File ExtensionFile Type
.MJPEGMotion JPEG Video File
.H264H.264 Encoded Video File
.LATEXLaTeX Document
.VXPMobile Application File
.OSXPowerPC Executable File
.WIWavelet Image
.UNXUnix Text File
.TTCTrueType Font Collection
.GLIFGlyph Interchange Format File
.KEXTMac OS X Kernel Extension
.BASBASIC Source Code File
.LZMALZMA Compressed File
.SLSTGame Data File
.TRIM.3DSTrimmed 3DS ROM
.NSBVANintendo DS Visibility Animation File
.BTOABinary-to-ASCII Encoded File
.BFABlowfish Encrypted File
.MT2SMPEG-2 Transport Stream File
.VXDVirtual Device Driver
.XSPFXSPF Playlist File
.ZVZPossible Virus File
.HFSHFS Disk Image File
.TEMPTemporary (Temp) File
.VBZVisual Basic Project Template
.XTBAngular Translation File
.XEZeManager Template Package
.ROVReport Object Variable
.UNKUnknown File
.ZZZzip Compressed Archive
.GIGlobal Image
.GZIUnix Gzip File
.INFSetup Information File
.UUEUuencoded File
.PSGPage Segment File
.GDIDreamcast Gigabyte Disc Image
.BO2Minecraft BO2 Object File
.MISSaved Game Mission File
.NVMPlayStation 2 BIOS Configuration File
.ATOMAtom Syndication Format
.MTIMadTracker Instrument
.GLKSAVEZoom Game Save Package
.FLHFLIC Animation File
.TRIM.CIATrimmed CTR Importable Archive
.8SVXAmiga 8-Bit Sound File
.RPXWii U Game
.USMUSM Game Video File
.UPDProgram Update Information
.FIRMBoot9Strap 3DS Firmware File
.RPIRender Plug-in
.EFSEnsoniq SQ-80 File
.WFBWaveFront Sound Bank
.PFMPrinter Font Metrics File
.WYZWYZTracker File
.PLXPerl Executable File
.M3U8UTF-8 M3U Playlist File
.JSPFJSON Playlist File
.OWLOWL Source Code File
.SQFSSquash FS Bootable File
.TKFLTKLinks Saver Favorite Links File
.XFOXSL-FO Formatted Form
.CISOCompact ISO File
.EDEEnsoniq EPS Disk Image
.ACWWAnimal Crossing Wild World Pattern File
.AVMAnime Music Video
.VIDGeneric Video File
.BRBrotli Compressed File
.SFPSoft Font Printer File
.A26Atari 2600 ROM
.FNTWindows Font File
.CF2Common File Format File
.PVLInstalit Library
.MHTMHTML Web Archive
.EFVEnsoniq VFX-SD File
.DVDRDVD/CD-R Master Image
.AHXWinAHX Tracker Module
.URLInternet Shortcut
.DNENetica Text File
.JIFFJPEG Image File Format
.SOUNDSCRIPTRigs of Rods Sound Script File
.3D2Stereo CAD-3D 2.0 Image File
.FROdBASE IV Compiled Report
.MSSTYLEWindows XP Unsigned Style
.EXSEXS Instrument
.BZBzip Compressed File
.CCC++ Source Code File
.PLAINPlain Text File
.SRMSuper Nintendo ROM Save File
.DVDigital Video File
.HELPINDEXHelp Index Document
.BC5BRansomware Encrypted File
.EMDABT Extended Module
.EMDChessBase Tablebase
.FONGeneric Font File
.GDTgretl Datafile
.AYAY Chiptune File
.8BCPhotoshop 5.0 Plug-in
.WSZWinamp Classic Skin
.P21Express STEP Data Model File
.EDKEnsoniq KT Disk Image
.G41Commodore 1541 Disk Image
.LZPLazPaint Image
.MINI2SFNintendo DS Sound Information File
.FRDFrequency Response Data File
.68KSEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics ROM File
.2BPPocket PC Bitmap Image File
.NVLUniChem Results File
.DWNFirmware Update File
.FRKMacintosh Resource or Data Fork
.ICALiCalendar File
.BRSTMBRSTM Audio Stream File
.NFTRNintendo DS Font Type File
.RDOC_OPTIONSRuby Document Options File
.CPGZCompressed CPIO Archive
.NWMSony NWM Display Screen File
.GBLORBGlulx Blorb Game File
.VGMVideo Game Music File
.BRRSNES Sample File
.WOWGrave Composer Music Module
.CVSRCCVS Command File
.ASAASP Configuration File
.MJSNode.js ES Module File
.MPGMPEG Video File
.TXTPlain Text File
.KMLKeyhole Markup Language File
.1PHTurboTax File
.MINIUSFNintendo 64 Song File
.EFQEnsoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS-32 File
.SWSigned Word Audio File
.ZGRBeatSlicer Groove File
.MTEMadTracker 2 Envelope
.GLGRASP Animation
.POBIKindle Touch Periodical File
.XSLTXSL Transformation File
.GRAPHMLZZip Compressed GraphML File
.UOTUniform Office Document
.FAQFrequently Asked Questions Document
.BIBTEXBibTeX Bibliography Database
.FLLFoxPro Dynamic-Link Library
.POPortable Object
.VHDLVHDL Source File
.EDAEnsoniq ASR Disk Image
.P6Perl 6 Source Code File
.YAMLYAML Document
.003Split Archive Part 3 File
.OABOffline Address Book
.PTRFlash Intro Project File
.GPNGlidePlan Map Document
.NDSNintendo DS Game ROM
.CERBER3Cerber Ransomware Virus File
.XGMLGraph Modeling Language XML File
.NTPNatron Project File
.DFONTMac OS X Data Fork Font
.CHGQuicken Online Data File
.ICONIcon Image File
.WFPWaveFront Program File
.MDDBSManic Digger Database
.TEXTPlain Text File
.2SFNintendo DS Sound File
.RCTDRabbitCT Dataset
.VRFVentrilo Audio Recording
.HSTHistory File
.ZEPTOZepto Virus File
.DEWFSoundEdit Recorded Instrument
.JASPaint Shop Pro Compressed Graphic
.CDGCompact Disc Plus Graphics Image
.WCFWebEx Saved Chat Session
.WIEWordPress Widget Export File
.2SFLIBNintendo DS Audio Library File
.M4EMPEG-4 Video File
.ESPSESPS Sampled Data File
.DIMEDirect Internet Message Encapsulation File
.ZMAImpedance File
.INMFaxMaster Document
.PDMODPayday Modification Archive
.DA1AGT Game Data File
.IFCZIPCompessed IFC File
.FORTHForth Language File
.D64Commodore 64 Disk Image
.DGTDST Thumbnail File
.BAK2Backup File
.DICDictionary File
.UNRUnreal Level Map
.FLTImage Filter
.VTTWeb Video Text Tracks File
.SHPShapes File
.DIBDevice Independent Bitmap File
.RTMReal Tracker Module
.SQRSQL Program File
.DHTMLDynamic HTML file
.ESHExtended Shell Batch File
.8MEDAmiga OctaMed Music File
.EXE1Renamed EXE File
.JSONLZ4Compressed Firefox Bookmarks Backup File
.0CC0CC-FamiTracker Module
.3DXRhino 3D Model File
.8BIPhotoshop Plug-in
.PLT0Wii Color Palette File
.SGRSGR Genome Data File
.P7CPKCS #7 Certificate File
.U3IU3 Application Information File
.FEAAFDKO Feature Definitions File
.MAUMedia Attachment Unit
.APPFoxPro Generated Application
.XMIExtended MIDI File
.ADZCompressed Amiga Disk File
.XY3XYWrite III Document
