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What is a .GDOC file?

A GDOC file is a document created by Google Docs, an online document editor included with Google Drive. It contains a URL, which points to a Google Docs document stored in Google Drive, along with information about the author of the document. GDOC files are meant to be double-clicked, which opens a document in Google Docs that may include text, images, equations, drawings, charts, or tables.

More .GDOC File Extension Information

Google Drive is a file storage service that also features the Docs, Sheets, and Slides programs. Drive can be downloaded and installed in Windows or macOS as a desktop client for synchronizing remote Google Drive files with a computer. If you install the Google Drive desktop client, your Google Docs documents are accessible within a special folder named Google Drive, which is on the local hard drive. This folder is used to synchronize files with the remote Google Drive. When you double-click a GDOC file, the document is opened in Google Drive in your default web browser. GDOC files are associated with Google Docs, similarly to how .DOCX files are associated with Microsoft Word. The Google Docs interface appears similar to Microsoft Word with a toolbar that allows you to change the text font, size, spacing, and alignment. The program also comes with word count, translation, voice typing, and dictionary capabilities.

How to open .GDOC files?

.GDOC can be using by 3 Flatform (Mac, Windows, Web).
And can be open by bellow programs list:
Google Drive
Google Drive File Stream
Google Drive
Google Drive File Stream
Google Drive
Updated at: 2018-11-13

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