File ExtensionFile Type
.WIZMicrosoft Wizard File
.MAQMicrosoft Access Query
.MAWAccess Data Access Page
.AVIAudio Video Interleave File
.VSTMVisio Macro-Enabled Drawing Template
.BDPExchange Diagnostic Message
.DITActive Directory Information Tree File
.ASCXASP.NET User Control File
.MSSTYLESWindows XP Style
.H1SWindows Assistance Platform Help File
.WERWindows Error Report
.APPLICATIONClickOnce Deployment Manifest File
.XLSXMicrosoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
.XDRXML-Data Reduced File
.WLVSWindows Movie Maker Video Settings File
.XGSXACT Global Settings File
.MDPVisual C++ 5 Workspace File
.VJPVisual Studio J++ Project
.SRSOutlook Send/Receive Settings File
.VBWVisual Basic Workspace File
.CFBCompound Binary File
.VSMACROSVisual Studio Binary Macro Project
.RMHRights-Managed HTML Document
.DOTXWord Open XML Document Template
.PKGDEFVisual Studio Shell File
.GAUFlight Simulator Gauge File
.ILKIncremental Linking File
.CVRMicrosoft Crash Report File
.CTTMessenger Contact List
.ZFSENDTOTARGETCompressed Folder
.VSXVisio Stencil XML File
.V11.SUOVisual Studio 2012 Solution User Options File
.PABPersonal Address Book
.SLNVisual Studio Solution File
.SETTINGCONTENT-MSWindows Settings File
.XEXXbox 360 Executable File
.APPREF-MSMicrosoft Application Reference File
.MDBHTMLMicrosoft Access Database HTML File
.WTVWindows Recorded TV Show File
.ACCDBAccess 2007 Database File
.XLRWorks Spreadsheet
.FWPMicrosoft Expression Web Package
.SFCACHEReadyBoost Cache File
.FMTFoxPro Format File
.MAVAccess View File
.PS2Microsoft Search Catalog Index File
.FULMicrosoft Backup File List
.DICTDictionary File
.PMQMicrosoft Target Analyzer File
.KHIDynamics AX Kernel Help Index File
.DDFDiamond Directive File
.DDSDirectDraw Surface
.EXPORTEDUIMicrosoft Office Exported UI Customization File
.C2RWindows Media Center Click-To-Record File
.XSNInfoPath Form Template File
.CHSWindows Chinese Noise-Word List File
.INF_LOCWindows Driver Information Cache File
.FKYFoxPro Macro
.RTFRich Text Format File
.OLK14GROUPOutlook Group File
.XNBXNA Game Studio Binary Package
.ADPAccess Project
.CSPROJVisual Studio C# Project
.EDRWXXPS Drawing Document
.P7XPacked Digital Signature File
.OLK14PREFOutlook Preferences File
.RCResource Script
.V12.SUOVisual Studio 2013 Solution User Options File
.OFCOpen Financial Connectivity File
.ESDWindows Electronic Software Download File
.AWAnswer Wizard File
.XLAExcel Add-In File
.EBDWindows EBD System File
.WMAWindows Media Audio File
.SHGSegmented Hyper-Graphic
.WAVWAVE Audio File
.NCHOutlook Express Folder File
.LXAMicrosoft Speech Lexicon File
.ONETOC2Microsoft OneNote Table of Contents File
.XBAPXAML Browser Application File
.OFFICEUIMicrosoft Office UI Customization File
.MZZMicrosoft .NET Download Package
.XLVExcel Visual Basic Module
.UCEWindows UCE System File
.PSC1Windows PowerShell Console File
.JPNWindows Japanese Noise-Word List File
.COMFYCAKESSAVE-MSComfy Cakes Saved Game
.VSMPROJVisual Studio Text Macro Project
.PKGUNDEFVisual Studio Shell File
.QATMicrosoft Office Quick Access Toolbar File
.PPDFRights Management Protected File
.VPCBACKUPWindows Virtual PC Backup File
.SHPROJVisual Studio Code Sharing App Project
.LSPROJVisual Studio LightSwitch Project
.PPTMPowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation
.OLK14CONTACTOutlook Contact File
.WLMPWindows Live Movie Maker Project File
.VSMDIVisual Studio Test Metadata File
.BATDOS Batch File
.VSVVirtual Machine Saved State File
.PBIXPower BI Desktop File
.MBSAMicrosoft Baseline Security Analyzer File
.ID2Windows Live Messenger Emoticon File
.RESOURCESVisual Studio Resource File
.WINMDWindows Metadata File
.HXTMicrosoft Help 2 Table of Contents File
.VJSPROJVisual Studio J# Project
.TNEFTransport Neutral Encapsulation Format
.NICKOutlook 2000 Nickname File
.APPXSYMWindows 8 App Package Symbols File
.P2PFolderShare Placeholder File
.MENCWindows Mobile Encrypted File
.VRDVisio Report Definition File
.PD5Windows Live Photo Gallery Information File
.KHDDynamics AX Kernel Help Data File
.VUDVirtual Machine Undo Drive File