.GKHEnsoniq EPS Family Disk Image
.MVCMovie Collector Catalog
.MP2VMPEG-2 Video File
.HTMLHypertext Markup Language File
.IFODVD-Video Disc Information File
.MWSMWave DSP Synth Instrument Extract
.GDCBGandCrab Ransomware Encrypted File
.4THForth Language File
.DA3AGT Game Data File
.GSXSega Genesis Emulator Saved State File
.UXXUnreal Tournament Cache
.RDOXerox Rawster Document Object File
.X64Commodore 64 Disk Image
.IFCXMLIndustry Foundation Classes XML File
.LOADERSGTK+ Loaders File
.SHTMHTML Server Side Include File
.MP21MPEG-21 Multimedia File
.REGRegistration Information File
.ROLAd Lib Synthesized Instrument
.F2RFarandoyle Linear Module File
.Y4MYUV4MPEG2 Video File
.WRZCompressed VRML World File
.BAK3Backup File
.PBMPortable Bitmap Image
.QCOW2QEMU Copy On Write Version 2 Disk Image
.EKXEncrypted 3DS Pokémon Save File
.JSONJavaScript Object Notation File
.SCAPEFI Firmware File
.T03TaxCut 2003 File
.ADAAda Source Code
.SCRIPTGeneric Script File
.BRLYTWii Textures and Material Lists File
.FDIAmiga Disk Image
.JNXBirdsEye JNX Raster Map
.TGGzip Compressed Tar Archive
.FFreeze Compressed File
.FFortran Source Code
.BPSBPS Virus File
.BPSBPS Patch File
.DIGDigilink Audio File
.DIGSound Designer Audio File
.MPLMPL2 Subtitles File
.MANUnix Manual
.NSFNES Sound Format File
.VVVVirtual Volumes View Catalog
.Q7QIndia Ink Photoshop Plug-in
.SHARUnix Shar Archive
.ALA-Law Compressed Sound Format
.RUJava Russian Font Properties File
.GBASKINGame Boy Advance Controller Skin File
.WAWindows Addon Archive
.GRYGrayscale Image
.PCAPNGPcap-NG Packet Capture File
.MDL0Wii Model File
.BM2Subspace Bitmap File
.ENTExternal Entity
.VDOVDOLive Media File
.VDOHeathen Virus File
.MCWORLDMinecraft World Backup File
.VCSvCalendar Event File
.JIFJPEG Image File
.XYPXYWrite Plus Document
.M1VMPEG-1 Video File
.MVBMultimedia Viewer Book Source File
.AVVideo Surveillance File
.DDBDevice Dependent Bitmap
.WPHPhoenix BIOS File
.TMPTemporary File
.MTSAVCHD Video File
.XLNKXML Shortcut File
.BRRESWii BRRES Resource Package
.CHORDSong Chords File
.BPDBinary Printer Description File
.HBXBinHex Encoded File
.QITQIT Trojan Horse File
.OPTSLinux Configuration Options File
.DPBFaxMaster Document
.TRELBYTrelby File
.OKTOktalyzer Module
.MTMMultiTracker Module
.LPDLPD Daemon Print Permissions File
.TGZGzipped Tar File
.AStatic Library
.DVIDevice Independent Format File
.CERInternet Security Certificate
.RSTreStructuredText File
.CGICommon Gateway Interface Script
.CULWindows Cursor Library
.FRZLocked FormFlow File
.ZWChinese Text File
.PHP3PHP 3 Web Page
.MPEMPEG Movie File
.MCADDONMinecraft Pack Addon File
.XDNADNA Strider Sequence File
.AUDVideo Game Compressed Audio File
.OYXApproach Alternate Database Index
.UUDUUDecoded File
.BRTEXWii BRTEX Texture File
.CUTDr. Halo Bitmap Image File
.DT_Macintosh Data Fork
.FSTABFile Systems Table File
.LOCKYLocky Ransomware Encrypted File
.OPENBSDOpenBSD Readme File
.XXXXEncoded File
.TRUCKRigs of Rods Truck Definition File
.F2KFortran Source Code File
.SCONFScript Settings File
.STRMStream File
.ZZZZZRansomware Encrypted File
.BP2AutoCAD Batch Plot File
.VUEFoxPro 2.x View Settings
.EDSEnsoniq SQ-80 Disk Image
.CEDJVC Camera Video Data File
.IMYiMelody Ringtone File
.3DA3D Assembly File
.ORIGOriginal File
.ZVDZyXEL Voice File
.SWAVNintendo DS Audio File
.CP9ChoicePoint Encrypted File
.ICALENDARiCalendar File
.BBSBulletin Board System Text
.32XSega 32X ROM
.PJPGProgressive JPEG Image
.IMAGEApple Disk Image
.INCInclude File
.CSVComma Separated Values File
.UPSUPS Patch File
.MDWAccess Workgroup File
.SUITMacintosh Font Suitcase
.XNKExchange Shortcut
.BP3AutoCAD Batch Plot File
.MPKGMeta Package File
.MPAMPEG-2 Audio File
.LDIFLDAP Data Interchange Format File
.AGXAGT Game File
.DMBDigital Multimedia Broadcasting File
.SDLScene Description Language File
.SDESPS Sampled Data File
.SDSound Designer Audio File
.XMSXMS-Tracker Music Module
.DRZDraz Paint File
.CHTEmulator Cheat File
.WVLWavelet Image
.ODINLocky Ransomware Encrypted File
.ZFOXSL-FO Online Form
.TAPCommodore 64 Cassette Tape Image
.TAPTap Tap Revenge Tap File
.SFVSimple File Verification File
.EDIElectronic Data Interchange File
.EDVEnsoniq VFX-SD Disk Image
.CIRCLogisim Circuit File
.OPKGCW Zero Open Package
.IPSInternal Patching System Patch File
.VRLVRML Virtual World
.MMMMultiple Master Metric Data File
.WIIScrambled Wii Disc Image
.DVDDOS Device Driver
.OCompiled Object File
.P7SDigitally Signed Email Message
.LUCCompiled Lua Source File
.PKXDecrypted 3DS Pokémon Save File
.CERBERCerber Ransomware Encrypted File
.JTFJPEG Tagged Interchange Format
.PSFLIBPlaystation Sound Format Library
.3DSXHomebrew Launcher File
.BOOBooasm Compressed Archive
.LSRLANsurveyor Report
.MOGGMultitrack Ogg File
.SOUSBStudio II Sound File
.GCODEG-Code 3D Printer File
.UVFUncertain Value Format
.CSSCascading Style Sheet
.TTLAGT Game Title File
.LSULANsurveyor Map
.BLGBibTeX Log File
.SCWScore Writer Document
.SCWMovie Magic Screenwriter Document
.DTSDTS Encoded Audio File
.GGSega Game Gear ROM
.XLex Source Code File
.XEFeManager Form Data
.LZXAmiga LZX Compressed File
.ISRGoMoku Game File
.ND5Renamed NDS File
.MPV2MPEG-2 Video Stream
.XBMX11 Bitmap Graphic
.MACApplication Macro File
.LBRLU Library Archive
.YKCOLLocky Ransomware Encrypted File
.HBSHandlebars Template
.VCTVisual Class Library Memo
.TLBVAX Text Library
.CERBER2Cerber2 Ransomware Encrypted File
.PWCPictureTaker File
.FACFACE Image File
.BCSTMBCSTM Audio Stream File
.EUCExtended Unix Code File
.T01TaxCut 2001 File
.FC1FCEUX Save State File
.SFPACKPacked SoundFont File
.SRCSource Code
.SPECRPM Specification File
.BRLMicroBraille File
.LETTERUndeliverable Mail File
.ANSANSI Text File
.X86Linux Executable File
.M3D3D Model File
.SHTMLServer Side Include HTML File
