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What is a .CUIX file?

Custom workspace file created by the Custom User Interface (CUI) Editor component of AutoCAD; stores window and palette settings as well as toolbar and menu configurations; may also include custom images; used for loading full or partial custom workspace layouts during a drawing session.

More .CUIX File Extension Information

The default CUIX file is acad.cuix, which contains the standard layout that is loaded when AutoCAD is opened for the first time. CUIX files are stored as a package of multiple XML and image files. NOTE: CUIX files replaced .CUI files in AutoCAD 2010. The "CUIx" format also replaces all older workspace customization files, including .MNU and .MNS files.

How to open .CUIX files?

.CUIX can be using by 1 Flatform (Windows).
And can be open by bellow programs list:
Autodesk AutoCAD 2018
Updated at: 2018-11-13

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