File ExtensionFile Type
.VBOX-EXTPACKOracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack
.FB2K-COMPONENTFoobar2000 Component Install File
.XSIADDONSoftimage Add-on File
.MLLMaya Plugin
.MMIPMediaMonkey Installation Package
.ARPACKArtRage Package
.M3PMach3 Plugin File
.ZXPExtension Manager Package
.EXVAdobe Extension Script Basic Module File
.RPIRender Plug-in
.PLX32-bit Linux IDA Plugin Module
.LRPLUGINAdobe Lightroom Plug-in
.KMMK-Meleon Macro Module
.XLAExcel Add-In File
.PLX6464-bit Linux IDA Plugin Module
.INDESIGNPLUGINAdobe InDesign Plug-in
.DLU3ds Max Utility Plug-in File
.ZLBForm•Z Symbol Library File
.8BCPhotoshop 5.0 Plug-in
.XLVExcel Visual Basic Module
.PPMODPapers Please Mod File
.8BEPhotoDeluxe Plug-in
.EAZArcGIS Explorer Add-in File
.P6464-bit Windows IDA Plugin Module
.AAXPLUGINAvid Audio eXtension Plugin File
.SAFARIEXTZApple Safari Extension Package
.APLGAudials Plug-in
.WIEWordPress Widget Export File
.FLTAdobe Audition Filter
.FLTImage Filter
.Q5RMelancholytron Photoshop Plug-in
.8BIPhotoshop Plug-in
.NBMNetBeans Module
.MFXMultimedia Fusion Extension
.AAUIAcrobat User Interface File
.8BI8Photoshop Plug-in
.Q7QIndia Ink Photoshop Plug-in
.CLEOCLEO Grand Theft Auto Mod File
.8BSPhotoshop 5.0 Selection Plug-in
.BKZBaKoMa TeX Installation Module
.MILKMilkDrop Winamp Plugin Preset
.MDIMPORTERMetadata Importer
.MDAAccess Add-in
.FWACTIONBFreeway Action Bundle File
.APLPAudials Plug-in Package
.COLORPICKERColor Picker Plugin
.PPAPowerPoint Add-in
.QLGENERATORQuick Look Generator File
.AGMODULEAdobe Lightroom Module
.MDECompiled Access Add-in File
.MDEArchiCAD Educational Version Module File
.CCIPCurse Client Install Package
.XNTQuarkXPress Extension File
.Q1QLunarCell Photoshop Plug-in
.BZPLUGAfterShot Pro Plugin Bundle
.Q2QFlexify Photoshop Plug-in
.FMPLUGINFileMaker Plug-in
.AEXAfter Effects Plug-in
.PLW32-bit Windows IDA Plugin Module
.FMXFileMaker Plug-in
.FZIPFoxit Reader Add-on
.NETFileMaker Networking Module
.IBPLUGINInterface Builder Plug-in
.QARQlikView Extension
.8BAPhotoshop Plug-in
.Q4QSolar Cell Photoshop Plug-in
.MODECoda Syntax Mode File
.8BFPhotoshop Filter Plug-in
.8BFFilter Factory Image Filter
.WLLMicrosoft Word Add-in
.QTRQuickTime Extension Resource
.EPK2E-Prime 2.0 Package File
.XCPLUGINXcode Plug-in
.Q8RFlood Photoshop Plug-in
.8BLPhotoshop Plug-in
.BBLMBBEdit Language Module
.TPIEDIUS Plugin File
.8BXPhotoDeluxe Plug-in
.QTXQuickTime Extension
.FFTAdobe Audition Noise Print File
.Q9RGlitterato Photoshop Plug-In
.8BYPhotoDeluxe Plug-in
.TMBUNDLETextMate Bundle File
.SPESPSS Extension
.BLUFileMaker Pro Runtime Extension
.SPARCSkype Plugin Archive
.PIMPro Tools Controller Plug-in Mappings File
.AXDirectShow Filter
.DFPFusion Plugin File
.XADDExpression Web Add-in
.INFODrupal Module Information File
.MOXMontax Imposer Template Document
.CRXChrome Extension
.IADPLUGiAd Producer Plugin
.PSETAdobe InDesign Plug-in Set File
.IADCOMPONENTiAd Producer Plugin Component File
.XPICross-platform Installer Package
.OSAXAppleScript Scripting Addition
.PLightWave Plug-in
.X32Adobe Xtra File
.BAVAVG AntiVirus The Bat! Plugin File
.XLLExcel Add-In File
.IADCLASSiAd Producer Plugin Class Description File
