File ExtensionFile Type
.THINGMakerBot Thing File
.ODIOpenDocument Image
.VSTMVisio Macro-Enabled Drawing Template
.S2ZHeroes of Newerth Game Data File
.FB2K-COMPONENTFoobar2000 Component Install File
.MMIPMediaMonkey Installation Package
.XLSXMicrosoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
.NARNexon game archive
.MMZMiraMon Compressed Map File
.ZXPExtension Manager Package
.RP9RetroPlatform Disk Image Archive
.DOTXWord Open XML Document Template
.ANIMEAnime Studio Document
.IPSWiPod and iPhone Software Update File
.CAPTCapito Data File
.ACCDBAccess 2007 Database File
.AZW2Kindle Active Content App File
.JVSGZCompressed Video Surveillance Project
.OTIOpenDocument Image Template
.BOOKEXPORTBookSmart Backup Book File
.PVMZParallels Compressed Virtual Machine
.SMSECStarMade Sector File
.ICMODInner Core Minecraft PE Mod File
.TBSTuneUp Utilities Boot Screen
.MDZIPMagicDraw Project Archive
.FATZinf Theme File
.TSZTrillian Skin File
.G3XRealFlight Content File
.EAZArcGIS Explorer Add-in File
.PPTMPowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation
.PBIXPower BI Desktop File
.GRAPHMLZZip Compressed GraphML File
.WSPAKWebsitePanel Backup File
.DACPACSQL Server Data Tier Application Package
.SAFENOTEBACKUPSafe Note Backup File
.PDMODPayday Modification Archive
.IFCZIPCompessed IFC File
.IDMLAdobe InDesign Markup Language File
.ODSOpenDocument Spreadsheet
.IWDCall of Duty Game Data File
.WEBZWEBZ Compressed eBook File
.VOCAPhotoVOCA Communication Board File
.NBMNetBeans Module
.ODFOpenDocument Formula
.ODFOpen Document File
.POTMPowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation Template
.SCDOCSpaceClaim Document
.OSKOsu! Skin File
.XLTMExcel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet Template
.DPSDivX Player 2 Skin File
.ARDUBOYArduboy Game Package
.CSKINCD Art Display Skin File
.MCWORLDMinecraft World Backup File
.PBITPower BI Desktop Template
.SMODStonehearth Mod File
.MGAManga Document
.VSSMVisio Macro-Enabled Stencil File
.UTZUIQ Theme Package
.ZWZooper Widget Template
.ACCDTMicrosoft Access Database Template
.MCADDONMinecraft Pack Addon File
.DAZIPDragon Age: Origins Game File
.UBOXUniverse Sandbox Data File
.NOYNOY Backup File
.PPSXPowerPoint Open XML Slide Show
.KMZGoogle Earth Placemark File
.HCLHotDocs Clause Archive
.DMMXiMindQ XML Map Bundle
.VSSXVisio Stencil File
.WMGAWeb Manga Document
.LIBZIPCamtasia Studio Zipped Library File
.WCZChameleon Clock Wallpaper File
.WZWarzone 2100 Data File
.SLESisulizer Package File
.IASIntermodulation Analysis System File
.KDIKD Player Skin Image File
.XPSXML Paper Specification File
.SB2Scratch 2.0 Project File
.MOHOMoho Animation Project
.PPSMPowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Slide Show
.SB3Scratch 3.0 Project File
.VSDXVisio Drawing
.PRO5XProPresenter 5 Bundle File
.IPGiPod Game File
.ISXSimulationX Project
.EPUBOpen eBook File
.GGGoogle Desktop Gadget File
.H5UHeroes of Might and Magic V Mod File
.JARJava Archive File
.XLSMExcel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet
.SMZSMath Studio Compressed Document
.XLTXExcel Open XML Spreadsheet Template
.ODBOpenDocument Database
.SIFZSynfig Studio Compressed Project
.LQMLG QuickMemo Note
.RMSKINRainmeter Skin File
.CTZCherrytree Password-protected XML Document
.WLBWinList Protocol Bundle
.I5ZIUCLID 5 Import/Export File
.MASSEFFECTSAVEMass Effect Saved Game
.QARQlikView Extension
.MODPKGMinecraft Pocket Manager File
.POTXPowerPoint Open XML Presentation Template
.SMTSamsung Theme File
.MSCZMuseScore Compressed Score File
.SAMSamurize Package
.PCVMozBackup Profile Backup
.F3ZFusion 360 Shared Project Archive
.ALFAlf Interactive Test
.XAPKCompressed Android Package File
.UQMThe Ur-Quan Masters Game Data File
.GBPGenie Timeline Backup Index File
.GADGETWindows Gadget
.PAGESPages Document
.ACPAlfresco Content Package
.SMZIPStepMania Package
.OAMAdobe Edge Animate Widget File
.MAFFMozilla Archive Format File
.SLXMathWorks Simulink Model File
.ACTCAction(s) Collection File
.BDOCBinary DigiDoc Signature File
.WGTOpera Widget File
.ZABZipped Audio Book
.MSHCMicrosoft Help Container File
.PYXELPyxel Image Document
.SKMSketchUp Materials File
.MCPACKMinecraft Resource Pack File
.XADDExpression Web Add-in
.NWNode-Webkit App Package
.DOCKZIPObjectDock File
.SFGSynfig Studio Compressed Project
.ODGOpenDocument Graphic File
.QUIZQuobject Quiz Package
.CAPXConstruct Compressed Project File
.CAPXCapella CapXML File
.N2Nitrous Minecraft GLSL Shader File
.GFARGreenfoot Archive
.PSZCompressed PostScript File
.EZPAutoCAD Ecscad Project Backup File
.XPICross-platform Installer Package
.WIDGETYahoo! Widget
