe Scout Session
.ICRImage Comparer Results File
.TRAWinTrack Railroad Track File
.PTZE-Transcript Bundle File
.REDIFReDIF Template
.RCGRecog Character Recognition Set
.BKFrameMaker Book File
.LGLLarge Graph Layout Edge File
.CMRCoach Results File
.CLMMagicJack Call Log File
.CLMGenePattern CEL Descriptor File
.SMPSmilePlant Project Data File
.SMPPhotoImpact Gallery File
.FBKAutoCAD Civil 3D Field Book File
.QB2012QuickBooks 2012 File
.BPDXBusiness Plan Pro Document
.VCRDWindows Vault Credentials File
.DSBOrchida Embroidery File
.DSBWondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Project
.SPBSamsung Kies Phonebook File
.PRO4PLXProPresenter Playlist Bundle
.PEXMerak Peep Data File
.SPTAQW Trainer File
.MTFMortality Table File
.DNASnapGene DNA File
.DNAGenePool DNA File
.XBKSMART Notebook File
.MERLIN2Merlin Project File
.PSVPipe Separated Values File
.LRLIBRARYAdobe Lightroom CC Library File
.CCPRIB Import Converter Profile
.QFDiploma Question Bank File
.NPYPython NumPy Array File
.QRPQuickReport File
.TDETableau Data Extract File
.DETSage ACT! 5 Email Message
.FXPAdobe Flex Project File
.FLWAFolder Lock Wallet File
.NFOFolio Views Infobase File
.GBKGenBank Data File
.CLDClamAV Virus Definitions File
.S2ESWF to EXE Converter Project File
.FCPEVENTFinal Cut Pro Event File
.PXCPhotodex Cache File
.COLLABBlackboard Collaborate Session File
.PCCPhotocomposition Code File
.REPX-Plane Replay File
.SBXESRI Spatial Index File
.SHFTShift Work Calendar Data File
.NETSPMNetSpot Map File
.FDMExchange Forms Designer Form Message
.XRYXRY Data File
.OLK14MSGATTACHOutlook 2011 Email Message Attachment File
.WD3Offline Explorer Data File
.VBPF1Virtual Business - Personal Finance Data File
.DVDSDVDStyler Project File
.DEFIOBit Malware Fighter Definitions File
.SCRESULTSSpring Cleaning Results File
.UDSSierra Generations File
.UDSUniform Data System File
.ARFFAttribute-Relation File Format
.ERPEncarta Researcher File
.QB2007QuickBooks 2007 File
.IPIconPackager Theme File
.ERSXEraser Task List File
.BDFBinary Data File
.BDFBulk Data Input File
.DMCDatamartist Data Canvas File
.MCPMegacubo Package
.XTPxTime Project Document
.XTPXTree Data File
.STCCelestia Star Catalog File
.NDIFNokia Data File
.EMRG2E-Merge 2.0 Data File
.XSLXML Style Sheet
.ASMPro/ENGINEER Assembly File
.DWIDance With Intensity Song File
.SMSMath Studio Document
.ESBEs-Builder Book File
.XPTSAS Transport File
.MDTMicrosoft Access Data File
.AWBRWriteOnline WordBar File
.IMPImagine Project
.VDXVisio Drawing XML File
.MFOPerl ModInfo Descriptor File
.MWFMapGuide Author Map Window File
.GTABLEGoogle Drive Fusion Table
.SCHSuperCard Help Project File
.TSRTracker Status Report
.BOKTestGen Testbank File
.SAFMcAfee Fortress File
.XEMPowerDesigner Model definition File
.CDFCommon Data Format
.CDFNominal Small Business Accounting Company Data File
.CDFNetCDF Format File
.CDFAffymetrix Chip Definition File
.CDFContent Definition File
.SCHEAGLE Schematics File
.DDTDiagram Designer Template
.MFOMobileFrame Object File
.PNTPopnoggin Theme File
.TBXArcGIS for Desktop Toolbox File
.TBXTermBase eXchange File
.ITMSPiTunes Store Package
.RSMARIS Report Script Model File
.MDLMathWorks Simulink Model
.MDLRational Rose Model File
.SIASpin It Again Track Data File
.PBDProBID+ Data File
.MDXMDict Dictionary File
.MDXMultiple Index File
.MDXRational XDE Model File
.ISTInspiration Template
.RDAR Data File
.HPPHaluha Pearls File
.FPAFront Panel Encrypted Order File
.MAPRigs of Rods Key Assignments File
.MAPWeather Defender Map
.STTKaspersky Statistics File
.VECOrbiter Vector Map File
.ISH3Animation-ish Advanced-ish Document
.FPSLFileMaker Pro Snapshot Link
.3DMARK-RESULT3DMark Results File
.EXPExport File
.EXPAurora Expert Trace File
.DIFData Interchange Format
.FCTFolderClone Task List
.L6TLine 6 Tone File
.SCRESTORELOGSpring Cleaning Restore Log
.ILGInstallScript Log File
.AUTOSAVEFusion Auto-save File
.TAGDataFlex Data File
.PTKQuicken Online Financial Data File
.YAMYahoo! Auctions Data
.CAMERRORCamtasia Studio Error File
.FWDICTFreeway User Dictionary File
.ZMCZoneAlarm Quarantine File
.RECeJuice Me Up Recipe File
.NPLNokia Playlist File
.PNSPopnoggin Subject File
