File ExtensionFile TypePopularity
.UMDSplinter Cell Blacklist Game Data File
.UNXUnix Text File
.ULXGlulx Game File
.UFSFreeBSD Unix File System File
.UT3Unreal Tournament 3 Map File
.ULPEAGLE User Language Program
.UNKUnknown File
.UUEUuencoded File
.UAXUnreal Audio Package
.USMUSM Game Video File
.UPDProgram Update Information
.UKXUnreal Animation Package
.UASSETUnreal Asset File
.URLInternet Shortcut
.UZIPFreeBSD Compressed Disk Image
.UFTTorque Font Cache File
.UVXUnreal Tournament 2003 Saved Game
.UCEWindows UCE System File
.UHAUHarc Compressed Archive
.URRUniface Signatures File
.UOTUniform Office Document
.U10UFile 2010 Tax Return
.UFS.UZIPCompressed Unix File System File
.UNRUnreal Level Map
.U3IU3 Application Information File
.UGOIRAUgoira Animated Image File
.UXXUnreal Tournament Cache
.UDCXUniversal Data Connection File
.UFRUltra Fractal File
.UTZUIQ Theme Package
.UT2Unreal Tournament Map
.UUDUUDecoded File
.UBOXUniverse Sandbox Data File
.UT2MODUnreal Tournament 2003/2004 Module File
.UPKUnreal Engine 3 Package
.UEAProtector Suite QL Encrypted Archive
.USXUnreal Static Meshes
.UMODUnreal Tournament Module File
.UPSUPS Patch File
.UDLMicrosoft Universal Data Link File
.USTUTAU Sequence Text File
.UTCBioware Creature File
.UTXUnreal Texture Package
.UDOmniPage User Dictionary
.UVFUncertain Value Format
.UDEBDebian Package File
.UPDATRiConomy Update File
.UNLGarmin Unlock File
.UIFUniversal Image Format Disc Image
.UMXUnreal Music Package
.UPXUltimate Packer for eXecutables File
.UNITYPROJUnity 3D Project
.UCTUC Browser Theme File
.UBUnsigned Byte Audio File
.ULDUnified Luminaire Data File
.UQMThe Ur-Quan Masters Game Data File
.ULWu-Law Audio File
.UDBDynamics AX User Database File
.UCFWebEx Media File
.UCUnrealScript Class
.UTF8Unicode UTF8-Encoded Text Document
.UISWindowBlinds User Interface Specification
.UWLUser Word List File
.UGRApophysis Ultra Fractal Gradient File
.UPFMicroStation User Preferences File
.UPFPanono Unstitched Panorama Format
.UPFUnified Power Format File
.UPGUpgrade File
.UGAUlead GIF Animator File
.UCLKilling Floor System File
.UBJUniversal Binary JSON File
.UT4MODUnreal Tournament 2004 Module
.UNKNOWNUnknown File Type
.UDFUniversal Disk Format File
.UDFExcel User Defined Function
.UPOIiGO Points of Interest File
.USERPROFILENorton AntiVirus User Profile File
.UDCAdobe InDesign User Dictionary
.U3PU3 Smart Application
.UIUser Interface File
.USRFileMaker Pro Database File
.USRSmartMusic Custom File
.USRLowrance GPS Data File
.UNITYPACKAGEUnity Package File
.UWUnsigned Word Audio File
.ULZUSBlyzer Data Capture File
.UNITYUnity Scene File
.USERVisual Studio Project User Options File
.UMFMediaHolder Universal Media Format File
.USERTILE-MSWindows 8 User Tile File
.URTUtah Raster Toolkit File
.UCMCrazy Machines Model File
.ULSNetMeeting User Location Service File
.UPRFractal Parameters File
.UPRFileMaker User Dictionary
.UVWUVW Coordinates File
.U12UFile 2012 Tax Return
.UXFUML eXchange Format
.U3DUniversal 3D File
.UOPUniform Office Presentation
.UOPUltima Online Patch File
.UNTAutoCAD Unit Definition File
.UNAUTHSiteMinder Unauthorized Message File
.UMSRune 3D Mesh File
.UCCAPILOGMicrosoft UCC API Log File
.USEQUSeq Genome Data File
.UOFUniform Office Document
.ULFUniversal List File
.U11UFile 2011 Tax Return
.UWRFUniversal Web Radio File
.UUUuencoded File
.UMLUML Data Object Model
.USTARUniform Standard Tape Archive Format File
.ULAWRaw u-Law Audio File
.UTXTUnicode Text File
.UFOUlead File Object
.UFOUnified Font Object File
.UIBAKUltraISO Backup Disk Image
.UT8Ghost Master Language File
.UNITY3DUnity Web Player File
.U83D Lemmings Audio File
.U8Mario Kart Wii Archive
.UOSUniform Office Spreadsheet
.UUnreal Tournament Class Package
.UAU Audio File
.USubsampled Raw YUV Image
.ULTUltraTracker Module
.UDSNetBackup UNIX Domain Socket File
.UDSSierra Generations File
.UDSUniform Data System File
.USFLIBNintendo 64 Song Library
.UCIUFS Explorer Backup File
.UMAPUnreal Engine Map File
.USAUnreal Saved Game File
.UNIMikMod UniMOD Module
.UC2UltraCompressor 2 Archive
.UTWUnity Whirld File
.UHTMLUC Browser Saved Webpage
.USFEVGA Precision X Skin File
.USFNintendo 64 Music File
.USFUniversal Subtitles Format File
.UWFUltraTracker Wave File
.UDKUnreal Engine Map File

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