.RTCLive Meeting Connection File
.PANOCamera Panoramic Picture
.MSWMMWindows Movie Maker Project
.ADEAccess Project Extension
.CHGWindows Net Logon File
.XLDExcel Database File
.OLK14EVENTOutlook Calendar Event File
.VCXPROJVisual C++ Project
.IDCInternet Database Connector File
.DACPACSQL Server Data Tier Application Package
.JETJET Database File
.XPPX++ Source Code File
.OBIOutlook RSS Subscription File
.STGActiveSync Backup File
.CRECLync Video File
.KORWindows Korean Noise-Words List File
.PVKPrivate Key File
.MSNHost Blocking File
.HHCHTML Help Table of Contents
.MSIWindows Installer Package
.BKFWindows Backup Utility File
.IQYInternet Query
.AVHDXAutomatic Virtual Hard Drive File
.HIVWindows Registry Hive File
.GIDWindows Help Global Index File
.MSPXMicrosoft ASP.NET Web Page
.JOBWindows Task Scheduler Job File
.WRKSQL Server Log Shipping File
.DBMLVisual Studio OR Design File
.PPTMHTMLMicrosoft PowerPoint MIME HTML Presentation
.FLTFlight Simulator Saved Flight
.PWTPocket Word Template
.ODSOutlook Express 5 Mailbox
.DGSLVisual Shader Graph File
.JNTWindows Journal File
.OTMOutlook Macro File
.CLWVisual C++ ClassWizard File
.FFAFind Fast Status File
.CHESSTITANSSAVE-MSMicrosoft Chess Titans Saved Game
.JTPWindows Journal Template
.ODCOffice Data Connection File
.MIGWindows Migration Backup File
.RESX.NET Managed Resources File
.CPNAge of Mythology Campaign File
.$01DOS Pipe File
.WMVWindows Media Video File
.SCCSourceSafe Source Code Control File
.DVRMicrosoft Recorded TV Show
.AOIDynamics AX Application Object Index File
.POTMPowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation Template
.HHKHTML Help Index
.JCZLiquid Motion Animation
.OLMMac Outlook Database File
.EDMXADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer File
.REGRegistry File
.MUI_CCCD5AE0Hid User Library
.MPSPocket Streets Map File
.JTXESE Transaction Log
.JTXXPS Document
.BPSWorks Document Backup
.HLSLHigh Level Shader Language File
.PRXWindows Media Profile File
.XLTMExcel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet Template
.ONEOneNote Document
.DTSCONFIGSSIS Package Configuration File
.UDCXUniversal Data Connection File
.DESIGNMicrosoft Expression Design Drawing
.REFRESHVisual Studio Refresh File
.CONTACTWindows Contact File
.LSFStreaming Media Format
.PBITPower BI Desktop Template
.PSTOutlook Personal Information Store File
.IPCHIntellisense Precompiled Header File
.COMPOSITEFONTWindows Composite Font File
.VCXITEMSVC++ Project Items File
.SUOVisual Studio Solution User Options File
.SQLPROJVisual Studio SQL Server Project
.ATOMSVCAtom Service Document
.DQYExcel Query File
.MSDVDWindows DVD Maker Project File
.OLK14SIGNATUREOutlook Signature File
.HXSHelp 2 Compiled Help File
.FILTERSVisual C++ Project Filters File
.VSSMVisio Macro-Enabled Stencil File
.OCXActiveX Control
.HDMPWindows Heap Dump
.PWDPocket Word Document
.DOCMHTMLMicrosoft Word MIME HTML Document
.MDAAccess Add-in
.WP3Microsoft Photo Story Project File
.ASPActive Server Page
.TESTSETTINGSVisual Studio Test Settings File
.CLBCOM+ Catalog File
.ACCDTMicrosoft Access Database Template
.THAWindows Thai Noise-Words List File
.XURXbox 360 Binary User Interface File
.SHSMicrosoft Scrap File
.VBXVisual Basic Custom Control
.CVCodeView Data File
.HTXHTML Extension File
.BA_Renamed BAT File
.XLTExcel Template
.ACCFTMicrosoft Access Data Type Template
.ASPXActive Server Page Extended File
.DOCHTMLMicrosoft Word HTML Document
.PPSXPowerPoint Open XML Slide Show
.XUIXbox 360 User Interface File
.CIWindows Content Indexer Catalog File
.PPAPowerPoint Add-in
.VSSXVisio Stencil File
.TRX_DLLWindows Startup File
.CDF-MSClickOnce Compiled Manifest File
.VBPVisual Basic Project File
.HHTHelp and Support Center HHT File
.UDLMicrosoft Universal Data Link File
.OLK14CATEGORYOutlook Category File
.ORDEREDTESTVisual Studio Ordered Test File
.SEARCHCONNECTOR-MSWindows Search Connector File
.IDBVisual Studio Intermediate Debug File
.HTCHTML Component File
.RELSOpen Office XML Relationships File
.DOTHTMLMicrosoft Word HTML Document Template
.MDECompiled Access Add-in File
