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What is a .CFG file?

A CFG file is a generic preference file that stores settings and configuration information. It is used by various programs, which means different CFG files may store data in different formats. CFG files typically should not be opened manually, but may be saved in a text format that can be viewed in a text editor.

More .CFG File Extension Information

Generic configuration files are often named "config.cfg". Text-based CFG files often contain one variable and value per line in the following format:var1=lowvar2=medvar3=highTo test if a program automatically generates a default CFG file, move the configuration file out of the default directory when the program is not running. Then open the program and check the directory to see if a new CFG file has been created. Also, a CFG file can sometimes be moved or deleted to revert to a program's default settings. NOTE: Linux configuration files typically use the .CONF extension rather than CFG.

How to open .CFG files?

.CFG can be using by 2 Flatform (Mac, Windows).
And can be open by bellow programs list:
Apple TextEdit
MacroMates TextMate
Other text editor
File Viewer Plus
Microsoft Notepad
Microsoft WordPad
Other text editor
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