File ExtensionFile TypePopularity
.XOFReality Lab 3D Image File
.XSIADDONSoftimage Add-on File
.XLSXMicrosoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
.XDRXML-Data Reduced File
.XGSXACT Global Settings File
.XMDXExamSoft Answer File
.XSPFXSPF Playlist File
.XYZVCelestia Sampled Trajectory File
.XTBAngular Translation File
.XEZeManager Template Package
.XWKCrosstalk Communicator Keyboard Mapping File
.XCSNAPSHOTSXcode Snapshot
.XQXQuery File
.XOJO_WINDOWXojo Window File
.XEXXbox 360 Executable File
.XMMAPMindManager XML Map File
.XPFLMMS Preset File
.XLRWorks Spreadsheet
.XTODVDConvertXtoDVD Project File Basic Module File
.XPKWWE RAW Model File
.XSISoftimage XSI 3D Image
.XENGuitar Hero III Data File
.XMM3ds Max XML Animation Map File
.XFOXSL-FO Formatted Form
.XCDATAMODELDXcode Core Data Model File
.XCSLCineStyle Color Correction File
.XSNInfoPath Form Template File
.XNBXNA Game Studio Binary Package
.XLAExcel Add-In File
.XBAPXAML Browser Application File
.XLVExcel Visual Basic Module
.XISEXilinx ISE Project File Configuration File
.XENSEARCHXenCenter Saved Search File
.XMCTMathcad XML Worksheet Template
.XTLVietcong Data File
.XSPKodi Smart Playlist File
.XSLTXSL Transformation File
.XRFFExtensible Attribute-Relation File Format
.XCARCHIVEXcode Archive
.XCAPPDATAXcode App Data File
.XOJO_BINARY_WINDOWXojo Binary Window File
.XBRLXBRL Document
.XERPrimavera P6 Project File
.XTGExtensible TreeGraph File
.XFDFAdobe Acrobat XFDF File
.XGMLGraph Modeling Language XML File
.XPADDERCONTROLLERXpadder Controller Profile
.XLDExcel Database File
.XMZFastTracker 2 Extended Module
.XPPX++ Source Code File
.XV0Lattice XVL Structure File
.XMIXML Metadata Interchange File
.XMIExtended MIDI File
.XY3XYWrite III Document
.XIBInterface Builder File
.X64Commodore 64 Disk Image
.XUMExcel Unit Operation Model File
.XAF3ds Max XML Animation File
.XAFCal3D XML Animation File
.XAFAffirm Deposition Transcript
.XLTMExcel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet Template
.XPGAutoplay Media Studio Exported Page
.XQYXQuery Source File
.XYPXYWrite Plus Document
.XLNKXML Shortcut File
.XFNVentura Printer Font
.XZFXZipLogix ZipForm File
.XDPXML Data Package
.XMAPXMind 2007/2008 Workbook
.XOJO_BINARY_TOOLBARXojo Binary Toolbar File
.XCWORKSPACEXcode Workspace File
.XDNADNA Strider Sequence File
.XURXbox 360 Binary User Interface File
.XWFOmniPage Workflow File
.XXXXEncoded File
.XFRiProcess Process Definition File
.XZMPorteus Module
.XLTExcel Template
.XOJO_XML_TOOLBARXojo Toolbar File
.XUIXbox 360 User Interface File
.XPLLPull-Planner Data File
.XNKExchange Shortcut
.XOJO_TOOLBARXojo Toolbar File
.XCODEXcode Project
.XLExcel Spreadsheet
.XBTSMART Notebook Template File
.XNTQuarkXPress Extension File
.XMSMusic Studio Project
.XMSXMS-Tracker Music Module
.XVDXbox Virtual Disk
.XLFXLIFF Document
.XPSXML Paper Specification File
.XAMLXVisual Studio Workflow Service File
.X3FSIGMA X3F Camera RAW File
.XLIFFXLIFF Localization File
.XPJRoboHelp HTML Project File
.XPJMicro Planner X-Pert Project File