.PSESSVisual Studio Performance Session File
.RC2Visual Studio Resources File
.KODUKodu Game File
.XLExcel Spreadsheet
.ANIWindows Animated Cursor
.MSCMicrosoft Management Console Snap-in Control File
.ADDINVisual Studio Add-in Definition File
.WIDVisual Studio Widget File
.SDLService Description Language File
.CHTWindows Chinese Traditional Noise-Word List File
.BROWSERASP.NET Browser Definition File
.HMEWindows Mobile Theme File
.WIQVisual Studio Work Item Query File
.CKPSQL Server Checkpoint File
.XVDXbox Virtual Disk
.DOWNLOADHOSTMSN Download Settings File
.RGEEntourage File Archive
.QDSWindows Directory Query File
.AXEAutoRoute Map File
.3MM3D Movie Maker Movie Project
.BUDBinary Printer Description File
.XPSXML Paper Specification File
.PPSMPowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Slide Show
.PNOWindows 8 Piano Song
.CNTHelp Contents File
.XAMLXVisual Studio Workflow Service File
.HHPHTML Help Workshop Project
.VSDXVisio Drawing
.DECRYPTDecrypted Microsoft ESD File
.TESTRUNCONFIGVisual Studio Test Run Configuration File
.PPSPowerPoint Slide Show
.BLGWindows Binary Performance Log File
.XDirectX Model File
.NTWindows NT Startup File
.WEBSITEInternet Explorer Pinned Site Shortcut
.VSPFVisual Studio Performance Filter File
.DL_Compressed DLL File
.VX_Compressed Virtual Device Driver File
.XLSMExcel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet
.SBDOffice Accounting Company Data File
.TLBOLE Type Library
.PURBLEPAIRSSAVE-MSPurble Pairs Saved Game
.EUFPrivate Character Editor File
.SLKSymbolic Link File
.RDGRDCman Config File
.OLK14MAILACCOUNTOutlook Mail Account File
.LRMEncarta Class Server Learning Resource File
.MAHJONGTITANSSAVE-MSMahjong Titans Saved Game
.MAILHOSTMSN Mailhost Settings File
.SWMSplit Windows Imaging Format File
.GRVOffice Groove File
.HTTHypertext Template File
.LIBRARY-MSWindows Library Description File
.SBRVisual Studio Source Browser Intermediate File
.TTVisual Studio Text Template
.POLWindows Policy File
.PPTHTMLPowerPoint HTML Presentation
.XLTXExcel Open XML Spreadsheet Template
.DGMLVisual Studio Directed Graph Document
.SWVMicrosoft Sidewinder Game Voice Settings File
.OLK14TASKOutlook Task File
.TRNSQL Server Transaction Log Backup File
.WRIMicrosoft Write Document
.MCLWindows Media Center Link File
.ONETOCMicrosoft OneNote Table of Contents File
._EMLWindows Live Mail Email File
.WFWWindows Firewall Policy File
.MADAccess Module Shortcut
.MLCMicrosoft Language Interface Pack
.ALDDynamics AX Application Label Data File
.MPPMicrosoft Project File
.ASXMicrosoft ASF Redirector File
.XRM-MSMicrosoft Security Certificate
.MPWMicrosoft Project Workspace File
.NLSMicrosoft National Language Support File
.SDIWindows System Deployment Image
.IAFOutlook Internet Account File
.DV-AVIMicrosoft DV-AVI Video File
.PURBLESHOPSAVE-MSPurble Place Shop Saved Game
.COMDOS Command File
.POTXPowerPoint Open XML Presentation Template
.DEPWindows Dependency File
.OLK14MSGSOURCEOutlook Email Message Data File
.PPTPowerPoint Presentation
.WLLMicrosoft Word Add-in
.REFMicrosoft Train Simulator Reference File
.AGE3SCNAge of Empires 3 Scenario File
.SNIPPETVisual Studio IntelliSense Code Snippet
.DBCFoxPro Database
.SEARCH-MSWindows Saved Search File
.MANIFESTWindows Application Manifest File
.LACCDBMicrosoft Access Lock File
.FSSCRIPTVisual F# Script
.OLKOutlook Address Book File
.NCBVisual C++ IntelliSense Database
.WAFFInternet Explorer for Mac Web Archive
.DUNDial Up Network File
.SKXXLANG Schedule File
.PD4Windows Live Photo Gallery Information File
.VPC6Virtual Machine Package
.WSFWindows Script File
.ISMAIIS Smooth Streaming Audio File
.NATVISNatvis VC++ Debugger Visualization File
.FNDWindows Saved Search
.VHDVirtual PC Virtual Hard Disk
.XLSHTMLMicrosoft Excel HTML Spreadsheet
.AVBMicrosoft Comic Chat Character
.XLSBExcel Binary Spreadsheet
.APPXWindows 8 App Package
.SY_Compressed SYS File
.PFILERights Management Protected File
.FSXVisual F# Script File
.MESHDirectX Mesh File
.EVTXWindows 7 Event Log File
.WDPWindows Media Photo File
.GADGETWindows Gadget