.WIDGETMicrosoft Windows Mobile Widget
.CBDSComic Book DS File
.SDTSiemens Desktop Theme File
.BUPMcAfee Quarantined File
.123DX123D Design Model File
.MPZIPMultisim Pack File
.U3PU3 Smart Application
.SDOCSamsung Memo
.EFWRenamed Zip or Executable File
.S3ZCompressed Scream Tracker 3 Module
.ZPIZipped File
.A2THEMEAston 2 Theme File
.TCXTestComplete Script Extension Package
.VYMVYM Mind Map File
.HTBAudacity Help File
.ECSSony Ericsson Phone Backup File
.FOMODFallout Mod Archive
.ABSTurboZIP Auto Compress Script
.HMXZHelp & Manual Compressed Project
.HTMLZZipped HTML eBook
.NTHNokia Series 40 Theme File
.LPKGLiferay Application
.SDZSpring Content Package
.VSIVisual Studio Content Installer File
.WXWanam Xposed Backup File
.XIPmacOS Signed Archive
.IPAiOS Application
.VIPVirtual Instrument Package
.JICJava Icon File
.SPSSyncBack Settings File
.AP_ADT Android Developer Package
.WOTMODWorld of Tanks Modification File
.SMSKINStarMade Skin File
.NCONero BackItUp File
.H5MHeroes of Might and Magic V Map
.PRO4XProPresenter 4 Bundle File
.MPZMiradi Project File
.BIGElectronic Arts Game Data File
._XLSXRenamed Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
.VLTVLC Media Player Skin File
.PIGSPackaged Indigo Renderer Scene File
.PSAPlesk Backup File
.XRNSRenoise Song File
.CDMTZCompressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Template
.SQZThe Master Genealogist Backup Project
.SPDS Note File
.GADGEPRJGadge It Project
.XAPSilverlight Application Package
.EZCAutoCAD Ecscad Components Backup File
.OSZOsu! Beatmap File
.KEYKeynote Presentation
.IBAiBooks Author Document
.GPSGOM Player Skin File
.VSDMVisio Macro-Enabled Drawing
.SNBS Note File
.ARMidtown Madness Data File
.OTCOpenDocument Chart Template
.WDGTDashboard Widget
.PHZAlgodoo Phun Compressed Phunlet
.PK4Doom 3 Engine Game Data File
.EDZEPLAN Electric P8 Data Archive Zipped File
.ATZAston Compiled Theme
.AZZAZZ Cardfile Database File
.GOOMODWorld of Goo Add-on
.CBZComic Book Zip Archive
.GAMEGameSalad Exported Game File
.ZM9ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed Zip File
.VSCONTENTVisual Studio Content File
.TBPTekla BIMsight Project
.TWZIPtheWord Compressed Archive Module
.MCGAMEMinecraft Game Backup File
.EFTXOffice 2007 Theme Effect File
.ODTOpenDocument Text Document
.PZPTibo [email protected] Compressed Puzzle File
.GCSXMicrosoft Office SmartArt Color File
.WMDWindows Media Download Package
.NFLNokia Flash Lite Package
.M2PMaxthon 2 Browser Plugin File
.WMZCompressed Windows Media Player Skin
.WMZCompressed Windows Metafile
.WGZS60 Web Runtime Widget Package
.USEQUSeq Genome Data File
.ZADCarmageddon Game Data File
.ZIRenamed Zip File
.PJProject64 Saved State File
.GLOXMicrosoft Office SmartArt Graphics Layout File
.SMENTStarMade Entity File
.APKAndroid Package File
.DOCXMicrosoft Word Open XML Document
.KDSKD Player Skin File
.C3ZOpenQwaq 3D Model File
.TWZtheWord Compressed Archive Module
.DOTMWord Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template
.A2WAlice World
.FTLFaster Than Light Mod File
.PPTXPowerPoint Open XML Presentation
.ODPOpenDocument Presentation
.FCLForeUI Custom Library File
.MCTEMPLATEMinecraft World Template
.RSSRAM Structural System Model File
.CTXCherrytree Password-protected SQLite Document
.PIGMPackaged Indigo Renderer Material File
.LXFLEGO Digital Designer Model File
.LXFLEN Exchange Format File
.OEBZIPZipped Open eBook File
.WHLPython Wheel Package
.EARJava Enterprise Archive File
.ZIPZipped File
.BPDXBusiness Plan Pro Document
.PKGCoCreate OneSpace Modeling Package File
.XFLAnimate Movie Archive
.RADQNeed for Madness Game Archive
.WBAWindowBlinds Compressed Skin
.Z01WinZip First Split Zip File
.CDMZCompressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document
.VSIXVisual Studio Extension
.GSZIPGameSalad Marketplace Asset File
.IPIconPackager Theme File
.PK3Quake 3 Engine Game Data File
.PK3ZDoom Package
.BMZPortal Bonus Map Zip File
.VSTXVisio Drawing Template
.ITAIconTweaker Theme Archive
.KSFKMPlayer Skin File
.ZI_Renamed Zip File
.DSFDAZ Studio Asset File
.SWCFlex Components Archive
.SBMSpace Engineers Mod File
.DBKSony Ericsson Mobile Phone Backup File
.ORBOriginal eBook Reader File
.OVPThe Overlay Maker Package File
.BM3Sony Ericsson Backup File
.HONMODHON Modification Manager File
.PIZZipped File
.ACD-ZIPSony ACID Project With Embedded Media File
.PKZVideo Game Package
.OXTApache OpenOffice Extension
.PKPASSPassbook Pass File
.RBZSketchUp Plugin
.ISZZipped ISO Disk Image
.DOCMWord Open XML Macro-Enabled Document
.WLZWinamp Language Pack
.CL2ARCComic Life 2 Document Archive

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