.XDirectX Model File
.XLex Source Code File
.XEFeManager Form Data
.XEFWinAce Encrypted File
.XBPLATEXiosis Scribe Template
.XBMX11 Bitmap Graphic
.XLSMExcel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet
.X86Linux Executable File
.XWSXara Web Designer Graphic
.XBCSMART Notebook File
.XLTXExcel Open XML Spreadsheet Template
.XLGCExpressK Database File
.XWDX Windows Dump Image
.XTBLXTBL Ransomware Encrypted File
.XRM-MSMicrosoft Security Certificate
.XQTSuperCalc Macro File
.XVCTVISE XML Project File
.XSDXML Schema Definition
.XCPLUGINXcode Plug-in
.XTREMEWinstep Xtreme Theme Pack
.XGPXfire Game Patcher File
.XAPKCompressed Android Package File
.XLSHTMLMicrosoft Excel HTML Spreadsheet
.XLSBExcel Binary Spreadsheet
.XYWXYWrite for Windows Document
.XCTXVI32 Character Conversion Table File
.XMUExpressive Music Container File
.XMLCinelerra Video Project
.XBDDocuWorks Binder File
.X3DXara3D Project
.XFBXserve RAID Firmware Binary File
.XFTAdobe Form Designer 5.0 File
.XFTChiWriter Printer Font
.X_TParasolid Model Part File
.XLTHTMLMicrosoft Excel HTML Spreadsheet Template
.XMINDXMind Workbook File
.XIFasttracker 2 Extended Instrument File
.XP2XPilot NG
.XADDExpression Web Add-in
.XP4KiriKiri Package
.XSBXACT Sound Bank
.XPRPro/ENGINEER Part Instance Accelerator File
.XPRSyncRO Soft oXygen XML Editor Project
.XPRPressIt Disc Label
.XPRMicrosoft Expression Design Graphic
.XIFScanSoft Pagis File
.XAThe Sims Audio File
.XAPlayStation Audio File
.XBLExtensible Binding Language File
.XEJExpression Encoder Job File
.XRBXMind Resource Bundle
.XPICross-platform Installer Package
.XMVXbox Media Video File
.XSTWebSphere Query Template
.X32Adobe Xtra File
.XMTXMind Template
.XMZXExamSoft Exam File
.XMCDMathcad Worksheet File
.XLLExcel Add-In File
.XWBXACT Wave Bank
.XSLICXenServer License File
.XMLPERLeCroy Binary Waveform File
.XELExpression Encoder Live Encoding File
.XCPLUGINDATAXcode Plug-in Data File
.XFDFormFlow 99 Form Data File
.XSAge of Empires 3 Map AI Generator
.XSXVisual Studio XML Schema Layout File
.XV3Lattice XVL Geometry File
.XESCExpression Encoder Screen Capture File
.XRPRationalPlan Project File
.XMPZMiradi XML Project File
.XANWorms Map File
.XSFInfoPath Form Definition File
.XSFCal3D XML Skeleton File
.XOJO_BINARY_PROJECTXojo Binary Project File
.XPMX11 Pixmap Graphic
.XPMMicro Planner Manager File
.XMFCal3D XML Mesh File
.XMFExtensible Music File
.XMFGameJack Disc Image File
.XVAXenServer Virtual Appliance File
.XIPmacOS Signed Archive
.XVMCONFWorld of Tanks XVM Configuration File
.XQUERYXQuery Source Code File
.XLMVXunlei Movie File
.XDIWinArchiver Extended Disc Image File
.XLELevelogger Software XML Data File
.XCDATAMODELXcode Core Data Model File
.XHTMExtensible Hypertext Markup Language Document
.XLAMExcel Open XML Macro-Enabled Add-In
.XBDOCXiosis Scribe Document
.XQLXML Query Language File
.XRNSRenoise Song File
.XOJO_PROJECTXojo Project File
.XTMCmapTools Exported Topic Map
.XTMXtremsplit Data File
.XEPeManager File Packaging Information
.XAPXACT Project