.SBCOffice Accounting Company Shortcut File
.PPVPocket PowerPoint Presentation
.MPXMicrosoft Project Exchange File
.UDBDynamics AX User Database File
.VMCXVirtual Machine Shell Information File
.PXLPocket Excel File
.BSCVisual Studio Source Browser Information File
.ADNAccess Blank Project Template
.WEBTESTVisual Studio Web Test File
.DLZoo Tycoon 2 Data File
.VSSVisio Stencil File
.MUIMultilingual User Interface File
.GLYWord Glossary File
.FOBDynamics NAV Object Container File
.BCMXBusiness Contact Manager Customization
.FSIVisual F# Signature File
.MDMPWindows Minidump
.MGXRise of Nations Saved Game
.MGXAge of Empires 2 Expansion Replay File
.LSXStreaming Media Shortcut
.APPXUPLOADWindows 8 App Upload Package
.CLGWindows Catalog File
.XLTHTMLMicrosoft Excel HTML Spreadsheet Template
.MIXMicrosoft Image Exchange File
.WPXPrinter Description File
.MPTMicrosoft Project Template
.SDCSecure Download Cabinet
.HPJHelp Project File
.PWIPocket Word Document
.FSPROJVisual F# Project File
.IDTWindows Installer Database Text Archive File
.ADMXGroup Policy Administrative Template File
.FFXMicrosoft Find Fast Index
.PROPDESCProperty Description
.ABFAnalysis Services Backup File
.STFExchange 2000 Server Temporary File
.STFMicrosoft Setup Table File
.DNCWindows Dancer File
.DISCODISCO Discovery Document
.MAIMicrosoft Mail File
.WCXRemoteApp and Desktop Connections Configuration File
.RULESETVisual Studio Code Analysis Rule Set File
.SNPAccess Report Snapshot
.MSHCMicrosoft Help Container File
.RWDMicrosoft Flight Simulator Rewards File
.VFDVirtual Floppy Disk
.EMLE-Mail Message
.WMSWindows Media Skin
.MPFMicrosoft Media Package FIle
.CDXMLCmdlet Definition XML File
.OLK14MESSAGEOutlook Message File
.BLOGTHISWindows Live Writer Data File
.CABWindows Cabinet File
.WKSWorks Spreadsheet
.GQSXMicrosoft Office SmartArt Styles File
.PSWWindows Password Reset Disk File
.PSWPocket Word Document
.BGIBgInfo Configuration File
.ARNAutoruns Data File
.AXDASP.NET Web Handler File
.WAXWindows Media Audio Redirect
.XADDExpression Web Add-in
.AGE3RECAge of Empires 3 Recording
.VMLVector Markup Language File
.XSBXACT Sound Bank
.SPIDERSOLITAIRESAVE-MSMicrosoft Spider Solitaire Saved Game
._NWSWindows Live Mail Newsgroup Copy File
.DOC#Microsoft Word Document
.DOC#WordPad Document
.WMWindows Media File
.OBDOffice Binder Document
.XPRMicrosoft Expression Design Graphic
.POTPowerPoint Template
.SDFSQL Server Compact Database File
.MSUWindows Vista Update Package
.WCMMicrosoft Works Communications Script
.MINESWEEPERSAVE-MSMinesweeper Saved Game
.VSHOST.EXEVisual Studio Hosting Process File
.QICWindows Backup File
.CPEFax Cover Page File
.VSCTVisual Studio Command Table
.DTSXDTS Settings File
.WBCATWindows Backup Catalog File
.NSTOutlook Connector for Notes File
.LDBMicrosoft Access Lock File
.OEMOEM Setup File
.VCPROJVisual C++ Project File
.MMLMicrosoft Clip Organizer File
.TPMTrusted Platform Module Password File
.RWZOutlook Rules Wizard File
.BLFCLFS Base Log File
.RCTVisual Studio Resource Template
.DISCOMAPDISCO Discovery Output File
.SVCWCF Web Service File
.FFOFind Fast Document Properties Cache
.XEJExpression Encoder Job File
.VHDXWindows 8 Virtual Hard Drive File
.WSWindows Script
.FFLFind Fast Document List
.VSCHWindows Vault Schema File
.OQYExcel OLAP Query File
.TLHTypelib Generated C/C++ Header File
.VSPSVisual Studio Serialized Performance Report
.LITeBook File
.CDVisual Studio Class Diagram
.SMISAMI Subtitles File
.WIDGETMicrosoft Windows Mobile Widget
.LICXVisual Studio License File
.AGE3YRECAge of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties Recording
.UDFExcel User Defined Function
.XMVXbox Media Video File
.AXTMicrosoft AutoRoute Template
.ADIDynamics AX Developer Documentation Index File
.ACCOUNTPICTURE-MSWindows 8 Account Picture File
.MS-TNEFMS Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
.PCPWindows Installer Patch Creation Properties File
.WINDOWSLIVECONTACTWindows Live Contacts File
.PJXFoxPro Project
.ELMOffice Theme File
.MSOMicrosoft Office Macro Reference File
.MSOInline E-mail Attachment