.TBLStarCraft Information Table
.AURAurora Timetable File
.DBQQ Account Database File
.DBSkype Chat History File
.GPRGenePix Results File
.GPRBabylon Glossary Builder Project File
.AGTOOLKITAdobe Lightroom Toolkit
.SCIScilab Script
.SCNOrbiter Scenario File
.SCNTD Scan Data File
.EDFESRF Data File
.EDFEstimator Data File
.DUPEGURUdupeGuru Duplicate File List
.PLTTecplot Binary Data File
.OLK15MSGATTACHOutlook 2016 Email Message Attachment File
.DVCDragon Voice Command File
.CAAChinese Academic Article Link File
.PX5Clone Manager Primer Collection File
.TABTypinator Set File
.MDCMulti Dimension Cube File
.VXMLVoiceXML File
.SLDTMSDL Translation Memory File
.GBOGerber Bottom Overlay Data File
.TTSKEYTech Tool Store License File
.HJTTreePad 6 Database File
.KDCKaspersky Virus Database File
.ZDCTAdobe Language File
.CHRDoki Doki Literature Club! Character File
.H13H&R Block Canada 2013 Tax Return
.XAPPLSpoon XML Application Configuration File
.ADOXActivDox Document
.HINHyperChem Input File
.VIBEVibePlayer Haptic File
.FIDFile Expander Engine Descriptions Database
.DLTEMPUC Browser Temporary Download File
.1PETurboTax Form File
.SPSimplexety Parameters File
.TOTALSDBTotals Database File
.TBTabbery Tab File
.PMRAvid Persisent Media Record File
.ATFAxon Text File
.PGDATAPenguin George Data File
.DRSCANData Rescue Scans File
.STRdBASE Structure List Object File
.CRTXOffice 2007 Chart Template File
.MINDNODEMindNode Document
.ADTACT! Document Template
.GRIB2GRIB2 Meteorological Data File
.VLEVirtual Labs Electricity Circuit File
.RTPGromacs Residue Topology Parameter File
.SUBSubtitle File
.EFXeFax Document
.DCFDocument Computation Format
.FOXInfoZoom Data File
.MODAMPL Model File
.FRMAccountEdge Form
.TEDTouchMagix Editable Document Template
.PAFPersonal Ancestral File
.DBFFoxPro Table
.AN8Vector NTI DNA File
.STRX-Plane Object String File
.STRKingsoft Strings File
.FASFASTA Sequence File
.RTERevit Project Template
.RTENavigation Route Chart
.SDSSDS Apps Data File
.PMRPerformance Monitor Report
.IPRiProcrastinate Data File
.ARTBERNINA Embroidery File
.MSSMyScreenSaver Builder File
.PLNSpaceman Planogram File
.DWSAdobe Dreamweaver Site Cache File
.INIFinale Preferences File
.MASMEGA Alignment Sequence File
.ARHArheoStratigraf Project File
.CVACanvas Sequence Set
.LIB4DCinema 4D Preset Library
.CHNEthnograph Data
.BINGeneric Binary File
.GEXFGraph Exchange XML Format File
.BINNintendo Wii Data File
.TAX17TurboTax 2017 Tax Return File
.BLNGolden Software Blanking File
.CIFCrystallographic Information File
.JUDEJUDE Project File
.ROGRoger 2 Input Data File
.PSMPrism Document
.QB2016QuickBooks 2016 for Mac Data File
.GLSBabylon Glossary File
.TJPTaskJuggler Project File
.CTFWhereIsIt Catalog File
.PRTPresentations Template
.MDMoneydance Financial Data File
.MMFreeMind Mind Map
.CDMConceptual Data Model File
.TQSTrivia Quiz Shell Program File
.GTOGerber Top Overlay Data File
.VPPVisual Paradigm Project File
.VPPVisionPro Job File
.LNTLiveNote Case File
.MSIFMyLabel Designer Deluxe Data File
.BTMBizTalk Map File
.BGLBabylon Glossary File
.DEXDisketch Project File
.DEXDEXIS Digital X-ray File
.CSColorSchemer Studio Color Scheme
.PDSPlanetary Data System File
.INKMimio Ink Data File
.PATKetron Sound Pattern File
.XMWXExamSoft Working File
.CMAPCmapTools Concept Map File
.FLAM3Fractal Flames File
.SHOWThinkfree Office NEO Show Document
.SYNRoboHelp Synonym List File
.SCMSamsung Channel List File
.PTNPaperPort Thumbnail File
.RODActuate Report Object Design File
.BPMTrados AutoSuggest Dictionary File
.HCRHydroCAD Rainfall Curve Data File
.GDBTABLEGeodatabase Table File
.NFINetflix Information File
.CTBCherrytree SQLite Document
.IMRImpromptu Report File
.ADDISMAddism Data File
.SONICDigitalMedia Project File
.AMUPictureGear Studio Photo Album File
.RFARevit Family File
.PRFPlot Station Plot Request File
.MDFMeasurement Data Format File
.IBGImgBurn Graph File
.OPJOrigin Project
.ALCDynamics AX Label Description File
.TRKCompeGPS Land Track File
.TRKFinale Track Mapping File
.TRKGarmin Track File
.RPDRoleplay Designer Data File
.INXCompiled Script

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