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What is a .CRYPT12 file?

A CRYPT12 file is an encrypted database created by WhatsApp Messenger, an Android messenger application. It contains a 256-bit AES encrypted database of messages sent and received through the app.

More .CRYPT12 File Extension Information

The "crypt12" extension is often appended to a .DB file to create a .DB.CRYPT12 file, which is used by WhatsApp to secure a user's message database on his or her Android device. For each new installment, WhatsApp Messenger uses a different algorithm to encrypt the DB files. The extension appended to the DB file, such as .CRYPT7 or .CRYPT8, signifies the algorithm. If you are looking to decrypt a CRYPT12 to view the message history of the app's user you must locate the key file, which stores the encryption key. The key file is stored in the following location:/data/data/com.whatsapp/files/key A CRYPT12 database file is located on the SD card of an Android device with WhatsApp Messenger installed. You can find it in the following directory:/sdcard/WhatsApp/DatabasesYou can use the Omni-Crypt app to convert CRYPT12 files to .CRYPT legacy files on your Android device. You can also use the WhatCrypt web program to decrypt and upload/store your CRYPT12 files.

How to open .CRYPT12 files?

.CRYPT12 can be using by 2 Flatform (Web, Android).
And can be open by bellow programs list:
WhatsApp Messenger
Updated at: 2018-11-13

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