.CAGClipArt Gallery Package
.PIPOffice Personalized Settings File
.XLLExcel Add-In File
.VDPROJVisual Studio Setup and Deployment Project
.MLBVisual FoxPro Library
.MMCMicrosoft Media Catalog
.FLOWExpression SketchFlow Data File
.FFDSharePoint FFDDumper Log
.SHBWindows Document Shortcut
.AGE3XRECAge of Empires 3: The WarChiefs Recording
.XWBXACT Wave Bank
.WINWindows Backup File
.WABWindows Address Book
.GWPGreetings Workshop Project File
.LDFSQL Server Transaction Log File
.ZPLZune Playlist
.GPDGeneric Printer Description File
.GPDGamer Profile Data File
.OFTOutlook File Template
.CPICodepage Information File
.PLGVisual Studio Build Log File
.WAPPROJWindows Application Packaging Project File
.PROPSVisual Studio Project Property File
.PTMMapPoint Map File
.VMCWindows Virtual Machine Configuration File
.FLFreelancer Saved Game File
.REGTRANS-MSRegistry Transaction Log File
.ECFOutlook Add-in
.PRIPackage Resource Index File
.ASHXASP.NET Web Handler File
.XELExpression Encoder Live Encoding File
.JRSExchange Reserve Transaction Log File
.PRAWindows Media 9 Plug-in Profile File
.GROUPWindows Contacts Group File
.ITSInternet Document Set
.HOLOutlook Holidays File
.WVXWindows Media Video Redirector
.PERFMONCFGPerformance Monitor Configuration File
.IMDMicrosoft VisioModeler File
.BDBMicrosoft Works Database Backup File
.ONEPKGMicrosoft OneNote Package File
.CRWLWindows Crawl File
.XSAge of Empires 3 Map AI Generator
.DAPAccess Data Access Page
.JSEJScript Encoded File
.XSXVisual Studio XML Schema Layout File
.RELOCWindows EXE Relocation Section File
.CPLWindows Control Panel Item
.VSDISCODISCO Dynamic Discovery Document
.MAGAccess Diagram Shortcut File
.SNKStrong Name Key File
.PSM1Windows PowerShell Script Module File
.ACLAutoCorrect List File
.PERAge of Empires Personality File
.FLFMicrosoft Dynamics NAV License File
.KDMPWindows Crash Dump File
.IVisual Studio Intermediate File
.CMPWindows Connection Manager Profile
.WPOSTWindows Live Writer Post File
.MATMicrosoft Access Table Shortcut File
.VSPROPSVisual Studio Project Property File
.XESCExpression Encoder Screen Capture File
.SEDIExpress Self Extraction Directive File
.LOG2Windows Registry Hive Log 2 File
.AHDDynamics AX Online Help Data File
.SQMService Quality Monitoring File
.SHDWindows Print Job Shadow File
.MCTWindows Live Messenger Data File
.USERVisual Studio Project User Options File
.MSH1XMLMonad Display Configuration File
.OSTOutlook Offline Data File
.VBVisual Basic Project Item File
.STLCertificate Trust List
.EMFEnhanced Windows Metafile
.OSDXSearch Connector Description File
.XSFInfoPath Form Definition File
.MPDMicrosoft Project Database
.VSIVisual Studio Content Installer File
.USERTILE-MSWindows 8 User Tile File
.SP3Windows XP SP3 CD File
.WDFWindows Driver Foundation File
.CTLVisual Basic UserControl Object File
.SCTWindows Scriptlet
.BK1Windows Indexing Service File
.ALIDynamics AX Label Index File
.WXFlight Simulator Weather File
.BOXMicrosoft Store Download File
.RPMSGOutlook Restricted Permission Message
.FXDirect3D Effects File
.FXReadyBoot Trace File
.VPC7Virtual Machine Package
.THMXOffice 2007 Theme File
.BCDWindows Boot Configuration Data File
.DLXRenamed DLL File
.HXAMicrosoft Help 2 Attribute Definition File
.CUBAnalysis Services Cube File
.DOTWord Document Template
.MDBMicrosoft Access Database
.WPLWindows Media Player Playlist
.ISMVIIS Smooth Streaming Video File
.WCINVWindows Meeting Space Invitation File
.NWSWindows Live Mail Newsgroup File
.STMExchange Streaming Media File
.ATIOffice Accounting Updated Company File
.MSLMapping Specification Language File
.EMZWindows Compressed Enhanced Metafile
.TKRTinker Custom Level File
.MBXOutlook Express Mailbox
.DA0Windows Registry Backup File
.CDMPWCS Device Model Profile
.DESKTHEMEPACKWindows 8 Desktop Theme Pack File
.DSWVisual C++ 6 Workspace File
.ACCDUAccess Add-in File
.WMPWindows Media Photo File
.FSSAVEFlight Simulator Save File
.EXDControl Information Cache File
.BADExchange Badmail File
.DATExchange E-mail Attachment
.DATWindows Registry Hive File
.SMicrosoft Train Simulator Shape File