.DFCDefractor Instrument
.SOShared Library
.D$$AGT Game Encrypted Message File
.EVOHD DVD Video File
.FLXFLIC Animation
.TM2PlayStation 2 Graphic
.ASSAegisub Advanced Substation Alpha File
.FAXFax Document
.HTMHypertext Markup Language File
.EUIEnsoniq EPS Compacted Disk Image
.YUVYUV Video File
.YUVYUV Encoded Image File
.MPLaTeX MetaPost File
.F32Raw 32-Bit Audio File
.DDLData Definition Language File
.SDNShareware Distributors Network File
.BRFBraille Ready Format File
.BFCWindows Briefcase File
.MNXFoxPro Menu
.GDRSymbian OS Font File
.PWAPassword Agent File
.BO3Minecraft BO3 Object File
.AOBDVD-Audio Audio Object File
.P7BPKCS #7 Certificate File
.SASSSyntactically Awesome StyleSheets File
.XWDX Windows Dump Image
.MPUMPEG Layer 3 Audio File
.PSFLIB2Playstation Sound Format Library
.XTBLXTBL Ransomware Encrypted File
.KRABGandCrab V4 Ransomware Encrypted File
.MODPKGMinecraft Pocket Manager File
.HXMDescent 2 Resource Modification
.QCOWQEMU Copy On Write Disk Image
.LQRSQ Compressed LBR Archive
.AMCAMC Video File
.PBNPortable Bridge Notation File
.JFIFJPEG File Interchange Format
.XQTSuperCalc Macro File
.3DStereo CAD-3D Image File
.FACEFACE Graphic File
.TOCPSP Audio File
.F64Raw 64-Bit Audio File
.LASTLOGINMinecraft User Credential File
.T02TaxCut 2002 File
.BETBETA Source File
.BPLAutoCAD Batch Plot File
.RPFRich Pixel Format File
.BMLBean Markup Language File
.8BFFilter Factory Image Filter
.XSDXML Schema Definition
.DA4AGT Game Data File
.P7MDigitally Encrypted Message
.GS0Sega Genesis Emulator Quick Slot 0 Save File
.SDWStarOffice Writer Text Document
.POFDescent Robot Definition File
.DISKLinux Virtual Hard Disk
.HGTSRTM Elevation Data File
.Z64Nintendo 64 Game ROM
.SEShuttle Document
.DLSDownloadable Sounds File
.LZOLZO Compressed File
.PHYPhyMod Physical Modeling Data
.A52Atari 5200 ROM
.JGZGzipped Javascript File
.CDACD Audio Track Shortcut
.TSPDigital TV DVR Recording
.PFXPKCS #12 Certificate File
.JSJavaScript File
.JSJScript Executable Script
.RNDRandom Hash Data File
.CRYPTCryptXXX Ransomware Encrypted File
.TAR.LZMALZMA Compressed Tarball
.M21MPEG-21 File
.PLPerl Script
.PLProlog Source Code File
.SAMMOD Edit Sample File
.YMLYAML Document
.PANDORAPandora Android App Executable
.SFIRCAM Sound File
.F3RFarandoyle Blocked Module File
.LPROJLocalized Project Folder
.SGMLStandard Generalized Markup Language File
.SRT0Wii Texture Animation File
.WBICompact ISO File
.T04TaxCut 2004 File
.DBGSYMDebug Symbols File
.PK6Generation 6 Pokémon Save File
.RTIReal Tracker Instrument
.T64Commodore 64 Tape Image File
.S7ZMac OS X 7-Zip File
.UBUnsigned Byte Audio File
.HLBVMS / VAX Help Library
.CALSCALS Raster Graphic File
.GBCSKINGame Boy Color Controller Skin File
.PAT0Wii Texture Pattern File
.VHDVHDL Source File
.XAPKCompressed Android Package File
.VFWVideo for Windows
.IMADisk Image
.PARTIMGPartimage File
.XYWXYWrite for Windows Document
.OLDBackup File
.XCTXVI32 Character Conversion Table File
.ICNWindows Icon File
.AISVelvet Studio Instrument
.SNSSNS Video Game Audio File
.TDAJava Application Thread Dump
.AACAdvanced Audio Coding File
.MP1MPEG-1 Layer 1 Audio File
.ETXTeX Font Encoding File
.ETXStructure Enhanced Text (Setext) File
.RGBQ0 Image File
.MCIMedia Control Interface File
.ULWu-Law Audio File
.THXAmiga THX Tracker Music File
.SA1Game Boy Emulator Save File
.TEX0Wii Texture File
.BSTBibTeX Style Document
.COPYSony Ericsson Protected Content File
.GRADLEGradle Script
.MPXFoxPro Compiled Menu Program
.M2AMPEG-1 Layer 2 Audio File
.S3IScream Tracker 3 Instrument
.EK6Generation 6 Pokémon Save File
.GMDGame Maker Program Code
.OSCObix Source Code File
.PJTFoxPro Project Memo
.ADROpera Bookmarks File
.ICOIcon File
.KARKaraoke MIDI File
.LISPLisp Source Code File
.CPPC++ Source Code File
.RTXRich Text Document
.DLDynamic Library
.PARTPartially Downloaded File
.RBRuby Source Code
.PHPPHP Source Code File
.XFTAdobe Form Designer 5.0 File
.XFTChiWriter Printer Font
.TWTCarmageddon 2 Data File
.SHTHTML File with Server Side Includes
.CLSLaTeX Document Class File
.CLSProgram Class File
.DA5AGT Game Data File
.A78Atari 7800 ROM
.VEXEVirus Executable File
.TFDTape Format Requirements Document
.UCUnrealScript Class
.UTF8Unicode UTF8-Encoded Text Document
.DAXPSP Compressed ISO Disc Image
.DOVTemp File
.POGDescent 2 Texture Modification
.RZRzip Compressed File
.LTRLetter File
.JPSStereo JPEG Image
.GLOBALGlobal Makefile
.VSOCompiled Vertex Shader File
.CBGCyberGauge Data File
.DSNDatabase Source Name File
.W32Win32 Makefile
.SRTSubRip Subtitle File
.CHR0Wii Model Animation File
.WGTIMPS Data File
.WGTXNBC Synaptic Weights File
.MTLOBJ Material File
.MDSMedia Descriptor Sidecar File
.FILEGeneric Windows File
.GZ2Misnamed BZ2 File
.GAMSaved Game File
.TLZMALZMA Compressed Tar Archive
.DRLGerber Drill Rack File
.LIBGeneric Data Library
.PYXPyrex Source Code File
.XIFasttracker 2 Extended Instrument File
.PHP4PHP 4 Web Page
.JHTMLJava HTML Web Page
.ZABZipped Audio Book
.FOTFont Resource File
.LTLLuminaire Data File
.DTMDigiTrakker Module
.DTMDolphin TAS Movie
.SKINDEXMail Index File
.SDXSample MIDI Dump Exchange
.BLUFileMaker Pro Runtime Extension
.FDPMySafe Encrypted Data
.WFDWaveFront Drum Kit File
.SFCSuper Nintendo ROM
.IVSInitialization Vector File
.IVSInternet Streaming Video
.FBMMarine Vessel Model File
.3D4Stereo CAD-3D 2.0 Image File
.ODEXOptimized Dalvik Executable
.LOCGPS Location File
.LOCTrackMania Locator File
.$ERGroupWise Database
.CDRMacintosh DVD/CD Master
.CDRRaw Audio CD Data
.DESKTOPDesktop Entry File
.SVSGame Boy Advance Saved State File
.DIVDIVA-GIS Project File
.B2ABtoa Encoded File
.WALLETWallet Ransomware
.SCFWindows Explorer Command
.SCFDNA Sequence Chromatogram File
.THPWii/GameCube Video File
