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What is a .CRYPT8 file?

A CRYPT8 file is an encrypted database file created and used by WhatsApp Messenger, a smartphone messenger application. It contains a database of chat history messages located on the SD card of Android devices.

More .CRYPT8 File Extension Information

The "crypt8" extension is commonly appended to a .DB file to create the .DB.CRYPT8 file, which is used by WhatsApp to secure a user's message database on his or her Android device. For each new installment, the application uses a different algorithm to encrypt the DB files. The extension appended to the DB file, such as "crypt6" or "crypt7", signifies the algorithm. The CRYPT8 database files will be located in the following directory:/sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases NOTE: The encryption algorithm between the older .CRYPT7 file and the newer CRYPT8 file is the same.

How to open .CRYPT8 files?

.CRYPT8 can be using by 2 Flatform (Windows, Android).
And can be open by bellow programs list:
WhatsApp Viewer
WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Xtract
deraills Crypt-DBConverter for Whatsapp
Updated at: 2018-11-13

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