.ACGAgent Preview File
.WPCWordPad Converter File
.AHIDynamics AX Online Help Index File
.FSVisual F# Source File
.ACFAgent Character Data File
.VCWeMbedded Visual C++ Workspace File
.SIFWindows Setup Information File
.PTTMapPoint Map Template
.SDBCustom Application Compatibility Database
.XLAMExcel Open XML Macro-Enabled Add-In
.IDLInterface Definition Language File
.CAMPWCS Color Appearance Model Profile File
.VTXVisio Template XML File
.MAFMicrosoft Access Form
.PCSMicrosoft Office ClipArt File
.EFPExchange Forms Designer Template
.ULSNetMeeting User Location Service File
.HXCMicrosoft Help 2 Collection Definition File
.OSSMicrosoft Outlook Saved Search File
.QPXFoxPro Compiled Query Program
.BARAge of Empires 3 Data File
.BARAge of Mythology Data File
.DOCXMLMicrosoft Word XML Document
.LOG1Windows Registry Hive Log File
.CRDSWindows CardSpace Backup File
.THEMEPACKWindows 7 Theme Pack
.SPLWindows Print Spool File
.CHMCompiled HTML Help File
.SPJMicrosoft ICE Panorama Project
.SKVXLANG Schedule Drawing File
.XAPXACT Project
.XAPSilverlight Application Package
.INSInternet Naming Service File
.INSInternet Settings File
.VSPVisual Studio Performance Report File
.BK2Windows Indexing Service Data File
.PFWindows Prefetcher File
.SRFServer Response File
.DLLDynamic Link Library
.WMMPWindows Movie Maker Project File
.CPKDTM Test Log File
.CCH.NET Security Resolution Cache File
.BMKHelp Bookmarks
.LBXFoxPro Label File
.CDXCompound Index File
.DSPVisual C++ 6 Project
.TBDVisual Studio Toolbox Data File
.TTEPrivate Character Editor File
.OLBOLE Object Library
.CSXVisual C# Script
.ISMIIS Smooth Streaming Manifest File
.VSDMVisio Macro-Enabled Drawing
.MMWMicrosoft Clip Organizer Media Catalog File
.OCACustom Control Library Type File
.CPRWindows Phone Display Settings File
.ASFAdvanced Systems Format File
.PWLWindows Password List
.ALTDynamics AX Temporary File
.WTREncarta File
.ARMidtown Madness Data File
.HLPWindows Help File
.EVTWindows Event Viewer Log File
.GMMPWCS Gamut Map Model Profile
.PRGVisual FoxPro Program File
.XARExcel Auto-Recovery File
.MMFMicrosoft Message File
.CTCVisual Studio Command Table Configuration File
.WBKWord Document Backup
.WFCWindows Wireless Network Settings File
.GRLWindows Update Status File
.WWDWorks Wizard File
.XLWExcel Workbook
.XLWExcel Workspace File
.DIAGCABTroubleshooting Pack Cabinet File
.FREECELLSAVE-MSMicrosoft FreeCell Saved Game
.TSTypeScript File
.LOADTESTVisual Studio Load Test File
.HTAHTML Application
.SLUPKG-MSXrML Digital License Package
.OPALMicrosoft Office User Settings File
.OPAXMicrosoft Office User Settings File
.ACSAgent Character File
.YBKMicrosoft Encarta Yearbook File
.CATWindows Catalog File
.VSCONTENTVisual Studio Content File
.VDPVisual Studio Deployment Project
.DBXOutlook Express E-mail Folder
.PARTIALInternet Explorer Partially Downloaded File
.EX_Renamed Windows Executable File
.EX_Compressed Executable File
.COVERAGEVisual Studio Code Coverage Report
.RDLXPower View Project File
.GRAMicrosoft Graph File
.PMCPerformance Monitor Counter File
.MUMWindows Vista Update Package
.ACCDRAccess Runtime Application
.SCXMicrosoft Game Scenario File
.MAMMicrosoft Access Macro
.CPFCab Provisioning Format File
.OEACCOUNTWindows Mail Account File
.EMAILOutlook Express Email Message
.MICImage Composer File
.MRBMultiple Resolution Bitmap File
.EFTXOffice 2007 Theme Effect File
.ESTStreets & Trips Map File
.PBKDial-Up Phone Book File
.SYSWindows System File
.WMFWindows Metafile
.XLMExcel Macro
.WLXWindows Live Mesh Sync File
.VCPeMbedded Visual C++ Project File
.MGCMicrosoft Clip Organizer Media Catalog
.NDFSQL Server Secondary Database File
.ZTDZoo Tycoon Data Archive
.GCSXMicrosoft Office SmartArt Color File
.WSPSharePoint Solution Package
.APSVisual C++ Resource File
.CILClip Gallery Packaged File
.WMDWindows Media Download Package
.UCCAPILOGMicrosoft UCC API Log File
.MSTWindows Installer Setup Transform File
.WMZCompressed Windows Media Player Skin
.WMZCompressed Windows Metafile
.XSCVisual Studio Dataset Internal Info File
