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CategoryBackup Files
FormatText and Binary

What is a .ORIG file?

File that may have originated from various programs; stores a backup copy of a file, which has been renamed with an ".orig" extension so that the user knows it is the original; most often created manually by a user rather than by a program.

More .ORIG File Extension Information

When creating ORIG files, you should name the file in such a way that it is easy to remember what file type the original file is. For example, when backing up an XML file, you may use the compound extension ".xml.orig" so that you know it is an XML file. NOTE: Original files also use the .ORI extension.

How to open .ORIG files?

.ORIG can be using by 2 Flatform (Mac, Windows).
And can be open by bellow programs list:
Open with the program that created the file
Open with the program that created the file


Updated at: 2018-11-13

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