.FXTFinale Plug-in
.OEXOpera Extension
.PLGSibelius Plug-in
.ECFOutlook Add-in
.T3XTYPO3 Compressed Extension
.PFLPhotoFiltre Plugin
.ASIGrand Theft Auto Mod Library
.VDFVirtualDub Video Filter
.FZPForm•Z Plug-in
.MXPAdobe Extension Package
.AMXAMX Mod Plugin File
.CMPHotDocs Clause Component File
.MATV-Ray Materials File
.OIVOpenIV Mod Package File
.ABIAbiWord Plug-in
.RPLIBAxure RP Widget Library File Basic Protected Module File
.REZEscape Velocity Plug-in File
.TKOAMX Software Module File
.CSTGary Gadget Plug-in
.IADACTIONiAd Producer Plugin Action Template
.ACCDUAccess Add-in File
.IADSTYLEiAd Producer Plugin Style Template
.FSMac OS X File System Plug-in
.MTXMadTracker 2 Extension
.XLAMExcel Open XML Macro-Enabled Add-In
.ADDONCFS Console Add-on File
.LRMODULEAdobe Lightroom Module
.DPMPro Tools Plugin File
.QPXQuickTime Player Extension
.LNGWinamp Language File
.LNGAcrobat Language Plug-in
.AVXAvid Plugin File
.AVXArcView Extension File
.SPDSPSS Custom Dialog File
.MXADDONMaxthon Add-On File
.CDLConceptDraw PRO Library File
.NBPNeoBook Plugin File
.APDEclipse Plugin Descriptor File
.XMDBitdefender Plugin File
.AIPIllustrator Plug-in
.AFZPLUGAfterShot Pro Plugin Archive
.ABAAvant Browser Add-on File
.NYAudacity Nyquist Plug-in
.MFWMobileFrame Workflow Pack File
.DBXAutoCAD Database Extension File
.ASSETPROJCamtasia Studio Asset Information File
.TBPAutodesk Topobase File
.RHPRhino Plug-in
.FWACTIONFreeway Action File
.M2PMaxthon 2 Browser Plugin File
.BMI3ds Max Plug-in
.HVPLiTunes Visual Plug-in File
.Q9SMr. Contrast Photoshop Plug-In
.MODULEDrupal Module File
.RPLNInDesign Required Plug-in File
.8LIPhotoshop Scripting Plug-in
.CCXClick & Create Extension
.ACCDAAccess Add-in File
.JSXBINBinary ExtendScript Script File
.ROCKRockbox Plug-in
.COXClick & Create Extension
.VSLVisio Add-on
.SA9Hue and Cry Photoshop Plug-in
.WBMWebmin Module
.DLO3ds Max Plug-in
.FSBForm•Z Compiled Script
.LRWEBENGINEAdobe Lightroom Web Gallery File
.REVLiveCode Plugin
.COMPONENTMac OS X System Component
.IADPAGEiAd Producer Plugin Page Template
.AMXXAMX Mod X Plugin File
.BUNDLEMac OS X Application Bundle
.SEPLUGINAppleScript Editor Plug-in
.EXTNorton Commander Extension
.PRMPremiere Plug-in
.SO-ABICocoa AbiWord Plug-in
.ALPAbleton Live Pack File
.DLRfinalRender Plugin
.RWPLUGINRapidWeaver Plugin
.APIAcrobat Plug-in
.CVTCanvas External Tool File
.VSIXVisual Studio Extension
.ARXAutoCAD Runtime Extension File
.XPTMozilla Firefox Component
.ATXAnimation Master Plugin File
.PPAMPowerPoint 2007 Add-In
.SUBLIME-PACKAGESublime Text Package File
.APEAVS Plugin Effects File
.SUGAREspresso Plug-in
.VSTVST Audio Plugin
.PLUGINAdobe Photoshop Plug-in
.OXTApache OpenOffice Extension
.RBZSketchUp Plugin
.MODArchiCAD Module
.BROBryce Plug-in
.PLNAdobe InDesign Plug-in
.PLUGINMac OS X Plugin
.TGPTerragen Plugin
.FPIFoxit Reader Plugin
.APLACDSee Plugin File
.ACROPLUGINAdobe Acrobat Plug-in
.RPMRealPlayer Plug-in
.SYNTextPad Syntax File
.SCMGIMP Script-Fu Script
.BRIBryce Plug-in File
.BRMBryce Plug-in File
.WLZWinamp Language Pack
.INXInkscape Extension Descriptor File

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