.THPTurboTax Text String
.OUTCompiled Executable File
.OUTOutput File
.PIMPIM Archive
.EPPTalaPhoto Project
.EPPEditPad Pro Project
.PLSAudio Playlist
.AUAudio File
.BRMDLWii BRMDL Model File
.UGRApophysis Ultra Fractal Gradient File
.JISJapanese Industry Standard Text
.MCPACKMinecraft Resource Pack File
.BUFBuffer File
.TX_Compressed Text File
.VGDGeneric CADD VGA Driver
.AXDirectShow Filter
.MM7Might and Magic 7 Saved Game
.UPGUpgrade File
.HFHF Image
.ENGChess Engine
.CHATIRC Chat Configuration File
.HAHA Compressed Archive
.GMLGraph Modeling Language File
.INFOGeneric Information File
.AMRAdaptive Multi-Rate Codec File
.MPRFoxPro Generated Menu Program
.BREFTWii Effects File
.MTHDerive Math File
.MOMachine Object File
.MDZAccess Wizard Template
.HKI2WinHKI HKI2 Archive
.IDFMIDI Instrument Definition File
.KOZBell Music File
.POTPortable Object File
.SDFStandard Data File
.BSFBlu-ray AVC Video File
.LRSLibrie Reader Source File
.WCMWordPerfect Macro
.HTML0Book Designer File
.IPYNBJupyter Notebook
.G721G.721 Audio File
.CHARSETCharacter Set
.WAVEWAVE Sound File
.NSTNoiseTracker Module
.BRNCube Graphics File
.TSVTab Separated Values File
.TSVDigital Receiver Video Recording File
.CXXC++ Source Code File
.LHSLiterate Haskell Script
.ZUnix Compressed File
.PIFProgram Information File
.SNDSound File
.SNDAkai MPC Sample
.VMXCubase Mixer Settings File
.VOBDVD Video Object File
.IFICTIONiFiction Metadata File
.AMGPantimicro Profile File
.PNFPrecompiled INF File
.WTXText Document
.JCRNonogram Puzzle File
.ASRAudio Streaming Resource Archive
.LRCLyrics File
.ESSEasySpreadsheet Spreadsheet
.FZBCasio FZ-1 Bank Dump
.WSWonderSwan Game ROM File
.PSZCompressed PostScript File
.BIBBibliography Document
.BIBBibTeX Bibliography Database
.DIXDIVA-GIS Export File
.CPTPocket Slides Presentation
.ROMRead Only Memory Image
.ROMN64 Game ROM File
.CGMComputer Graphics Metafile
.MNGMultiple Network Graphic
.TGFTrivial Graph Format File
.LITLiterate Haskell Script
.UNKNOWNUnknown File Type
.CDCD-i OptImage
.TZZipped Tar Archive
.SMISMIL Presentation
.BHXBinHex Encoded File
.GZIPGnu Zipped File
.PDRWindows Port Driver
.N64Nintendo 64 Emulator ROM File
.ANM3D Animation File
.OPOpenPAT Report
.NTFSNTFS Partition File
.QKYQuirky Kernel
.ACS2AIMP Skin File
.EDLEdit Decision List File
.CURWindows Cursor
.TDLMathType Translator Definition Language
.TDLTab Delineated Format File
.PUPlantUML File
.EAPEnterprise Architect Project
.SSASub Station Alpha Subtitle File
.ATTWeb Form Post Data File
.ODTTFObfuscated OpenType Font
.HPKHPack Compressed Archive
.PICGeneric Picture File
.SETSettings File
.DSSDCC Active Designer File
.QDLQDL Program
.WNCRYWana Decrypt0r 2.0 Encrypted File
.IRRMESHIrrlicht Static Mesh File
.SQSysquake Program
.ZEGZeroG Subtitles File
.FRLElectronic Form Loader File
.PHP5PHP 5 Web Page
.VMFCovox Speech Thing Sample
.VMFVocaltec Media File
.SIMAurora Image
.ARIARI Compressed File Archive
.VSubsampled Raw YUV Image
.TXFTax Exchange Format
.MHSXilinx XPS Hardware Specification File
.C3DCoordinate 3D File
.G723G.723 Audio File
.KEYSTOREJava Keystore File
.001Split Archive File
.001Fax File
.HASHaskell Script
.SFOPSP Game Parameters File
.SFOCuteFTP Search File
.SUPSubtitle Bitmap File
.CONFUnix Configuration File
.CONFGeneric Configuration File
.TLITypelib Generated C/C++ Inline File
.FXTGrand Theft Auto Fake Text File
.PESBrother Embroidery Format
.BUPDVD IFO Backup File
.BUPBackup File
.READMEReadme File
.HC/C++/Objective-C Header File
.CPUVirtual CPU File
.GBSGameBoy Sound File
.RUNLinux Executable File
.LLeft Audio Channel File
.LGame of Life File
.EZTEZT Malicious Worm File
.FPGFenix Graphics Collection File
.KITCodeKit File
.EQNGAL Equation File
.KISMACKisMAC Webservice File
.TAZTar Zipped File
.GMOGNU Machine Object File
.HKI3WinHKI HKI3 Archive
.KYBKeyboard Layout
.DAODisk at Once CD/DVD Image
.WINFoxPro Window Settings
.SCN0Wii Texture Animation File
.GRFGeneric Graph File
.EVRCEnhanced Variable Rate Codec File
.CLPWindows Clipboard File
.MD1GEAR CD/DVD Disc Image
.MSFMail Summary File
.MGMMGCSoft Equation Illustrator Macro
.CSHC Shell Script
.PTMPolyTracker Module
.DA2AGT Game Data File
.GIOAdagio Score
.GIONyquist MIDI File
.OGNCDynamic Web Page
.PAQ8FPAQ8F Compressed Archive
.INETLOCInternet Location
.DESKLINKDesktop Shortcut
.NFSNetwork File System Temporary File
.M2PC-98 Game Music File
.XMLPERLeCroy Binary Waveform File
.KSKickstart File
.KSKeystore File
.ACTADPCM Compressed Audio File
.ACTFoxPro Documenting Wizard Action Diagram
.CWDNonogram Puzzle File
.FMVFrame Vector Metafile
.SMSSega Master System ROM
.SMSExported SMS Text Message
.YML2YML Script
.L3BLEGO 3D Model File
.BNDLGame Data Bundle File
.SSLFHLSW Shared Server List File
.FFINDEXFFmpegSource2 Media Index
.GCZCompressed GameCube/Wii ROM
.DRWDrawing File
.ASIGrand Theft Auto Mod Library
.CDDACD Digital Audio File
.TS4SCRIPTThe Sims 4 Script Archive
.EXAMPLEExample Configuration File
.SVX8SVX Sound File
.PMPerl Module
.IMDGIS Image Metadata File
.IMDImageDisk Disk Image File
.FAFASTA Formatted Sequence File
.K25Kurzweil K2500 File
.SO.0Unix Shared Library File
.ACS3AIMP Skin File
.AMXAMX Mod Plugin File
.HLXATI Radeon Video Driver Support File
.1Unix Section 1 Man Page
.WLUJaff Ransomware Encrypted File
.BRSARWii BRSAR Audio Archive
.DTXDocumented LaTeX File
.ZPIZipped File
.BBASIC Source File
.JVSJavaScript Proxy Autoconfig File
.DEVWindows Device Driver File
.IRRIrrlicht 3D Scene
.NOMEDIAAndroid No Media File
.G726G.726 Audio File
.CSRCertificate Signing Request File
.PCBPrinted Circuit Board Design File
.JP1Japanese (Romaji) Text File
.HQMHardcore Questing Mode Data File
.CMAOCaml Library
.VLABVisionLab Studio Project File
.PEMPrivacy Enhanced Mail Certificate
.ADBAda Body File