.MYAPPVisual Studio Application XML File
.GENERICTESTVisual Studio Generic Test File
.MSRCINCIDENTWindows Remote Assistance Invitation File
.MGLAge of Empires 2 Replay File
.DBPROJVisual Studio Database Project File
.GLOXMicrosoft Office SmartArt Graphics Layout File
.RBSWindows Installer Rollback Script
.OPSOffice Profile Settings File
.ZAPZero Administration Package File
.LNKWindows File Shortcut
.SCRWindows Screensaver
.XLCExcel Chart
.RDPRemote Desktop Configuration File
.FDBMicrosoft Dynamics NAV Database File
.CHKSaved File Fragment
.VBSVBScript File
.PS1XMLWindows PowerShell Display Configuration File
.ICLWindows Icon Library File
.ACCDAAccess Add-in File
.ACCDEAccess Execute Only Database
.DOCXMicrosoft Word Open XML Document
.VSZVisual Studio Wizard File
.XLBExcel Toolbars File
.DICPROOFMicrosoft Dictionary Proofing File
.MSHAMicrosoft Help Asset File
.Z2FZoo Tycoon 2 Object File
.ITEMDATA-MSWindows 8 Start Screen Item Data File
.VDWVisio Web Drawing
.THEMEMicrosoft Plus! Desktop Theme
.MSHIMicrosoft Help Index File
.ODLObject Description Language File
.PSD1Windows PowerShell Data File
.WMXWindows Media Redirector File
.WEBPNPWeb Point and Print File
.WCDWorks Calendar File
.EYBMicrosoft Encarta Yearbook Update File
.HEARTSSAVE-MSMicrosoft Hearts Save File
.AGE3XSAVAge of Empires 3: The WarChiefs Save File
.TARGETSMSBuild Targets File
.VBDVisual Basic ActiveX Document
.SSCSourceSafe Status File
.MBGMicrosoft Mailbag
.SETTINGSVisual Studio Settings File
.XLSMHTMLMicrosoft Excel MIME HTML Spreadsheet
.WSCWindows Script Component
.MSMWindows Installer Merge Module
.VSLVisio Add-on
.SYLKMicrosoft Symbolic Link File
.VSDVisio Drawing File
.MSGOutlook Mail Message
.CMDWindows Command File
.VSSSCCVisual Studio Solution Source Control File
.ZONE.IDENTIFIERWindows Zone Identifier File
.GCWMicrosoft Mathematics Worksheet
.ALXActiveX Layout Control File
.RESWWindows Resources File
.WMDBWindows Media Database File
.COVFax Cover Page File
.ACCDCMicrosoft Access Signed Package
.DOTMWord Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template
.ACAAgent Character Animation File
.VSPSCCVisual Studio Project Source Control File
.SOLITAIRESAVE-MSMicrosoft Solitaire Saved Game
.386Windows Virtual Device Driver
.AGE3YSAVAge of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties Save File
.BMCBitmap Cache File
.PPTXPowerPoint Open XML Presentation
.OLK14NOTEOutlook Note File
.IMEWindows Input Method Editor File
.CRDWindows CardSpace File
.RESMONCFGResource Monitor Configuration File
.FPPXMicrosoft Fresh Paint Painting File
.MBRZune Smooth Streaming File
.GRPWindows Program Manager Group
.XMBAge of Empires Game Data File
.XLKExcel Backup File
.PUZPacked Publisher File
.DMPWindows Memory Dump
.VBEVBScript Encoded Script File
.SBBOffice Accounting Company Backup File
.ASMXASP.NET Web Service File
.GTHRGather Log File
.DT2Windows Live Messenger Emoticon Image File
.CPXRise of Rome Campaign File
.CTXVisual Basic Control Binary File
.LICENSESVisual Studio Licensed Classes File
.TRXVisual Studio Test Results File
.VSPXVisual Studio Performance Report Data File
.VPOLWindows Vault Policy File
.FFUFull Flash Update Image File
.MBFMicrosoft Money Backup File
.INFOPATHXMLMicrosoft InfoPath Form
.STPSharePoint Template
.OLPOffice Live Package
.MNYMicrosoft Money File
.MCOLive Messenger Winks File
.AWDMicrosoft Fax Document
.OFRSMS Offer Manager File
.CBTComputer Based Training File
.ETLMicrosoft Event Trace Log File
.ODXBizTalk Server Orchestration File
.EDBExchange Information Store Database
.ISMCSmooth Streaming Client Manifest File
.VSSETTINGSVisual Studio Settings File
.MSPWindows Installer Patch
.MSPMicrosoft Paint Bitmap Image
.SSTSerialized Certificate Store File
.HDSMicrosoft PlayReady Data File
.LRFMicrosoft Linker Response File
.EXEWindows Executable File
.ADDDynamics AX Developer Documentation File
.PCKSystem Center Configuration Manager Package File
.WPTWorks Template
.BCMBusiness Contact Manager File
.BCMMicrosoft Works Communications Script Backup
.WPSMicrosoft Works Word Processor Document
.DIAGSESSIONDiagnostics Session File