.XAPSilverlight Application Package
.XYZMolecule Specification File
.XYZCelestia Sampled Trajectory Data File
.XCODEPROJXcode Project
.XDSDS Game Maker Project File
.XDSLcdStudio Design File
.XP3KiriKiri Package File
.XSSXML Style Sheet
.XTXdebug Trace File
.XTFastracker 2 Track
.XMDBitdefender Plugin File
.XMDExamSoft Answer File
.XMDExtended Media Disc Image
.XYXYWrite Document
.XYSXYplorer Script File
.XARXara Xtreme Drawing
.XARExtensible Archive Format File
.XARExcel Auto-Recovery File
.XLWExcel Workbook
.XLWExcel Workspace File
.XCSCHEMEXcode Scheme File
.XCCRASHPOINTXcode Crash Point File
.XVMVMware Console Configuration File
.XXEXXEncoded File
.XVIDXvid-Encoded Video File
.XRFCal3D XML Materials File
.XLMExcel Macro
.XHTMLExtensible Hypertext Markup Language File
.XSCVisual Studio Dataset Internal Info File
.XGDWGDevelop Extension File
.XOLSwiss Map Overlay
.XOLPowerDesigner Object Language File
.XXDBrixx Planner Calendar
.X4KXML4King Configuration File
.XCCOLORTHEMEXcode Color Theme File
.X_BParasolid Model Part File
.XLCExcel Chart
.XLBExcel Toolbars File Module Information File
.XFLOWFlowExchange Data File
.XOMWorms 3D Object File
.XFSeRacer Sound File
.XBMMLBraille Music Markup Language File
.XPFastracker 2 Pattern
.XPXPilot Map
.XLSMHTMLMicrosoft Excel MIME HTML Spreadsheet
.XDBPowerDesigner Database Definition File
.XDBSymantec Virus Database File
.XASPro/ENGINEER Assembly Instance Accelerator File
.XAIMLXAIML Chatterbot Database File
.XSVFXilinx Serial Vector Format File
.X3G3D Print File
.XMPExtensible Metadata Platform File
.XMPXMind Markers Package
.XMBX-Wing Mission Briefing File
.XMBAge of Empires Game Data File
.XLKExcel Backup File
.XPLLcdStudio Playlist File
.XOJO_MENUXojo Menu File
.XCFGIMP Image File
.XBKXenServer Backup File
.XBKSMART Notebook File
.XBELXBEL Bookmarks File
.XFLAnimate Movie Archive
.XMFasttracker 2 Extended Module
.XRYXRY Data File
.XCCONFIGXcode Configuration Settings File
.XTPxTime Project Document
.XTPInfoPath Template Part File
.XTPAutoCAD Exported Tool Palettes File
.XTPXTree Data File
.XSLXML Style Sheet
.XPTMozilla Firefox Component
.XPTSAS Transport File
.XQMXQuery Module
.XEMeManager Metered Units
.XEMPowerDesigner Model definition File
.XOJO_BINARY_MENUXojo Binary Menu File
.XDWFuji Xerox DocuWorks File
.XBEXbox Executable File
.XZXZ Compressed Archive
.XMCDZMathcad Compressed Worksheet File
.XXXCompucon Singer Embroidery File
.XOMLWindows Workflow File
.XAPPLSpoon XML Application Configuration File
.XWPXMLwriter Project
.XULXML User Interface Language File
.XESeManager Skins Definition
.XWPXerox Writer Text Document
.XWPCrosstalk Session File
.XXXExtractor Ransomware Encrypted File
.XBSAVMass Effect 2 Xbox Saved Game
.XMWXExamSoft Working File
.XDLOracle Expert Definition Language File
.XDLXML Schema File
.XBFXAML Binary File
.XPDPlayStation Store PSP License File
.XPDXML Pipeline Document
.XETeManager Process Definition
.XLSExcel Spreadsheet
.XEVeManager Auto-Update File

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