.GBGame Boy ROM File
.TAOTrack at Once CD/DVD Image
.DISKDEFINESLinux LiveCD Information File
.OFFObject File Format
.UWUnsigned Word Audio File
.SEWHome Embroidery Format
.WPPWordPerfect Color Palette
.BKUPBackup File
.SFXWindows Self-Extracting Archive
.SFXSoundFX Audio File
.MAPIMAILSend To Mail Recipient
.3DV3D VRML World
.DRDRM Rights Object
.JCEKSJCEKS Keystore File
.CUBEGaussian Cube File
.VALOlympus Voice Recording
.MEMFoxPro Variable File
.MEMMacro Editor Macro
.FOMODFallout Mod Archive
.NDXdBASE Index File
.HAMDescent 2 Resource File
.BWFBroadcast Wave File
.ICEICE File Archive
.BFSTMBFSTM Audio Stream File
.KOLinux Kernel Module File
.OAROpenSimulator Archive
.VNCVNC Configuration File
.HANDLEBARSHandlebars Template
.REFERENCEBudget In Brief Reference File
.EPIBRWWeb File Location
.REXXRexx Source File
.QDFMQuicken Data File (Macintosh)
.DSCText Description File
.DSCDebian Source Control File
.CMCable Modem Configuration File
.JSPAJava Servlet Alias
.HTMLZZipped HTML eBook
.BSDIFFBSDiff Patch File
.ABMMusic Album
.ABMPhoto Album
.IDXMovie Subtitle File
.IDXIndex File
.IDXHMI Historical Log Index File
.IDXOutlook Express Mailbox Index File
.MPC-98 Game Music File
.VBVirtual Boy ROM File
.STLStereolithography File
.ABIDNA Chromatogram File
.DTDDocument Type Definition File
.GBAGame Boy Advance ROM
.TBZBzip Compressed Tar Archive
.XPMX11 Pixmap Graphic
.SQDSQ Data File
.RNGNokia Composer Ringtone
.PPFPlayStation Patch Format File
.SCTFoxPro Form Memo
.SZSWii Game Data File
.SZSGameCube Data File
.TKOWin32/Oficla Trojan File
.XMFExtensible Music File
.PAKVideo Game Package
.PAKPAK (Packed) File
.BOXE-mail Mailbox
.BOXKodicom Video
.AFPAdvanced Function Presentation File
.CELFLIC Animation
.CHAIRC Chat Configuration File
.CHACharacter Layout File
.BKPBackup File
.VGZVideo Game Music Compressed File
.STAtari ST Disk Image
.SYWYamaha SY99/SY85 Audio File
.APPCACHEHTML5 Cache Manifest File
.RF1Retirement Forecast File
.GFWGIF World File
.TBKFoxPro Memo Backup
.STXScream Tracker Music Interface Kit File
.CYWRbot.CYW Worm File
.STYYamaha/Korg Keyboard Style
.STYLaTeX Style
.IMGDisc Image Data File
.IMGFloppy Disk Image
.JICJTAG Indirect Configuration File
.JICJava Icon File
.IGSIGES Drawing File
.LVLGame Level File
.BIPCharacter Studio Biped File
.BIPDharma Ransomware Encrypted File
.OPTOptions File
.OPTAGT Game Data File
.MBMMulti Bitmap File
.FDLaTeX Font Definition File
.VISVisibility Image File
.DFFRenderWare Model File
.PRJProject File
.D00OPL2 FM Audio File
.M4Macro Processor Library
.CUBGaussian Cube File
.PAQ6PAQ6 Data Archive
.PIDProcess ID File
.TXWYamaha TX16W Audio File
.OBJRelocatable Object Code
.SDPSession Description Protocol File
.WPLDEC WPS Plus Text Document
.URTUtah Raster Toolkit File
.MP4.INFOVIDParrot AR Drone and Gyro Flyer Video
.STMScream Tracker 2 Module
.STMSSI Web Page
.FTGFull Text Group
.ACAutoconf Script
.FCSFCEUX Save State File
.FCSFirst Choice Spreadsheet
.SFSSquashfs File Archive
.MP_Mobile Phone Sound File
.OLAOnline Access File
.SMDSega Mega Drive ROM
.DEMOPokémon Type Wild Data File
.NSBCANintendo DS Model Animation File
.FSMFarandole Composer WaveSample File
.WNWriteNow Text Document
.IWSInstallWatch Scan File
.RDFResource Description Framework File
.RDFReport Definition File
.NGCNeoGeo Pocket Color ROM
.EOTEmbedded OpenType Font
.PKPROJVisual CCScript Project
.CALCALS Raster Graphic
.SBFAndroid System File
.LISSQR Output File
.LISVAX Program Listing
.TDBAndroid Thumbnail Cache
.LBTFoxPro Label Memo
.K26Kurzweil K2600 File
.DATData File
.DATVCD Video File
.SSource Code File
.XHTMExtensible Hypertext Markup Language Document
.ASEVelvet Studio Sample
.INPgretl Script File
.SNMNetscape Mail Index
._XLSXRenamed Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
.TVLTurboTax File
.VBGVisual Basic Project Group File
.PSUEMS PS2 Memory Adapter Save File
.RDBWavelet Video Images File
.RDBN64 ROM Database
.MDNBlank Access Database Template
.MTXMadTracker 2 Extension
.F90Fortran 90 Source Code File
.VTXVTX Chiptune File
.OFXOpen Financial Exchange File
.PCTPure Compound Text File
.NUVNuppelVideo File
.ADMPortfolio Admin-Level Access Flag
.ADMAdministrative Template File
.GBCGame Boy Color ROM
.PAQ7PAQ7 Data Archive
.NPTPortfolio NetPublish Template
.WALWinamp Modern Skin
.WALQuake 2 Texture File
.SEQDNA Sequence Text File
.PODPerl POD File
.QPXQuickTime Player Extension
.HDIHard Disk Image
.ESPACD/Labs Dataset
.3DL3D Lookup Table File
.LNGLanguage Application Support File
.HYPHYPER Compressed Archive
.BZIPBzip Compressed Archive
.ZIXQuicken Online File
.AKPAkai Sampler File
.FOUNTAINFountain Script File
.DONEMarker File
.XEPeManager File Packaging Information
._DOCRenamed Microsoft Word Document
.SPLFutureSplash Animation
.PITPackIt Compressed Archive
.YDKYu-Gi-Oh! Deck File
.JRCPCjr Cartridge ROM File
.ADVAudio Driver File
.SKVSemicolon Separated Values File
.HPFHigh Performance Fortran File
.GEOVRML Geography File
.DCMDCM Audio Module
.FDXFood Data Exchange File
.INSLaTeX Installer Script
.INSEnsoniq Instrument
.INSAGT Game Instruction File
.FPPFortran Source Code
.LEFLEN Exchange Format File
.FLPFloppy Disk Image
.KLGLog File
.XYZMolecule Specification File
.CFGConfiguration File
.DCTDictionary File
.DCTFoxPro Database Memo
.KEYSoftware License Key File
.KEYSecurity Key
.KEYKeyboard Definition File
.DLLDLL Dynamic Web Page
.SCSSSass Cascading Style Sheet
.TD0Akai Teledisk Sound Library
.TD0Teledisk Archive
.ENCEncoded File
.KODAKKodak Photo CD File
.F95Fortran 95 Source Code File
.SLLStatic Link Library
.PRNPrintable File
.ALBUMGLC_Player Album File
.TSKPocket PC Skin
.FARFarandole Composer Module
.ICMImage Color Matching Profile
.RADRadar ViewPoint Radar Data
.PFAPrinter Font ASCII File