.WSHWindows Script Host Settings
.CMSConnection Manager Service Profile
.MDIMicrosoft Document Imaging File
.ADMLGroup Policy Language-Specific Administrative Template
.Z2SZoo Tycoon 2 Saved Game
.CDBPocket Access Database
.BDRExchange Non-Delivery Report Body File
.BDRPublisher Borders File
.FBKMicrosoft Dynamics NAV Backup File
.ATEOffice Accounting Compressed Backup File
.VCRDWindows Vault Credentials File
.SPBFlight Simulator Mission File
.PDMVB Project Information File
.PKGMidtown Madness 2 Model File
.ASAXASP.NET Server Application File
.WMEWindows Media Encoder Session File
.INLC++ Inline File
.H1QMicrosoft Help Merged Query Index File
.FXPFoxPro Compiled Program
.PS1Windows PowerShell Cmdlet File
.PS1Microsoft Indexing Service Data File
.NFOSystem Information File
.NFOAge of Empires Player File
.GTAMicrosoft Groove Tool Archive
.FDMExchange Forms Designer Form Message
.OLK14MSGATTACHOutlook 2011 Email Message Attachment File
.HXEMicrosoft Help 2 Sample Definition File
.AMLMicrosoft Assistance Markup Language File
.BRGAge of Mythology Model File
.VSIXVisual Studio Extension
.ERPEncarta Researcher File
.XTPInfoPath Template Part File
.ASMVisual Studio Assembler Source Code File
.SFTMicrosoft App-V Sequencer File
.MDTMicrosoft Access Data File
.VDXVisio Drawing XML File
.VSTXVisio Drawing Template
.RBFWindows Installer Rollback File
.DDTAge of Mythology Textures File
.SBSmall Basic Source Code File
.STTStreets & Trips Map Template
.DIFData Interchange Format
.ISPIIS Internet Service Provider Settings
.AVHDHyper-V SnapShot File
.XBEXbox Executable File
.TRCSQL Server Trace File
.NAVMSN Application Extension File
.ICDInstallable Client Driver File
.DBWindows Thumbnail Cache
.FEATURESharePoint Feature File
.DIAGCFGTroubleshooting Pack Configuration File
.SCNAge of Mythology Scenario File
.CHWCompiled Help Index File
.NK2Outlook 2002 Nickname File
.OLK15MSGATTACHOutlook 2016 Email Message Attachment File
.HDPHD Photo File
.HXKMicrosoft Help 2 Index File
.SNTSticky Notes File
.RESJSONWindows JavaScript Resources File
.CCGAMEXNA Creators Club Game Package
.ACWWindows Accessibility Wizard File
.VSWVisio Workspace File
.RBKWindows 95 Registry Backup File
.VBPROJVisual Studio Visual Basic Project
.DEVICEMETADATA-MSDevice Metadata Package
.DIAGPKGTroubleshooting Pack File
.VC1VC-1 Video File
.CRTXOffice 2007 Chart Template File
.MFCRIBBON-MSMFC Ribbon Definition XML File
.ACCDWMicrosoft Access Database Link File
.CTOVisual Studio Binary Command Table Output File
.LWVLinguistically Enhanced Sound File
.000Indexing Service Data File
.FRMVisual Basic Text Form
.000Windows CE Installation Data File
.000DoubleSpace Compressed File
.PMRPerformance Monitor Report
.FIDMicrosoft Catalog Indexing Service File
.PLNFlight Simulator Flight Plan
.MARMicrosoft Access Report
.VSTVisio Drawing Template
.AODDynamics AX Object Data File
.FRXFoxPro Report
.FRXVisual Basic Binary Form File
.BKSNTBackup Settings File
.BKSMicrosoft Works Spreadsheet Backup File
.ZOOZoo Tycoon Saved Game
.DOCMWord Open XML Macro-Enabled Document
.HSHWindows Catalog Search Index File
.DVR-MSMicrosoft Digital Video Recording
.PRINTEREXPORTWindows Printer Migration File
.AGE3SAVAge of Empires 3 Save File
.PSDLMidtown Madness 2 City File
.RDLCVisual Studio Client Report Definition File
.BTMBizTalk Map File
.FEEDBACKExpression SketchFlow Feedback File
.BGLFlight Simulator Scenery File
.RSWindows Rating System File
.DEXExcel Spreadsheet
.CSC# Source Code File
.ASDWord AutoSave File
.THEMicrosoft Plus! Theme File
.SPRFoxPro Generated Screen File
.DBGVisual FoxPro Debugger Configuration File
.RLLMicrosoft Resource Library
.VC4Visual C++ 4 File
.XBFXAML Binary File
.CTSYMVisual Studio Command Table Output File
.WIMWindows Imaging Format File
.IPFSMS Installer Script
.WDBMicrosoft Works Database
.PRFOutlook Profile File
.MDFSQL Server Database File
.XLSExcel Spreadsheet
.ALCDynamics AX Label Description File
.CSOCompiled Shader Object File
.VCXVisual Fox Pro Class Library
.PUBPublisher Document

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