.RGSRegistry Script
.3DSNintendo 3DS ROM
.TZXZX Spectrum Tape Image File
.P01GEAR CD/DVD Disc Image
.GITKEEPGit Keep File
.DSPDynamic Studio Professional Module
.PALNES Emulator Color Palette File
.PALDr. Halo Color Palette File
.SQLStructured Query Language Data File
.SGBSuper Game Boy ROM File
.SECPGP Secret Key Ring
.RLERun Length Encoded Bitmap
.AURORAAurora Ransomware Encrypted File
.KRZKurzweil K2000 File
.VDIVirtuo CD Manager Disk Image
.E_ERenamed EXE File
.XTXdebug Trace File
.RNQRenque Model File
.CGZLinux Drivers Archive
.GDTBgretl Binary Datafile
.SSFStructured Subtitle Format File
.VCDFarStone Virtual Drive
.VCDValue Change Dump File
.STAGEPokémon Type Wild Stage Data File
.CPRCPC Plus Cartridge
.ICSCalendar File
.RRight Audio Channel File
.LSPLisp Program Source Code File
.LSPLANsurveyor Poll List
._XLSRenamed Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
.VERVersion Record
.DOBVisual Basic UserDocument
.CRTSecurity Certificate
.FLAMEFractal Flames File
.ARUnix Static Library
.INSpyware File
.INInput File
.CAPPacket Capture File
.DFTSolid Edge Draft Document
.CARCar Explorer Data File
.CARCAR Archive
.WDGTOpera Widget
.PRGProgram File
.PRGCommodore Program File
.LSTData List
.LSTFoxPro Documenting Wizard List
.XARExtensible Archive Format File
.OGMOgg Media File
.TAR.GZ2Misnamed BZ2 Tarball
.SAFETEXTSafeText File
.NRONintendo Switch Executable File
.MOZMozilla Cache File
.PGIVideo Recording File
.GCAGCA File Archive
.VSVertex Shader File
.VSVivid Include File
.JNGJPEG Network Graphic
.AICAdvanced Image Coding File
.OTFOpenType Font
.SIGSignature File
.MOVIEPayday Movie File
.FTNFortran Source Code File
.SDMStarOffice Mail Message
.SDMSpatial Data Modeling Language File
.REQSSL Certificate Request File
.NCmcrypt Encrypted File
.UPRFractal Parameters File
.PGNPortable Game Notation File
.PXDPyrex Definition File
.ATZAtomic Time Zone File
.YUMTXYUM Transaction File
.SLSImage Playlist
.ROUGerber Route File
.CB7Comic Book 7-Zip Archive
.DA6AGT Game Data File
.CBZComic Book Zip Archive
.PPMPortable Pixmap Image File
.PPMPost Programmable Memory File
.VCFvCard File
.TSVideo Transport Stream File
.LTXLaTeX Document
.LINXiPod Links Folder
.GCGGCG DNA Sequence File
.MJPGMotion JPEG Video File
.LITEMODMinecraft LiteLoader Mod File
.$$$Temporary File
.P96Win96 Database File
.DLGDialogue File
.DLGDigital Line Graph
.FDSNintendo FDS ROM
.TAR.MD5Android System File
.BZAIZArc BGA Archive
.PBIPC BSD Installer Package
.TERRNRigs of Rods Terrain File
.PSF1PlayStation Sound Format File
.UVWUVW Coordinates File
.MD5.TXTMessage Digest 5 Hash File
.MTVMTV Video Format File
.GROAllegro MIDI File
.DRVDevice Driver
.QWDQuakeWorld Demo File
.PHP2PHP 2 Web Page
.SHA1SHA-1 Hash File
.BJOTabRite Tablature File
.BLBBlob Data File
.PSSPicture and Sound Show File
.TCLTcl Script
.CACHECache File
.FZVCasio FZ-1 Voice Dump
.IILCleanSweep Installation Log
.AC3Audio Codec 3 File
.CC/C++ Source Code File
.RGPRealArcade Game Package
.NPPortfolio NetPublish File
.ORIOriginal File
.NLNatron Layout File
.SCXFoxPro Form
.SCXGame Scenario File
.XXEXXEncoded File
.NAPNAP Metafile
.PNMPortable Any Map Image
.DCXFoxPro Database Index
.S16Digital Voice Recorder Audio File
.SNGMIDI Song File
.CONFIGConfiguration File
.COURSESuper Mario ReMaker Course File
.DERDER Certificate File
.ESTConstruction Cost Estimate File
.UXFUML eXchange Format
.ADFAmiga Disk File
.PSFPortable Sound File
.PSFGPS Prediction Support File
.PSFPID Script File
.LISTAPT List File
.UOPUniform Office Presentation
.HZChinese (Hanzi) Text
.BIKVideo Game Movie File
.TKTk Script
.LICSoftware License File
.323H.323 Internet Telephony File
.EZSEZ-R Stats Batch Script
.CRLCertificate Revocation List File
.AINAIN Compressed File Archive
.MM6Might and Magic 6 Saved Game
.V64Nintendo 64 ROM Dump
.TCCC++ Source Code File
.VGAVGA Display Driver
.XHTMLExtensible Hypertext Markup Language File
.ICAImage Object Content Architecture File
.AB1DNA Electropherogram File
.MPG2MPEG-2 Video File
.MMEMulti-Purpose Internet Mail
.RDOCRuby Document
.ADTSAudio Data Transport Stream File
.HSHaskell Script
.MBOXE-mail Mailbox File
.FGSFig Figure Settings File
.SPPACKSPPack Sound Sample
.ABCABC Music Notation
.ABCABC Source File
.MINIPSFMiniature PlayStation Sound Format File
.IONFile Description File
.UOFUniform Office Document
.CLR0Wii Color Swapping Animation File
.IPKItsy Package
.PDBProgram Database
._SYS.LFOAdware File
.FZFCasio FZ-1 Full Dump
.GEDCOMGEDCOM Genealogy File
.GORMGorm Interface Resource File
.DIZDescription in Zip File
.PYDPython Dynamic Module
.CFSendmail Configuration File
.9.PNGNinePatchDrawable Image
.PHPerl Header File
.SHA512SHA 512 Hash File
.ULFUniversal List File
.MBNMulti Boot Image
.PANICKernel Panic File
.CBMAPContainment Breach Map File
.FDBPortfolio Catalog
.SBISound Blaster Instrument
.TAR.LZLzip Compressed Tarball
.NSBTANintendo DS Texture Animation File
.EMBEverest Embedded Bank File
.002Split Archive Part 2 File
.FLIFFree Lossless Image Format File
.FITSFlexible Image Transport System File
.PYWPython GUI Source File
.INTUnreal International Localization File
.INTIntellivision Game ROM File
.SCRScript File
.GMFGeology Multi-File
.PCHPrecompiled Header File
.GLBGlulx Blorb Game File
.RBSMP3 Ringtone File
.PDBProtein Data Bank File
.ADXApproach Index File
.ADSAda Specification File
.UUUuencoded File
.NESNintendo (NES) ROM File
.PCMPulse Code Modulation
.CODCompiled Source Code
.VDATarga Bitmap Image File
.M4UMPEG-4 Playlist
.LOCKEDRansomware Encrypted File
.AMVAnime Music Video File
.TFMTeX Font Metric File
.LINKiPod Link File
.WPKWordPerfect Macro
.LNXCommodore 64 Lynx Archive
.LNXAtari Lynx ROM
.UMLUML Data Object Model
.SGSG-1000 Game ROM File
.AQTAQTitle Subtitles File
.SDQSAS Data File
.ERBRuby ERB Script
.ERBBraille Music Reader File
.SBGFGrapher Settings File
.CBAComic Book ACE Archive
.MPGAMPEG-1 Layer 3 Audio File
.TIFTagged Image File
.TLDTag Library Descriptor File
.MATERIALRigs of Rods Texture Reference File
.MEReadme Text File
.METemporary Delete Me File
.DOJava Servlet
.SUDSudoku Puzzle File
.SARService Archive File
.HAMLHaml Source Code File
.PSF2PlayStation Sound Format File
.RSWR&R SQL Report Writer Report File
.MRKDPOF Auto Print Order File
.HKIWinHKI Archive
.P7RCertificate Request Response File
.FWFirmware Update File
.CBKBackup Configuration File
.P97Win97 Database File
.TERRN2Rigs of Rods Terrain 2 File
.CDPCD/Spectrum Pro File
.W02Split Archive File
.VACOc2.316s Cakit File
.TFMXFinal Music System Tracker Module
.HEXHexadecimal Source File
.APNGAnimated Portable Network Graphic
.DSMDigital Sound Module
.USTARUniform Standard Tape Archive Format File
.ULAWRaw u-Law Audio File
.NGPNeoGeo Pocket ROM
.DLCDownload Link Container File
.MMPMaster Album Maker Project
.MMPMixMeister Playlist
.ZDBQuicken Online File
.WSCWonderSwan Color Game ROM
.INFORMInform Project
.SSMStandard Streaming Metafile
.SSMSound Clip Archive
.EXIFExchangeable Image Information File
.DFULaTeX Font Encoding File
.YENCyEnc File
.APTAlmost Plain Text File
.264Ripped Video Data File
.GZAIZArc BGA Archive File
.WBMWireless Bitmap Image
.RPYPython Script
.SAVSaved Game
.DARDAR Disk Archive
.KSHUnix Korn Shell Script
.UTXTUnicode Text File
.ENVAdobe Dictionary Data File
.BACKUPAndroid Backup File
.MINIPSF2Miniature PlayStation Sound Format File
.113Iomega Backup File
.HDFHierarchical Data Format File
.BREFFWii Effect Controls File
.HKI1WinHKI HKI1 Archive
.BMCEmbroidery Image File
.P10Certificate Request File
.M1AMPEG-1 Audio File
.BLZCompressed Bitmap Image
.VFSVirtual File System Index
.VFSAnimated Slide File
.YNCyEnc Encoded File
.HPSGameCube Audio File
.GENSega Genesis ROM
.JPDJava Process Definition
.EMLXPARTMail Message Attachment
.MCTEMPLATEMinecraft World Template
.FL1Lenovo BIOS Update File
.ARRAmber Graphic File
.HWPHangul (Korean) Text Document
.CHARTGuitar Rhythm Chart File
.DMODerive Demo
.NB0Device Boot Loader Image
.DWDavid Whittaker Audio File
.CRDGuitar Tabs
.ANNHelp Annotations
.MBRMaster Boot Record File
.SPCSoftware Publisher Certificate File
.SPCSNES Soundtrack File
.SC2Sample Cell II Instrument Definition
.RSSRich Site Summary
.AUXLaTeX Auxiliary File
.AUXAuxiliary File
.SIDSID Audio File
.IVASurveillance Video File
.IVADementia.4207 Virus File
.PHTMPHP-Based Web Page
.REXRexx Source File
.669UNIS Composer 669 Module
.FASTAFASTA Sequence File
.SVGSaved Game File
.ISHISH Compressed Archive
.CBRComic Book RAR Archive
.NSBMDNintendo DS Model File
.QPRFoxPro Generated Query Program
.BAKBackup File
.SYMSymbols File
.HITThe Sims Sound File
.HXXC++ Source Code Header File
.LXFLEN Exchange Format File
.AVRAudio Visual Research File
.DGCTurboTax Tax Form
.TRXFirmware Image File
.WBMPWireless Bitmap Image File
.VAPORCDNorum Vapor CD
.$DBdBASE Temporary File
.AMXXAMX Mod X Plugin File
.SMCSuper Nintendo Game ROM
.AIFCCompressed Audio Interchange File
.CDZCompressed CD Image File
.MPEG1MPEG-1 Video File
.PJPEGProgressive JPEG Image
.LHALHARC Compressed Archive
.B64Base64 MIME-Encoded File
.SYHSynchomatic Instrument
.EXTGeneric Email Attachment
.FTMFamiTracker Module
.PLSCMessenger Plus! Live Script File
.SMFStandard MIDI File
.0Shared Library Link File
.60DCCTV Video Clip
.PRMParameter File
.AWCAudio Wave Container File
.DD Source Code File
.DSource Dependency File
.CBTComic Book TAR File
.RSARSA Certificate File
.BPWBitmap World File
.SYXMIDI System Exclusive Message
.AFMAdobe Font Metrics File
.AIXAIX Audio File
.PREFPreferences File
.PREFMacintosh Preferences File
.ABApplix Builder File
.ABDNA Sequence File
.NPSNatron Node Presets File
.MYDOCSSend To My Documents
.EUMEnterprise User Monitor Configuration File
.VRODVD Video Recording Format
.DRCDRM Rights Object
.KKKKKK Ransomware Encrypted File
.TLXStandard Dictionary File
.SKEINSkein XML File
.SFFStructured Fax File
.ZIPZipped File
.U8Mario Kart Wii Archive
.MJ2Motion JPEG 2000 Video Clip
.PTBPower Tab File
.OMODOblivion Mod Archive
.TRPHD Video Transport Stream
.DNGVirtual Dongle Image
.MSHVisual Communicator Project File
.MINMAX Interchange Notation File
.MINMint Source File
.RPTGeneric Report
.LOGLog File
.RRDReduced Resolution Dataset File
.NBHROM Update Utility Image File
.TBZ2Tar BZip 2 Compressed File
.HOGDescent Mission File
.RESC++ Complied Resource Script
.PCETurboGrafx-16 ROM
.CMSContent Management System
.CMLChemical Markup Language File
.BMPBitmap Image File
.ORAOpenRaster Image File
.FPFileMaker Pro Spreadsheet
.WCRYWannaCry Virus Encrypted File
.CCCDev-C++ Code Completion Cache
.AJPCCTV Video File
.P7PKCS #7 Digital Certificate File
.BKFrameMaker Book File
.UOSUniform Office Spreadsheet
.ALAWA-Law Compressed Sound Format
.PXIPyrex Include File
.DOWNLOADPartially Downloaded File
.SMPSampleVision Audio Sample Format
.M2THDV Video File
.UAU Audio File
.USubsampled Raw YUV Image
.PROIDL Source Code File
.KMVMobile DJ Video File
.SLSoftware License File
.NSBTXNintendo DS Model Texture File
.FTSFull Text Search
.PROFSuper Smash Bros. Crusade Profile
.CCSCCS Script File
.GBXGerber PCB File
.FRTFoxPro Report Memo
.SPTAQW Trainer File
.MTFMasterCook Tips
.PSVPipe Separated Values File
.SMAAMX Mod Plugin Source File
.1STReadme File
._DOCXRenamed Microsoft Word Open XML Document
.GSMGraphic Description Language File
.GSMUS Robotics GSM Audio File
.GSMGlobal System for Mobile Audio File
.LUALua Source File
.C01Typhoon Wave Audio File
.ULTUltraTracker Module
.THMVideo Thumbnail File
.THMThumbnail Image File
.ISODisc Image File
.ISOPlayStation 2 ROM File
.PCCPhotocomposition Code File
.VIMRCVim Runtime Configuration File
.LCKProgram Lock File
.INGMasterCook Ingredients File
.MIFManagement Information Format
.DEFModule-Definition File
.SFDSofdec Dreamcast Movie
.AMFAdvanced Module File
.W01Yamaha SY Series Wave File
.ASHNintendo Wii System Menu File
.BDFBinary Data File
.BDFBSDiff Patch File
.BDFMIDAS BDF Disk Image File
.DMCDPCM Sample File
.XTPXTree Data File
.SEEDLinux Preseed File
.XSLXML Style Sheet
.ASMAssembly Language Source Code File
.AWBAMR-WB Audio File
.USFLIBNintendo 64 Song Library
.DWIDance With Intensity Song File
.OB2Oberon-2 Source Code File
.FORFortran 77 Source File
.BMZCompressed Bitmap Image
.XPTMozilla Firefox Component
.XPTSAS Transport File
.DECDeclaration File
.FIMPPFiM++ Source Code File
.LOCKLock File
.XEMeManager Metered Units
.PLAYERPokémon Type Wild Player Data File
.SAFSafeText File
.SAFSecure Audio File
.CDFChannel Definition Format
.AMSExtreme Tracker Module
.YSubsampled Raw YUV Image
.YAmiga Yabba Compressed File
.PBFPinnacle Sample Bank
.TMDPlayStation Game Model File
.BIFBoot Information File
.VBSCRIPTVisual Basic Script
.MDLFlight Simulator Airplane Model
.MDLRational Rose Model File
.MDLDigiTrakker Module
.SBSigned Byte Audio File
.FFFGravis UltraSound Sound Bank
.HPPC++ Header File
.FPAFront Panel Encrypted Order File
.MAPImage Map
.MAPRigs of Rods Key Assignments File
.VECVectrex Game ROM File
.FCDVirtual CD Format
.FCDFirst Choice Database
.EXPSymbols Export File
.EXPExport File
.DIFDigital Interface Format
.RTSReal Tracker Sample
.CFFCommon File Format
.PPAMPowerPoint 2007 Add-In
.CBLCOBOL Source Code File
.GYMSega Genesis Sound File
.SHRUnix Shell Archive File
.DBVDatabase Variable Field
.ARIA2aria2 Control File
.QDAQuadruple D Archive
.ZI_Renamed Zip File
.RNCRELAX NG Compact Syntax File
.CNFTelnet Configuration File
.PNSPNG Stereo Image
.DSFDelusion Digital Sound File
.TPLDocument Template
.TPLHTTP File Server Template
.EQPMathType Preferences
.DBMobile Device Database File
.DBDatabase File
.RHTMLRuby HTML Web Page
.JAPNonogram Puzzle File
.JAPJapanese Nintendo 64 Game ROM
.SWCSuper Nintendo Wild Card ROM File
.KBDKeyboard Layout Script
.PLTAutoCAD Plotter Document
.HQXBinHex 4.0 Encoded File
.VXMLVoiceXML File
.SQXSQX Archive
.CUECue Sheet File
.EFAEnsoniq ASR File
.ASATAssemble SAT 3D Model File
.COBCOBOL Source Code File
.XOMLWindows Workflow File
.RBWRuby Script
.INIWindows Initialization File
.RMTRouter Firmware File
.VOLVideo Game Archive
.SEPSeparated Image File
.VIMVim Settings File
.PIZZipped File
.1PETurboTax Form File
.AGBGame Boy Advance ROM
.DSKDisk Image
.XWPXMLwriter Project
.SDSMIDI Sample Dump Standard File
.RTERTE Encoded File
.DEBDebian Software Package
.PKZVideo Game Package
.MPEG2MPEG-2 Video File
.NUTNUT Video File
.NOWReadme File
.PAFPortable Application Installer File
.EQLMathType Settings
.JBEAMBeamNG Vehicle Definition Format
.UNIMikMod UniMOD Module
.QRYQuery File
.FPTFoxPro Table Memo
.XESeManager Skins Definition
.LZHLZH Compressed File
.FRMForm File
.SHBash Shell Script
.SUBSubtitle File
.MODAmiga Music Module File
.RAWRaw Image Data File
.RAWDolphin Wii and Gamecube Emulator Game Save File
.RAWRaw Audio Data
.MODFortran Module File
.RTPTurboTax Update File
.SHUnix Shell Archive
.ADTADTS Audio File
.EQLEmbedded SQL File
.DBFFoxPro Table
.OMFOMF Interchange Image File
.TRITriangle Mesh File
.STRWindows Screensaver File
.FASFASTA Sequence File
.RTENavigation Route
.DSKSimple IDs Database
.ARTArt Document
.VOLVolfs File System Directory
.PLUGINMac OS X Plugin
.INISymbian OS Configuration File
.INIGravis UltraSound Bank Setup File
.MASAccess Stored Procedures
.CHRBorland Character Set File
.AAGeneric CD Image
.VSTTarga Bitmap Image
.DSTWAIN Data Source
.XXXExtractor Ransomware Encrypted File
.TABTab Separated Data File
.TABGuitar Tablature File
.FALBitmap Graphic Header Information
.ME2MODMass Effect 2 Modification File
.BINSega Genesis Game ROM
.BINUnix Executable File
.BINGeneric Binary File
.BINBinary Disc Image
.BINGeneric Binary Executable File
.BINMacbinary Encoded File
.BINNintendo DS Binary File
.BINRouter Firmware File
.UC2UltraCompressor 2 Archive
.BINAtari 2600 Game ROM
.BINBinary Video File
.SWPSwap File
.CAInitial Telnet Cache
.MD5MD5 Checksum File
.DOXVisual Basic Binary UserDocument
.JJAR Archive
.JJPEG Image
.MNTFoxPro Menu Memo
.ABKAutomatic Backup File
.JUDEJUDE Project File
.ROGRoger 2 Input Data File
.WICJ Wavelet Image
.SHKShrinkIt Archive
.JSPXXML Java Server Page
.RJSRuby Javascript File
.M2VMPEG-2 Video
.PSMProtracker Studio Module
.WMLWireless Markup Language File
.ZOOZoo Compressed File
.CTFPSP Custom Theme File
.PRTPrinter Driver File
.PRTPrinter Output File
.MDMachine Description File
.MDSEGA Mega Drive ROM
.MDMDCD Compressed Archive
.PNGPortable Network Graphic
.MOIMOI Video File
.ERRError Log File
.ERRFoxPro Compilation Error
.MMObjective-C++ Source File
.CPIOUnix CPIO Archive
.EFKEnsoniq KT File
.HHC++ Header File
.LNTLiveNote Case File
.RSRust Source Code File
.COFFEECoffeeScript JavaScript File
.TEXTexture File
.PAT3D Patch File
.PATGravis UltraSound GF1 Patch File
.MTZCompressed MetaStream Scene File
.FLAM3Fractal Flames File
.SCMScheme Source Code File
.SCMSchema File
.GDBTABLEGeodatabase Table File
.USFNintendo 64 Music File
.USFUniversal Subtitles Format File
.XDLOracle Expert Definition Language File
.XDLXML Schema File
.UWFUltraTracker Wave File
.PRFWindows System File
.XPDXML Pipeline Document
.XETeManager Process Definition
.GPXGPS Exchange File
.D88Toshiba Pasopia 7 Disk File
.IPPInline Guard Macro File
.XEVeManager Auto-Update File
.VMDCovox Raw Sample
.CSOCompressed ISO Disk Image
.DMSDisk Masher Image
.PUBPublic Key File
.VARVariable Data

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